Is this debate open to any smart ass who thinks they know what they’re talking about? Or just CDC and FDA and prominent doctors?

I would love to see a debate with Sam Harris or Eric Topal.

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Very true, keep up the great work lads. I'm right behind you. Especially you Dr Yeadon 🙌

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Great article, thanks for the great work Steve. Only wish you added some links and references

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The authorities offer no evidence for their assertions.

All the points Steve makes have previously been fully referenced. On this occasion he chose the Government’s style.

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Any chance of removing the Paula fox’s post? It is a nuisance

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Thanks for all your work Steve.

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Brilliant list and another tool I plan to deploy in a future article! The only thing that would make this even more useful is if you could include links to pertinent articles where appropriate (e.g., your 60x athlete deaths article, your 117>1 child murder risk-benefit article, etc.).

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i read on a previous post that taking Ivermectin would help prevent vaccine injury. Really hard to get in NZ but i managed to get some for my daughter who will lose her business if she does not take the jibber jab. I am very concerned. I put together a protocol which involves taking a clay/zeolite drink afterwards. My concern is that I do not know the half life of Ivermectin and i dont want to be removing any of that with the detox drink. Usually you would not take any supplements either two hours before or after the drink. There are a lot of very clever people on here and I would appreciate your comments. I have seen so many injuries that I am trying to help my daughter as much as i can. thanks so much.

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Adam Gaertner has a prophylaxis for the jibber jabber here:


There may be others out there too.

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Really enjoy this newsletter. Am learning more and more each day.

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Another question: why is the only 'approved' Comirnaty vaccine unavailable in the US since it doesn't appear at vaccines.gov?

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What happened in the animal studies for all of these covid jabs? I keep hearing that all the animals died but i believe that refers to the 2012 study. Were there deaths? Was the process cut short and the animals sacrificed too soon ? Were the mice not humanized? Anybody have any documentation regarding the truth of what happened during the preclinical animal trials? My family is almost all employed by big Pharma and they don't believe anything went wrong during the animal testing due to the info on their websites. Trying to set up a presentation for them.

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I believe they did not conduct them.

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Just one article that i happened across. Haven't searched for the others yet (Jannsen, AstroZeneca, and Moderna), but could this have been falsified? This is unfamiliar territory for me so I'm not sure what exactly to look for. I did notice the mice were not described as "humanized". Is this the correct time frame for a satisfactory preclinical study with enough confidence to move forward to the next phase? Is there proof that the animal studies were not conducted and that this article is bogus?

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I now recall the primate study. Apologies. What I meant mostly by preclinical studies wasn’t mock efficacy studies but classical toxicology studies.

The primate studies aren’t really the point, imo. I don’t doubt that antibodies are raised in response to administration of the materials. I’m mostly concerned about adverse effects occurring post-administration.

It’s genuinely difficult to know how to design non-clinical safety studies looking for potential for harms, with treatments like this.

With a small molecule drug, the regulatory guidance is clear & we have hundreds of examples to light the way to design, execution & interpretation.

If the treatment involves several steps which we don’t understand well, such as distribution of agent, uptake & expression efficiency as well as duration of effect, it’s very difficult if not impossible to design meaningful toxicology studies.

In short, it’s a red herring of a question. In any case, the clinical findings supersede anything which may reside in the regulatory submission.

When we look at the clinical safety, it’s truly appalling.

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Thank you so much for again responding, I hope I'm not the proverbial sand in the oyster (yikes)!! Small molecule drugs like Merck's molnupiravir?hmmm. So the toxicology studies if performed would have required more time for manifestation in the primates and mice? That's part of my question if they may have sacrificed them before they could have exhibited any adverse effects in order to rush it through or perhaps purposefully leave it undiscovered. I just don't know what study to compare it to. I hope I'm interpreting your answer properly, and yes the current adverse events should be enough to convince my people but they don't see it and i need to shake their faith that these preclinical trials were sufficient and conclusive.

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Thank you, useful tips know what you’re up against.

I don’t think it’s a particularly fruitful line of argument or counter argument.

If those who are sceptical believe animal studies guarantee no human toxicities, that’s simply not true. But it’s not true even for classical drugs. Tox studies get you to the clinic. Thereafter, it’s human safety that trumps / supercedes the preclinical data. It’s daft if they’re arguing “There cannot be millions with blood clots & hundreds of thousands of deaths because animal tests were done properly”. That’s simply not how biology works.

I think there’s a different, underlying question: is the profile on humans deliberate?

That’s the right question & the answer is YES.

1. Spike protein is the wrong target to use in vaccines. I knew that before they started Phase I. Spike proteins are quite common & they are hugely biologically active as a class. That’s known. It’s not therefore an error that they all causes the manufacture if spike after injection.

