Who cares?

The people that took the vaccine don't. If 10 million people died worldwide, thats 0.125% of the population. Where's the panic? The supposed pandemic killed about 0.1%. Where's the panic and outrage?

At this point, I just see most people as cattle, and if they are killed, it's not my problem. Your wife, parent, children, or whatever get killed? Well, if you feel strongly enough about it, do something about it, but I'm tired of speaking sense to fools.

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When is the Canadian data coming out? I'll have to check if that came up in the VSRF tonight. I hope Denis Rancourt and Jessica Rose and William Makis and Byram Bridle are all over this!

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This is one of, THE strongest substack posts that Steve has done. Top 5... possible top #1

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Hey Steve,

please see the references linked in this post, if they can assist you:


6 months from each new rollout /wave of injections to hospitalization;

A summary of findings to show that the idea of Mutant Strains or Variants may have fit a 'narrative' all along.

you might be able to retrieve more data on: the dates when the new waves / rollouts hit each shore; and the timing delay to strain / mutation / variant reported in each region.

When the first report of "mutant strains" happened in the UK, I recall that many people were suspicious and with good reason to be.

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I tried the S3 host, access key, and secrete key in the last week to access the "data-transparency" bucket, but the access key is not recognized when I try to list or get files from that bucket. Has the access info changed or is the data no longer available?

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Thank you for documenting this. It's going to take a lot to overcome the Mass Formation Psychosis gripping most of the people in the planet.

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All vaccines are a fraud Steve, always have been and always will be!


We do not transmit disease!

Remember the Cold Unit? 40 years of failed attempts to have people catch a cold!


150 years of published peer reviewed attempts!


We know the entire Virology industry is put in place to steal our health, wealth and freedom.

Forget the elephant in the room, we have a whale!


Pharma has lost, Humanity won!

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Look into heart cancer rates.

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Steve you could try and grab data from Africa ebola studies. How long did Wellcome and Gates spend monitoring the SV 40 plasmid injections on "ebola" patients. Was it sufficient time for them to determine a gestation period, to roll out public narratives on so called strains and compose blueprints such as the NTI monkeypox blueprint? Their blueprint determined the so called monkey pox outbreak to the day, and yet ebola vaccine ingredients clearly state the inclusion of pox virus. Eg Modified vaccinia Ankara. Cause and effect.

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6 to 12 mths until varied rates is the same conclusion I arrived at more than a year and a half ago. I just showed it another way using references. Eg from ist human trials in different countries until "variant". The alterations between subsequent batch runs or even where they were produced could account for the different symptoms. Also no-one anywhere (by my estimation)) has looked into peptide production and inclusion... why is that...?

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If you aren’t a statistician, then it’s very difficult to know how to approach the problem. But, as the man says, he’s put the data out there, he’s shown his methods, he’s offered to debate anybody who disagrees, and he’s offered large sums of money to anybody who can disprove his analysis. Which is to say, that if any government being called out for pushing dangerous “vaccines” on their populations wanted to clear the air, since they have all the source data and in the case of the USA, thousands of people who can do the analysis on their payroll, they would try to settle the matter or at least call for open investigation if they believed the products were safe and effective. But they haven’t done that. Instead they’ve tamped down any discussion or debate and stigmatized or prosecuted anybody who tries to share the data. So it’s relatively simple to conclude that there’s a coverup. Yes, there are people who have crazy ideas and governments can’t respond to every critic who accuses them of malfeasance. But this is a very different scenario and Mr. Kirsch is serious, credible, and transparent. The entire COVID enterprise is one of the biggest crimes against humanity in history. And it’s ongoing. And all the people tasked with protecting the public health as well as the medical profession and pharmaceutical industry are totally silent. Bizarre, disturbing, and dangerous. I think we owe Mr. Kirsch thanks for his efforts and dedication under adversity to expose the truth and generate discussion/action.

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On the graphs, please label each axis clearly. Also define things like what is MR and ACM? Is that age data going over 100?

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"Vacunas" Covid 19: Genocidio y crímenes contra la humanidad...


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I have a feeling it's a lot more than that. I watch the obituaries of local funeral homes and there's about 50 or more coming in each month for the last two years to each home. I'm in a small town of about 200k. The numbers are way higher than 10 mil

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Things are looking up:

Italian health minister Roberto Sperenza is investigated for murder charges for pushing mRNA vaccines on the public although he was aware of the dangers:


I recall that an Italian judge promised to take revenge on everyone in charge of the vaccine rollout after his son died from the vaccine. Perhaps this is how this case went forward.

Btw, Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street are the largest shareholders of 88% of the entire S&P500. The entire world's wealth is $440 trillion of which $66 Trillion is owned by these three companies... If we want to look at the origin of the problems we need to look at Larry Fink and George Soros.

Blackrock owns 8% of Pfizer and 7% of Moderna. Vanguard owns 9% of Pfizer and 7% of Moderna. State Street owns 5% of Pfizer and around 6% of Moderna.

Blackrock’s Moderna and Pfizer shares increased by more than $2.5bn in the week after the announcement of the vaccine release; $1,000,553,995 from Moderna and $1,548,822,709 from Pfizer.

Vanguard Group made $2.7bn; $1,011,692,117 from Moderna and $1,733,982,482 from Pfizer.

Morgan Stanley increased by $447,476,028.50.

The moral of the story is that in a real pandemic NO ONE should be legally allowed to make profits from medical emergency treatments or care. That in itself stinks of fraud.

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“Gender”? Wtf is “gender?” Do you mean SEX? As in “the male sex” and “the female sex”? You know? Sex? You don’t “genderize”, you “sex” - as in “I sexed the subjects”; “I sexed the frog”; “I determined its sex”

You think I’m nit-picking, but the whole article - your smoking gun - is the demonstrably different outcomes of the toxins (they are not vaccines) dependent on the different sexes of the victims. So what do you do? You introduce a made-up, non-scientific term (gender) in place of the correct term sex. The smarter folks are, the dumber they act - just because they want to impress folks.

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