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The poll was gamed. NOBODY HEARD BACK as you can see from reading all the comments. None of the 36 people who have voted heard anything back.

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Retraction notice was justified for scientifically invalid paper by economist on COVID-19 vaccines:


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Thank you, Steve, for your love of the truth and wanting to share it!! Sounds nutty, but we are in 4D, moving into 5D. 4D is revelations, basically, all the truth coming to light and the ugliness of the left wanting all to suffer on their way down. 5D will be beauty and light and truth, so I look forward to the end of all this craziness, the best IS yet to come, I believe!! God's got this!

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If you do not take Club of Rome and Eugenics, Pilgrims society seriously as a threat you are a child in a sand box. Malthus propounded this theory of population reduction in the 1800s. The major experiments happened in the good'ol USA in early 1900s. Come immigrants, come to the shores of freedom the Sirens sang. What a Greek tragedy it has turned out.

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What happened to ethics? From about 1990 to 2010, ethics training was mandatory in every American corporation. Every employee had to take ethics training to one degree or another. It was hammered & peened into the minds of workers not just in the US, but around the world. Why? Because the cost to a company was enormous if a single employee violated ethical standards. The loss of stock value alone could crush a company's future. Lawsuits were extremely expensive. But today it seems they're not so worried about ethics. Why is that? Pfizer is one of the most corrupt companies in the world, and is sitting in the car bird seat, immune from any product liability. Anheuser Busch just lost 6+ Billion in stock value, and no employees have been held accountable. Silicone Valley Bank gave the top dogs huge bonuses a few days before failing, the government bailed them out, and hasn't clawed back the bonuses. FTX's Fried was bailed out by his parents who benefited financially from his frauds. Solar companies lose every dime pumped into them by the government, yet no one is held accountable. The very same people go in to commit other, bigger frauds. They fail up, ethics be damned.

The 80s, the Decade of Greed was child's play compared to today.


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Does this contribution to our collective knowledge base help us decide to cross the line from civil negligence / civil lawsuits into the realm of criminal assault & battery with malice and crim. conspiracy for money between journals, pharma and docs, resulting in irrepairable brain injury & death?

see Video title: "No wonder so many pediatricians are falling over themselves to vaccinate young children", here: https://speedtheshift.org/2023/04/18/no-wonder-so-many-pediatricians-are-falling-over-themselves-to-vaccinate-young-children/ Runtime: 1min 10sec. @ normal (1x) speed.

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"Critical thinking skills are apparently not an asset if you work at the CDC."

Top down command and control. The official narrative directive is "safe and effective."

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The covert hand of Corruption, which includes Money, Blackmail, Funding Cuts, Employment Threats and Corporate Alignments, threads through all of this, made very obvious by the silent responses from the People involved in 'decision making' in these Organizations. We could describe them as 'Children of the Corn' !! Let's keep annoying them.

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Good luck getting any accountability from those dependent on government and pharma money for their survival.

You have to come to the conclusion that the intellectuals have it ass backwards, they want things to be neat and tidy and subject to scientific analysis. Head up the ass disorder, to use a popular phrase.

The only cases that matter are those you know, statistics is to say the US has the worst health outcomes. Why? Could it be a lack of personal responsibility and social cohesion?

Compare the Mennonites and Amish to the black and other minorities with their habits and neglect of health.

The former have vaginal births, breast feeding, midwifes; the blacks and most of the low income population are suckers for the system and will usually do what their "experts" and doctors tell them. It's not about money per se but social cohesion.

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How does the CDC justify its existance as everything it puts out is bogus,they like a commie propaganda machine.

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Up at the top the numbers actually are very small! No wonder they control!

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Thanks Steve. Your efforts to pursue the truth is fantastic.

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No. Ethics violated by ethics committees!

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Hello Dr.

I don’t speak frankly with many allopathic MDs including my sister.

I think the whole stage is rigged. All medical journals are based on rigged science that favor the institutions that fund them. It’s nothing new.

I’ve proven to myself without a doubt the biodigital convergence of humans has taken place. No Doctor will show you this.

This sub stack is highly controlled as well just like the New England Journal of medicine.

I’ve had my commenting privileges BANNED FOR 100 years! by Doc Anna.

My findings make all!! other microscopy findings that are presented on alt media look as though they are from kindergarteners. PERIOD

Everything presented is being throttled back.

If my video microscopy was on s stack.

They would disconnect the s stack servers.

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No response back to me either.

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This is what I wrote, with no reply (not even an automated acknowledgement):

Your journal professes to advance discovery by “supporting the development of new ideas and championing open science”.

Yet you are considering retracting a peer reviewed paper that does not transgress any of your guidelines. Mark Skidmore’s important paper, published in BMC, reveals conclusions that do not fit the current political narrative.

Are you more interested in politics and maintaining your funding than you are in science?

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