The vaccine iatrogenic deaths carried on the ventilator/remdesivir planned deaths amongst the elderly. Elderly are an easy target as they will be dying soon anyhow. Saved the US a lot of Social Security payout, pursued WEF depopulatioin agenda, it was a win-win for the diabolical euthanization fanatics.

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Does anyone know how safe the rabies vaccine is? Massachusetts may require me to get it despite a relatively low risk of contact. If anyone knows anything about its safety, please let me now.

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I am presuming on our host slightly with this off topic post, however I have contributed positively I believe to this site including financials and it seems fair enough:


This seems a reasonable summary of what is surmised about Fenbendazole as an anti-cancer treatment. Does anyone have any relevant context or informed opinion about this?

My aunt went from diagnosis to death in 2 months, lung cancer. A young man I know of came up with a tennis ball sized tumour in his brain. I am concerned I may need some options in case of bad luck in my circle. Wrong lot of the jab, that kind of bad luck. And I wonder if this fenbendazole might interact quite positively in these turbo cancers? If it works at all?

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Quizzed a top oncologist at a top cancer hospital about the following drugs and he was clueless. No doubt because they don't profit Pharma. He also didn't know what integrative oncology was. These drugs have good evidence that they work against cancer, and are completely safe so you can stack them. Fenbendazole, Ivermectin, IP-6 (inositol hexaphosphate), Melatonin (160+ mg) - on top of a zero-carb ketogenic diet interspersed with fasting. Google the "Nasha Winters Mercola" video.

A 2020 study looked at 92 Cancer drugs used over the last 17 years, found that they decreased death by only 2 1/2 months, while destroying the people's remaining life. The main benefit was that they produced 100 billion dollars for the cancer industry.

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I would say one of the leading experts on this subject is Dr. Huber https://natureworksbest.com/meet-our-team/ who also has a Substack https://colleenhuber.substack.com/.

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I have not heard of it

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In any self-respecting society, the perpetrators of this murderous, racketeering, self-enriching hoax would be swinging from lamp-posts.

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COVID-19 Will We Ever Get Justice with David Martin

Weaponized News, posted August 31, 2023


Hat tip: https://leemuller.substack.com/p/the-3-points-to-make



SAM CHANEY: So in in this fall coming up, are, do you think the public's going to go along with this whole thing, mask, masks up, social distance, Plexiglas, lockdown, booster. Do you think they're going to be able to pull it off one more time?

DR. DAVID MARTIN: Well I certainly think they're going to try. And the tragedy is I think there are an enormous number of people, and by enormous number I mean about a third of the population that is gullible to fall for anything. As I said in a previous interview very recently, if you look at the uptake of what really happened the last time around, you have about a third of the population that fell for it, and they'd fall for anything. If they, if you, if the government said jump off a bridge, they'd jump off the bridge.

Another third are coerced into it, where they do it because they want to travel, they want to do it because their employer says they have to do it, they want to do it because they want to get access to certain venues, concerts, entertainment, whatever else. So a third get coerced.

And about a third say no.

The question for us right now is whether the middle third is going to recognize that this thing was all a sham in the first place and not comply. Because if 66% of the population doesn't go along with it, then they're in trouble. But if that same coercion third goes the way it went last time then unfortunately they'll win.

SAM CHANEY: So that's the hearts and minds we're fighting for is that 33% in the middle.

DR. DAVID MARTIN: That's exactly right. It's the swing vote that was coerced. If if if people recognize that it took coercion for them to get the shot in the first place, if we can get those people to go, you fooled me once, OK, fool me twice, shame on me. If we can get them to see that, we have a shot at turning this thing around.



* * *


DR. DAVID MARTIN: Anthony Fauci stated in Congress in December of 2019 before any of this got started that within his career he would get the United States to accept a universal vaccine program. Universal. You know what? That's what he's doing. This has never been been about public health. It's never been about a pathogen, it's never been about a disease, it's never been about anything. This is about a program where industrial pharmaceutical companies have decided to use the cover of a medical countermeasure in an emergency to get product liability immunity and that's all it is. This is a profit-generating terror campaign. That's it. There's nothing else to it.

SAM CHANEY: It, yeah it should be self-evident to everyone, but [laughs] man, the propaganda is so—

DR. DAVID MARTIN: Yeah but here, let me just point something out, and I said this before. The problem with people who say they are about free speech, the problem with people who say they're about the freedom movement, the problem is, they're not having this conversation. They are adding to the confusion. This is a racketeering crime. This is a financial crime. And it's murder.