2. Spike leads to blood clots. 70% of adverse events reported are related ru disturbances of blood coagulation.

3. The lipid nanoparticle formulations employed by Pfizer & Moderna were known to be toxic including to ovaries for almost a decade. It’s in the peer reviewed scientific literature. They knew.

I could go on all night but must turn in, it’s 3am where I am.



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Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sleep well and know you are in my prayers.

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As a side note Dr. Yeadon I am so appreciative of your steady stream of information, you are a light in the darkness thank you for everything you do daily to expose the truth!!! Praying for you and your loved ones

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If I can add questions / topis for mandates:

1. Why people are or were fired for an optional by federal law vaccine? Up to now only emergency used authorization vaccines are available

2. Why vaccine mandates exist when FDA approved vaccines are not available?

3. Is a DOCTOR included in the definition of "COVERED PERSONS" in the "Declaration Under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act for Medical Countermeasures Against COVID-19"? A doctor gives advice about emergency authorized vaccine.

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Can you discuss the options for unvaxxd in regards to job opportunities and mobility? How will this impact the farmers? We are trying to support our local farms as best as we can within our means but as hyperinflation continues, i pray the veil is lifted and people start waking up and speaking out bc what is happening to our local businesses bc of these unnecessary, tyrannically, greed driven MANdates! I will stand up peacefully for our freedoms as imprinted in our constitution. Anyhow- long story short- how do we create more JOBs with this nonsense and other distractions going on all day long thanks to Pyezer (spelled wrong on purpose to stop bots hopefully) fueled media??? How can we help people get work?? We need it here in NW CT

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All very good questions, many of which I've been pondering myself throughout this disaster. One of my first was - Once we set the precedent for a lockdown, how the hell do we extricate ourselves from it? No-one had thought how to stop it. None of what is happening makes much sense to me if you think it through logically. I suspect it is like a huge juggernaut set in motion that cannot be stopped as there is no one person who is in charge who can put the brakes on - I'm not counting sleepy joe. Probably need to fire all the people at the top of all the agencies involved and start fresh with some new people who understand the situation.

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We cannot count on “leaders” to do *anything* to stop the juggernaut they have created and are wielding against the people.

The only way to stop it is for We the People to rise up in MASS NONCOMPLIANCE per Étienne de La Boétie’s “The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude” as I discuss in COVID IS OVER! … If You Want It (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/covid-is-over-if-you-want-it).

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12% vaxxed nursing residents died in this home from Covid. Compared to 11.2 last November (no vaccine) based on this:


In the group that needs it the most, it doesnt help. Add in deaths from the vaxx and oh boy.

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These topics might be great for public debate if anyone accepts. I'm no expert but I think we are in a MOAPO (Mother of all PsyOps) In this environment science nobody will listen to facts and and science after all the propaganda. I'm not great with words but it seems to be that each of these topics could spawn 2-3 well framed questions to be used with friends, family, colleagues etc. "It looks like the vaccine is killing more people that it is saving. It might even get worse in future. I'd take if if I was sure it worked reasonably well..." Walk away / Change subject. It might also be worth targeting questions side on instead of head on. "Did you know that when they asked Hermann Goering how they convinced the population to go along with them he basically said "Tell the people they are being attached and if they don't comply they are putting the country in danger" Would you follow along with Hitler's Goering if it was all BS and lies?

You could add. "I think it's 95% lies and so I'm doing my own research. So far I have found that many doctors have already cured covid. Would you be interested in info on that? Try <key websites> depending on the topic. (stevekirsch.substack.com, flccc.net, thecurious.zone) If they ever ask why our trusted gov't would lie to us try stopworldcontrol.com (that one is pretty hard to stomach might be worth watching yourself first before suggesting it)

I think Malone is on to it he reference this article the other day.


I found the second on the same web site.


Also found this. (Might have been here?) Ask short questions...


(The actual Goering quote is below - I hope is correct - is too long for a quick quote)

“Oh, that is all well and good, [replied Goering] but, voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.”


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Well--there is no COVID--it's fairy dust. The bad guys are doing such a great job from distracting everyone from just stopping the shots, I'm hoping they will hire me.

I'm a polymath, a genius, and a non-linear thinker, so I should probably do okay. I just want an office with access to all the data and information in the world, and I'll be in heaven. Whatever my conclusions and/or assessment are will belong to them and them only.

Out here--everyone can keep climbing over the bodies to get to the top until it's only bodies left.

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Also, another way of framing the end of the Goering question could be

"Would you willingly follow along if you had a good idea in advance of what they were going to do?"

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Sorry, On reading over there are quite a few typos and grammar mistakes...

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