Really bringing up the Holocaust into this discussion maybe thats a topic you folks here should get the real facts on first.

Good to unravel one lie at a time.


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So, why did Trump push the vaccine and tell people to get the vaccine? My dad was injured because Trump said "Get the vaccine, its safe". How come nobody is questing what Trump said from his own mouth? Please answer this question because he is also responsible. Trump will not even talk about the vaccine currently, WHY?

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Dying people cant think new ideas, because dying. Most of the people actually doing the injections are injected themselves, probably more than 2x. Comprimised in multiple ways, possibly.

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Trump is being worse than silent, he is complicit. He continues to promote Operation Warp Speed as some kind of miracle fix! Boosters too. How ironic that a successful vaccine needs to be continually boosted.

The whole vaccine industry is a real shit show with autism rates sky rocketing along with a host of life long diseases!

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Actually, it's less than 30 times the number of Americans killed in WW2, but that's quibbling, and that figure of 12 million is going to escalate beyond your wildest dreams as The Jabbed continue to die. Several virologists claim that the rate of immune system destruction varies with the shot batch, and that the deaths will continue to increase over perhaps a 5 year period. The Clot Shot causes a condition that is essentially the same as AIDS, only there's no treatment for it.

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Yeah, this is all raging bullshit. You divide the number of doses by 1000, and that's how many people are dying? What a load of shit. You should be fucking ashamed to write this crap.

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Ohhh. Capitalists are FASCISTS. Well, Karen, I hate to break it to you like this but people in all political parties are Capitalists. Yes, that does include your favorites, the Democrats. They love making money just like everyone else. In fact, Hunter and Joe have done really well in Ukraine.

It is overpopulation. If you can't see something as obvious as that, go talk to someone else. This is a waste of time for me.

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Add this 5 year old girl dead from the covid vaccine very sad her parents took her to get vaxxed


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Human populations are seen by globalists as plagues upon the planet, worthy of extermination in the same way an infestation of cockroaches might be handled. According to globalists, human beings are not only using too many precious resources — such as water, energy and land — they’re also polluting the oceans with plastics, destroying ecological systems and contributing nothing to the future of human civilization. Therefore, they must be exterminated, the thinking goes.

The real trick is figuring out how to convince the masses they aren’t being exterminated as they line up for extermination injections. To achieve this, “vaccines” were pushed by doctors, journalists, government authorities, Big Tech, employers and schools, in contradiction to any real supporting science. These death shots were called “safe and effective” when they were really dangerous and deadly. Those who gave in to these apparent “authority” influencers will likely pay for that bad decision with their lives, it turns out. Because all along, the covid-19 pandemic was a ploy to get people to line up and agree to be injected with slow-acting euthanasia shots.

Now, the post-vaccine clots are continuing to grow in size, clogging arteries and blood vessels, causing an increasing number of people to drop dead without any ready explanation that the medical establishment will accept. The common cause among all these “died suddenly” events is, of course, post-vaccine clots that are clogging up arteries and blood vessels.

Importantly, these clots are continuing to grow in size every day, inside the bodies of the people who took the vaccines. Millions more will die in the months and years to come. For those who aren’t killed by the current vaccines, globalists can simply spray the cities with new mRNA “death bombs” that people inhale against their will or knowledge.

Talk about violations of Nuremberg… this would effectively turn every targeted city into a Holocaust-style gas chamber where people breathe in the bioweapons that will kill them over time.


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This was the purpose of the covid vaccine to Kill Seven Billion People to de-populate the planet. And it's working exactly as it was designed to work. Sad that so many were brainwashed into getting it. Not me I was smart I did my own research and I never got covid nor did I ever get vaxxed or boosted.

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We never used to have homelessness. Hobos were a rarity, we never had homeless camps, pollution was not an issue, or extinctions, no one thought that we were causing global warming.

Now we have all that and lots more, all caused by overpopulation. If you deny this you're either stupid or a liar.

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Aug 21, 2022·edited Aug 21, 2022

Facebook tagged this as information as soon as I posted it. The people programming for these social media platforms are psychotic.

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It’s being done for “climate change” and population control. They need to cull the herd. But it’s the Left and the uninformed who are getting the jab now…so maybe 🤔

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For the same reason that they are using climate stuff to take away your food.


Put these things together and what do you conclude?

Let's include the fact that little has changed over time:


It's time for each of us to start thinking of how we're going to tell our neighbor we are under attack.


How to tell our friends. Our families. The only reaction there can be to this is first, we're not going to sit by and watch this happen. Second, on top of whatever you come up with online, you can always just start telling people. Each of us tell somebody else and this may reach someone in a position to do something. I talk to such a person every morning. Namely, the real boss. The Lord, who is over all.

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