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Feb 3, 2022·edited Feb 3, 2022

Quite some time ago I read an open letter from Archbishop Vigano of the Catholic Church. I found it interesting that he referenced and footnoted his assertions about the vaccines. He is against it.


It’s a letter worth reading due to its general citations (and one interesting one about GO but I digress) but also due to the citations of fetal cell use. I wanted however to highlight a citation from an interesting source that, IMO, supports the assertion pregnant women should never take the shots.

Before you click on the links below: WARNING, the author of the articles below is Dr Jen Gunter, who I believe was part of the recent 300 doctors that are challenging our side (but won’t debate). She is NOT on our side. Her first article, however SUPPORTS (obviously without meaning to)! The second, again, while being less “telling” should encourage us to check our figures. But still encourages the assertion from our side on pregnant women.


This one is from last April, 2021 and the following was from 3 weeks ago (Archb Vigano did not have the second)


Ps if anyone has not seen Planet Lockdown movie, it is ver good and I enjoyed seeing both Drs Mike Yeadon and Dr Alexandra Henrion-Caude who had several enlightening comments, one especially that actually highlights Dr Gunters first article. Gunter states that the placenta is part of the immune system. Dr H-C says that the when the mRNA impels the cells to produce spike protein the spike goes where there are ACE2 receptors and other types of receptors. Where she says?: testes, placenta and intestine.

So even Gunter, in my opinion (she obviously wouldn’t agree) is supporting our assertions. Please note that on the SECOND link above the study she cites still did not test pregnant women. Over and over we have seen that this body of people has been excluded from study and yet has been encouraged to get the shots because it’s “safe and effective”.

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Excellent interview but you should have challenged Stew Peters on his comment that this was an abortion lovers' wet dream, and the title 400,000 Vaxx Abortions. No Pro Choice person rejoices at the loss of a wanted pregnancy. That is beyond outrageous and harmful to our movement and what gets us identified with fundamentalist right wing nuts. These are not abortions, and they are not spontaneous. They are miscarriages before 20 weeks and stillbirths after 20 weeks but we need a new name for them. Maybe "Vaccine" induced fetal deaths (VIFD?), "Vacine" destroyed pregnancies or something like that.

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On another note, it will be interesting to note if the birth rate dropped even more than usual during "Vaxx Year I" (in the year of our Lord, 2021): but who will calculate and report on this?

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Steve wrote: "I don’t expect the mainstream media to question the CDC on this at all. I’m sure they will all ignore it."

Of course they'll ignore it - THEY got out of the womb alive; that's all that matters to them!

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Wow talk about splitting hairs! He could have said "nearly" but when it is that close to the line, who cares. Your disdain towards the right is obvious and if this data doesn't move you...you are the problem.

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Steve, oftentimes your calculations are not well explained. For example, it's not clear to the mathematically challenged how you came up with "3.4X the baseline rate." I theorized that you first annualized the data for the first 10 months of 2021, which was 4,182. Since the data is for 10 months, that's 4182/10 each month and to annualize that number we must multiply by 12. So 12*4182/10 = 1.2*4182 = 5018.4. Since "the five-year average was 1,499 codes for miscarriages per year," we now divide 5018.4 by 1499. I get 3.347.... Why do you not report 3.3X? My calculation is "good enough for government work," and satisfies me, but your more "middle school word problem" challenged readers may be confused.

This is not the first time I've had trouble following your calculations. I found your calculation of the URF of 41 for anaphylaxis to be a bit challenging as well, though I understood the rather simple concepts involved and I don't dispute your conclusion or its application as really a LOWER BOUND on the URF for deaths. To get the maximum number of curious first time readers on board, things must be very clear.

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I am a grandmother and a great grandmother! But it doesn't make me happy or proud like it should've. But God is in control, he always has been, and He always will be! Come Lord Jesus come!👵😇

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This is the real "Unacceptable' - seems Justine Blackface Trudope, of Truck Fudeau fame, has started something very great.

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"This means the miscarriage rate of women who received the vaccine in the first or second trimester is actually 81.9%, or 8 out of 10 women – way, way above the national average."


SAFE for Corporate profit and EFFECTIVE at population reduction.

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It's called DEPOPULATION. Get used to using this word. It's the TRUTH.

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"Spontaneous abortions?"No. Miscarriages are not abortions.

However, if a woman miscarried because

the conception process and resulting pregnancy were damaged

by the hideous chemistry within an Immoral & unethical injection that interfered with a live human birth?


Best first to be grateful that the live birth of a soulless, other than human, entity was not permitted by Almighty God.

The next appropriate reaction:

Take legal action against the health care practitioner who damaged the possibility of conceiving an authentic human being!

Big Pharma is proactively, legally (though unethically) protected to wage war against humanity,


bonded individual practitioners who do damage can and should be sued for danages.

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This personal but I got covid about 1 month ago and started to spot for the first time in 7 years about 1 week later. I think it was the spike.

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Just across the boarder from me in Vancouver Canada they usually have 4 to 6 per year as of September 86 spontaneous abortions. Go try to sell your bull some where else.. Thanks

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