Epoch Times is doing a lot on Covid / Covid "vaccine" in general. I have watched Gateway to freedom and the Global Covid Summit held in KY. Those you mentioned are not the only Congress person who know about the vaccine injury, Steve. Rep. Masse who is a member of Freedom Caucus... attended. He had serious discussion with Dr.s, victims and people attended. Explained what he can do, what he can attempt, etc etc. If there are any Congress people who would care about these victims, and do anything, that would be these people in Freedom Caucus. (I believe MTG is one of them.). https://www.theepochtimes.com/live-october-8-830-am-et-global-covid-summit-kentucky_4766883.html Thank you for what you do, Steve. These people and J6 break my heart.

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Early treatment was bashed and banned not because of incompetence or science. Treatment or cure could not be acknowledged because legally there cannot be a vaccine if there is treatment or cure.

BTW I don't for one new York second believe that Fauci or any public figure, Biden, Pelosi... Gates, got any of the vaccines or boosters. They couldn't risk any of them having an adverse effect or dying live on camera! I do believe they got a saline shot or some placebo.

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Basically, politicians will do anything, whether good or bad, as long as they tell lies to maintain their position.

There is a red vs blue, Republican vs Democrat choice debate,

From a foreign perspective, there may not be much change even if the administration changes.

Because the basical root lies in the greed of Pfizer, Moderna, BillGates, Schwabb, etc.

① Their PHS (FDA, CDC, NIH, OASH, ASPR, OGA ~~~) funds

Because they rely on major pharmaceutical companies, PHS (~~~) is a subordinate of major pharmaceutical companies, therefore it is clearly that they are under the influence.

The FDA asked the court to limit data disclosure of mRNA vaccines to 75 years,

Isn't the FDA certified Pfizer minion?

It was good that the result was shortened by the good sense of the judge.

(2) There is a problem with the idea of ​​leaving specialties to specialists.

If the impact does not affect the general public in a very narrow field, that may be fine.

However, medicine, food, pesticides, chemicals, and other things that affect all citizens

It is not good to leave permits only to experts.

Introduce a jury system of citizens as in legal trials,

Authorization should only be granted if all jury questions have been resolved.

Even in the legal field, judges are legal experts, but jurors are ordinary citizens.

Citizens should participate in approvals and licenses for pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and food products.

(3) All funds for PHS&lower division should be limited to the national budget.

They will resist, but it will be a little more fair and neutral than it is now.

The 1992 legislative change was wrong.

If you notice a mistake, it's common sense to fix it as soon as possible.

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Nath just published on neuro disease post vax https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2022.05.16.22274439v1

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Elections. Throw the bums out.

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Why they can get away with all this BS legally.


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There is help to be found for both long-haulers and the "vaccine" injured in alternative healing: Classical Chinese medicine (herbs and acupuncture, Taoist meditation), AyurVedic healing, and to a more limited extent in Western herbals. Classical Chinese medicine will also successfully treat acute COVID, and can help the "vaccine" injured sustain native Innate Immunity. There is no point in dealing with the corrupt allopathic medical system or any of the enormous conspiracy, even if it's your own family - as in our case. Take care of yourselves and those you can. We have been given strength to survive.

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The pharmaceutical industry profits from causing vaccine harms and the "government" profits from dead social security recipients so using vaccines to cause mass injury and death is a win-win for "them". This is the reason we won't get justice or investigations from "the powers that (seem) to be".

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If they are uncooperative, give out their email and phone number.

I contact vax nazis quite a bit

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It seems apparent to me that the only people who believe in the safety and efficacy of the Mrna jab are the ones who are so afraid to have their views put under scrutiny; these individuals who are following the science so closely. How can we not trust them?

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Steve, those symptoms that the woman you know has after the vaxi,,,,horrible. There are so many stories all over the world,,,,fine and dandy before,,,disabled after. I feel terrible for her. Tell her I will keep her in mind and prayers.

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Apr 29, 2022·edited Jun 22, 2022

Why don’t more members of congress care about the vaccine injured? What else should we be doing to get them to care?

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Thanks Steve for the good work! Perhaps it is worthwhile trying to attend some of the conferences of the neurologists and ask your highly relevant question there? https://www.aan.com/events/upcoming-events God bless!

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Check out Sign of the Times on the internet.....not a rag but carries all the anti-vax news in english.They are based in France.Just google it

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We are left to conclude they don't want to heal the injured. And I have seen evidence that suggests they know they are harming people, and have invested in the production of an antidote they will keep to themselves and provide to those who they want to keep around.

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So everyone’s lying about it because you know a teacher who isn’t doing that. Got it.

Videos are fake - the pamphlets are face the books are fake just to try and “fool” you. But you are way too smart to fall for any of that.

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