And if they start talking about, well, we still don't know where the thing came from, so let's have 10 conversations about that, and let's have 5 conversations about ivermectin and 10 conversations about, you know, hydroxychloroquine. I'm not suggesting that there's not a valid conversation to be had about medical interventions for the poisoning of people. I think that there's probably a role for that. But here's the problem. The problem is, in the liberty side of this equation, what I'm going to call the alt-mainstream, is still not talking about the crime. They are talking about the symptoms of the crime. And what that does is it feeds the confusion in the mainstream. If we had, within this side of the movement, if we had people staying focused on topic, it is criminal racketeering, it's deceptive medical practices, it is domestic terrorism through coercion, and it's murder. If we had a simple message, and everybody started saying that message, we wouldn't have the problem we have.

We have 3 and a half years of nonsense where people sit there going, well, was it China, is it the US, is it this, is it that. We need the same focus that the other side has because if the other side had this level of distraction they wouldn't accomplish anything. So what do they do? And you've seen it, Sam. What do they do? We're going to pretend like there's covid counts going up. We're going to pretend like we need to have masks. We're going to pretend like we need to get injections. Three simple messages. And they repeat them so often that everybody believes them.

You know what we don't have on our side of the conversation? Three simple messages. And here they are. This was a bioweapons program started in 2005 officially as a bioweapons program. Number two,

this was coercion and domestic terrorism. Number three, this is deceptive medical practices racketeering leading to murder. Those simple statements, that's it, are all we need to keep reciting so that we actually have a simple message that the public can understand.



#   #   #


David Martin's sites:





Biographical note from the show notes for a different interview, with James Howard Kunstler, earlier this year: "Dr. David E. Martin is "the Founder and Chairman of M·CAM Inc., the international leader in innovation finance, trade, and intangible asset finance. He’s been among a select band of international thought-leaders investigating the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic, in particular the relationships between US public health officials, the pharmaceutical companies, and a number of shadowy organizations behind the development of hugely profitable vaccines with a poor record of safety and viability. He was the founding CEO of Mosaic Technologies Inc., a company that developed and commercialized advanced computational linguistics technologies, dynamic data compression and encryption technologies, electrical field transmission technology, medical diagnostics, and stealth/anechoic technology, and launched many other ventures here and overseas."

Note that a blog post by Brucha Weisberger dated November 1, 2022, contains numerous links to videos and documents by and about Dr. David Martin.


See also:

Dr. David Martin at the European Parliament (with slides)


International COVID Summit III, European Parliament, Brussels, May 3, 2023


Transcript: https://transcriberb.dreamwidth.org/97438.html

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Seems as though so many I know that had the jabs are getting "covid". No symptoms other than seasonal allergies or a cold. Are the "tests" picking up ordinary colds and allergies.

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Great work, Steve !

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Sep 6, 2023Liked by Steve Kirsch

It seems to me that many people with advanced degrees think they are smart and think they know a lot about everything and unfortunately the people with out the advanced degrees also think they know something. In my opinion degrees mean very little what counts is. the energy the person has put into studying the issue. If somebody asks me what my qualifications are to say, what I’m saying about Covid, I say I have spent 3000 hours, studying the Covid scam and the jab. Then I ask them what their qualifications are to question my statement. Of course, they’ve never studied the issue so they are not qualified to debate me even if they have five PhD’s.

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Yeah, I think thorough study and thinking it through works for just about everything. But, with imperfect information where a belief is based on the "evidence", you can still come to believe something that isn't true. It seems those who make the best bets in these situations do so with the best logic and understanding when something is an assumption and when it is not.

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Agree people need to look at all sides of the issue. Vaccinated lemmings only know one side. They are on the dark side of the moon. They don’t know there is an other side.

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I have smart family members including in the medical field who took the vaccine and other smart ones who did not. The difference is whether they trust The Science(TM). No need to do any research or much thinking. "Do your own research" has become a wake up call for me for just about everything.

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Yes times ten! So the discussion very very quickly develops a lopsided nature, harmful to changing minds.

