Cody, I donate to React 19 mostly on a monthly basis because I want to help anyone needing help with their injuries. If you don't know about them, maybe reach out to them. They say they are established just for the vaccine injured.

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You do know that Green Cove Springs, Florida, is where The Fountain Of Youth is? Right there in Ponce de León's own journals. Describes the spring to a "T"...

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Individuals telling their story of vaccine injury is the most powerful tool out there. Medical community is so vital but there is a war of information there and the media is bought with politicians. Those injured have to sadly be informed and learn all the information regarding the poison shot and injuries to better articulate their issues. Because the waves of propaganda and vitrail against them is massive but someone well informed and knowledgeable can overcome all of it. They have to make the effort and need family for this.

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Nov 23·edited Nov 24

"misdiagnosis"? More like maldiagnosis. I can't tell you how many people report to me they've had blood clots of "I'm known origin", the very rare Gillian Barre Syndrome which the doctor then goes on to state he's had several patients present with it in the past year... It's not "misdiagnosis". It's willful and it's deliberate indifference to avoid their responsibility for being the instrument that caused these sufferings.

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Here is the best-ever quote from Anthony Fauci ( HE SAID WHAT!!) with a brilliant song to explain https://www.bitchute.com/video/r620VzwMcY58/. Dr. Anthony Fauci. Once in a movie, on how dangerous it would be for an HIV vaccine, he said, "If you take it and a year goes by and everything is fine, then you give it to 500 people and a year goes by and everything is fine, then you give it to thousands of people and you realize that it takes 12 years for all hell to break loose, and what have you done?” Gary Null's "The Myth of AIDS" (which I highly suggest you watch for perspective).For more perspective please join https://normanjames.substack.com/

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Every one of his prospective colleges should be sued for pressuring him. Any school to which he submitted his SAT scores should fund his health crisis.

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Amen for your dog.

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One of my best friends is Belgian.

My parents grew up also on the north border with Germany in Holland.

Same stories as they had friends disappear never to be seen again.

You are not a conspiracy theorist by the way.

I stopped using Google,Fascistbook,Twits or X or YT etc years ago.

It's our job to WAKE folks up.

I also distribute Druthers.net hard copy papers.

Hundreds monthly to connect and WAKE up folks here in CHINADA.

On the link below you will hear a CRA canada revenue agent whistle-blower tell us what many of us know.

TPTB want 4 of 6 Canadians dead by 2030.

And they are doing it gleefully as you will hear.

Our shelves are not empty.


All hell breaks loose when families can't eat.

Toronto is on track to 3 million people this year at the Food banks.

Last year was first time for 2 million.

Now 3 million.

We are being invaded at both borders.


There are ways to help.

Grab some Druthers and join us wherever you live.

The link below is need to know for us in CHINADA.

Please SHARE.

This is going to be a long fight for survival sorry to say.


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Doctor's ban extended after she recommended controversial drug as treatment for Covid

The horse deworming medicine, ivermectin, recommended by Dr Sarah Myhill, became famous when celebrities including Joe Rogan advocated it as a Covid treatment


A doctor has been banned from practising after "risking safety" by endorsing fringe coronavirus treatments — including a drug best known as a livestock dewormer. Powys-based Dr Sarah Myhill was working as a private GP when she exposed people to "potential serious harm", a medical tribunal found.

Dr Myhill, 65, worked for 20 years as an NHS GP before going private. Earlier this year she was suspended from the medical register for nine months after the General Medical Council (GMC) raised concerns over the doses of vitamins and other substances she had advocated as Covid-19 treatments. Now she has been suspended for another 12 months after a panel found she showed no "reflection" following the previous tribunal.

Ivermectin made headlines during the pandemic when celebrities including Joe Rogan spoke in favour of treating Covid with the antiparasitic medicine, which is commonly used to deworm livestock. Popularity for the drug as an alternative to the Covid vaccine increased to the point that the US Food and Drug Administration said in a 2021 statement: “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.”

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It is not my responsibility to pay the medical bills of someone who blindly trusted the government due to their own failure of logic.

I have chronic Lyme and Bartonella, I was misdiagnosed by 4 neurologists with “Multiple Sclerosis.” After Lyme and Bartonella treatment all my “MS” symptoms are gone, funny how that works. Who is going to pay MY medical bills? I don’t expect the rest of the country to do it.

This kid is an idiot for trusting the government and the CDC. By the way the CDC has been lying about the Lyme epidemic for DECADES. Why don’t you do a post on that? Highly recommend the documentary “The Quiet Epidemic.”

I suggest this kid take up his issues with whoever told him to get vaccinated and whoever administered the vaccine.

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Contact Dr Bryan Ardis

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Humanity needs the support of the injured and their families also. They need to speak up when injured or if they die suddenly their families need to step up. Otherwise these mass murderers will do this again. If you wish to save your life, families and friends stop believing anything your owners say. Govt lies all the time

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Cody's story is very moving. I am glad you were able to share it. How many of you get the response I get when I tell friends or acquaintances that thousands have died or been injured by the vax - a patronizing look of sadness? They are thinking that I have no understanding of what's going on and I need to be educated. Or more likely - gaslighted.

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Sheesh…I hope You are not stuck in Seattle. We lived outside of Bellingham, rural. I guided the Skagit/Sauk. Even there We saw “problems”. The sheriffs were 30-40 minutes away and did virtually nothing. WE identified and solved problems on our own…There will be NO meth labs in our valleys. Leave it at that. Ed

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METHYLENE BLUE (MB)- my husband suffered injuries after the Pfizer poison in 2021. I started to give him methylene blue couple months ago and improvements were immediate. Do your own research. Like ivermectin and Fenbendazole methylene blue is being suppressed. I tried MB on myself for a few months before I gave it to my husband and I will never go without it. God bless🙏.

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Privatize the profits, socialize the losses. Welcome to how the modern corporate state operates.

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