I try and say upfront somewhere that whereas I am pretty clear on most of the detail of what they believe and why, they are entirely unaware of my body of knowledge. And since it is competing narratives the person who has studied both goes in to any discussion with a big 'advantage'. I can speak to all their (usually) pretty vague understandings, typically just impressions of the carefully repeated memes they are fed (eg pandemic of the unvaccinated, save grannie, covid is deadly etc etc) with no technical backing. And the few that looked at some of the CDC biased case control studies (they are not) or whatever else that 'supports the narrative' (eg Lancet 20 million lives saved! fuquit dreamings paper) immediately find I am up on all that, more than they.

So that is super lopsided, difficult not to destroy that interaction as the redpill target slips into sullen silence. Its a problem. They dont know what they dont know.

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The shots work great ,for what they are designed for .and that is killing as many of us as possible .The shots are just one of many ways of our extermination .My brother was murdered with remdesivir ,ventilators etc. just another of the different means to kill us .The treatment they used on my brother is many times more effective than the venom shots .

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Same here with my brother. Sorry for your loss. It really stinks what they did.

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They don’t “think they’re smart.”

They are exhibiting prevarication dialogue, which means they are willful liars. Motive: Lying for increased pay and reduced chance of loosing their license .

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I have a degree in Discernment. 🕊

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That means you could get a job as a professional bullshit detector

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True. I'm working on one case.

There is a new threat. Are you familiar with a company called Metaphysic? In addition, Sensity; and.....DeepbrainAI?

.......this all relates to someone important who has claimed she is a victim and recently fled the country [just recently returned] (or did she?)??? ...... A lot of questions.

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I have not heard of that company

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Metaphysic relates to deep fakes. A video can be altered to fool simeone into thinking that is the real person which is false. Cgi technology.

Sensity is another technology used to detect whether or not this CGI is being used to fool unsuspecting viewers.

DeepbrainAI or AI combination is able to scan voice and photo pics to amalgamate the targeted person to create the false CGI.

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" I say I have spent 3000 hours, studying the Covid scam and the jab. "

But, you'd be overlooking everything. It's not just the "Covid" scam. It's all vaccines. As in, 100% of all vaccines = scam.

Can we finally stop this B.S.?

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Yes, the murderous nonsense is all collapsing faster and bigger than ever. I'd extend the fine observations above to the work of researchers such as Robert Temple (his 2022 book A New Science Of Heaven - Robert-Temple.com) and William 'Bill' Tillier (positivedisintegration.com) of note especially his paper on realities that he presented at the 1996 Dabrowski Congress - see my own Substack for the explanations, PDF, and connections. It's about energies, and what we make real via our individual and collective consciousness and subconscious. Exciting, euphoric times.

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Alan, I believe you wrote another response to me that I read in email late afternoon. It was an excellent response. I cannot find it now....in email or even here online.

It was so good I was going to plagiarize your post to me and call it mine. Now I just have to find it.

Read Allison's response to me above? below? She's having the same problem that I am...finding responses/posts.

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Thanks and apologies for late reply - I write so much and move on very quickly to the next exploration (of my soul and energies, etc). Sharon-Drew Morgen's latest work was likely among the more recent comments I made - her book on teaching the How? of altering neural networks is now or very shortly published - see https://mind-brainconnection.com. More up-to-date I spoke with Hedley Rees today after seeing his Rumble interview and website etc - https://www.pharmaflowltd.com/

- whom Mike Yeadon and Nick Hudson (Pandata etc) refer to (I paraphrase) as the most advanced/important expert working on the C19 and big pharma corruption. He's soon to have his new book published by Wiley. And note this is Wiley - world renowned educational research publishers. Unsurprisingly Hedley is a believer in the conscious/subconscious energies and inexplicably powerful forces of the universe(s).. quantum, love, and beyond, etc.

https://pandauncut.substack.com/p/watch-understanding-the-challenges - and the rumble video featuring Hedley Rees:


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10 mins into Pharma Flow

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Maybe. Our host stepped off and said fuquit Im not pretending to respect 'conventional' vaccines anymore.

It IS a helpful early interaction 'pose' as can be taken with a redpill target. Distance yourself from the word anti-vaxxer by proclaiming no opinion on conventional vaccines. You gotta get that door open to information, lots and lots of potentially redpilled folk will stick, at least initially, at both the term antivaxxer, and a position of 'all vaccines are bad'.

Just a tactical viewpoint on changing minds, which I believe is the only way we can save ourselves.

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Two great resources are encyclosearch.org encycloreader.org,

includes answers across dozens of encyclopedias, including Wikipedia,

more specialized encyclopedias include

Ballotpedia (an explicitly neutral encyclopedia of American politics)



MedlinePlus (a medical encyclopedia)

Encyclopedia Mythica (religion, folklore and mythology)

HandWiki (computing, science, technology and general).

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Very interesting! Thank you.

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Nakita. I don't let myself be angry or sad. I try to stay informed about the world around me and am aggressive in calling out people that wish me and others harm. Its important to call out the people that had a hand in giving your father the clot shot. Their mindset is that they are proud of reducing the world population. Their mindset should be that they are murderers so that they seek repentance. If they don't repent they will in all likelihood face eternal damnation.

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I believe, and experience, that there is a 'higher intelligence' dimension to all this - whatever 'god' in whom/what we might trust or have our faith and optimism. Personally I believe that each of us is our own god; moreover each of us is 'one' with every other human soul. It's more a matter of aboriginal ancient wisdoms, rather than how we've been conditioned to use logic and left-side brain analysis. It's a heart thing, perhaps. The world doesn't change, instead we do, and as our views of ourselves change, so all else does too. Does anything exist if humans are not around to imagine it?

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Sep 7, 2023·edited Sep 7, 2023

I think you undervalue logic such as would be used to figure out how to determine if God exists and then what to do after that. You definitely don't want to fall under a bad belief system. I think a good place to start is working to follow the Golden Rule, making yourself strong for all weather, and not judging others. The basis for the latter is only God has the capacity to judge; there are too many factors to evaluate for the human mind, and we're too subject to hypocrisy and possibly overestimating how we would be under a completely different life story.

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Doug thanks, you make excellent points and I appreciate your time and care.

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I'm putting this question out on conservative leaning sites: I'm trying to find a conservative-leaning (meaning accurate) version of wikipedia. Every time I want to investigate some person or idea, I have no non-liberal propaganda place to go. For example, I wanted to get more of an overview of Alex Jones, including the Sandyhook incident, as well as Glenn Green and this new ADL censorship situation. I can see some videos, but I prefer to have written information. It's faster to go through and I can preserve it more easily. Obviously, if I google for that, I'll just get more liberal propaganda suggestions. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Use DuckDuckGo to look up your info you want.

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Two great resources are

encyclosearch.org encycloreader.org,

includes answers across dozens of encyclopedias, including Wikipedia,

more specialized encyclopedias include

Ballotpedia (an explicitly neutral encyclopedia of American politics),



MedlinePlus (a medical encyclopedia),

Encyclopedia Mythica (religion, folklore and mythology)

HandWiki (computing, science, technology and general).

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Have a look at the bigger picture. Dr. Shiva's gives a great analysis of the system dynamics of the power structure that is playing people against each other for its own benefit.


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Sep 6, 2023·edited Sep 6, 2023

First, may I recommend a very new interview AJ has on the site today with Jack Posobiec, who is a smart commentator:


As for the question, there is no non-liberal Wikipedia (an unreliable reference unless one wants to trust it for accurate overview of the quantitative sciences). What you may want instead is a _list_ of relatively reliable resources. Unfortunately you will have to wade through listening in most situations, since many of the more prominent are not in text format.

Glenn Greenwald is mostly a conservative now who cannot bring himself to bend his mind around the idea of calling himself one.

If you want to learn the most about Sandy Hook there are two cardinal resources:

1. The documentary "We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook," by Independent Media Solidarity


2. The book "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook," by Jim Fetzer

Unfortunately the latter has been de facto all but erased from the planet so completely that it was removed from Archive.org Wayback.

The documentary (at 2 hours, 46 minutes), however is preserved and is must viewing. Archive.org or other sites may have a better quality 'print' than the Rumble link I've provided.

For starters,...

Written word:

Revolver.news (Darren Beattie's site; includes important original reporting)








https://www.youtube.com/@crowdsourcethetruth8954 "Crowdsource The Truth 8," Jason Goodman's currently operational channel

AmazingPolly.net (she was included in one of the first-round 8/6 social media bans in 2018; some of her backlog is restored to Rumble and BitChute)

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Man-I’ll check that out ! Thank you


Just having very slight heart pain right now - never had it before

Nor- the high blood pressure I now have

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JB, if you would, please give the folks a list (examples of) vaccines that are really vaccines. Which vaccines are safe? Which are effective. Which are both safe & effective.


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