Well, I finally joined the Covid Club last week. Only got the original 2 Moderna shots and no boosters. After reading about the damage that these jabs can do to you permanently, I'm glad I stopped. Now, I've got natural immunity that Fauxci ignores.

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Well just wait till they have to delete the rest also ;-)

Transcribing into the genes is already proven if I'm not mistaken and shedding definitely gives a sickness to another person...

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I'm deeply grateful for all the leftist, commie, bolsh scum that have taken the clot shot and hope they get ALL of their boosters as frequently as possible.


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Thank you Steve for continuing to expose the truth...or the fraud as the case may be...sorry to have missed your presentation with Dr. Malone the other night- heard from others it was great!

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Nobody fights harder than you do, Steve, to expose the Truth. We are eternally grateful to you!

May you be rewarded with good health and all the best that this beautiful life has to offer.

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I would like to tell you how much I appreciate all the work you do. Keep researching and writing Steve, I appreciate you!

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The Great Pretend Nothing Happened And Let's All Just Die Quietly is going on right now.

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They have lied about many aspects of the vaccine risk and damage. But to keep the world questioning the life expectancy of the spike protein merely ads extra deaths to their already massive list. There are natural protocols which can clear the spike and detox the body. Then through a series of natural supplements and treatments the body can be returned to its natural state.

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Yes, that is very observant of Mr. Gato Malo.

He forgets to mention the Alden et al. study out of Sweden. It demonstrated with a really simple experiment--ploop ploop ploop, a few drops in a sample of human liver cells, and six hours later the mRNA has reverse inscribed onto the DNA of our liver cells.

That means the boldfaced subtitle is also wrong. That also has to be deleted if they are to be accurate.

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To my fellow subscribers: I unfortunately got the J&J jab one year ago. Do I have a similar risk profile as the Phizer/Moderna recipients?

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The J&J is a viral vector, with a slightly different way of producing the spike protein than Pfizer & moderna (MRNA). In the U.K, the viral vector (AstraZeneca) seemed to have a worse risk profile for myocarditis. That makes me wonder if the other will exhibit more of a problem with reproductive tissue, which we won’t see until the longer term. Personally, I’d rather be infertile than suffer heart problems (if I had to choose) but the infertility will be a far bigger issue for us as a species.

If your exercise tolerance is as good as it was a year ago (you’re not getting out of great easier), you’ve probably resisted the worst of it. Just don’t get any more.

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Auto correct typo in final paragraph. Breath, not great.

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Ivermectin seems to help. FLCCC.net

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They will have to delete the whole section soon enough at this rate! Here’s an idea for you Steve. One way to clear the mRNA vax of causing deaths (or not) is to have a default autopsy of ALL SADS deaths to look for underlying causes. Either there is a statistical link to vax or there isn’t. Surely the public health wonks would approve of the urgent public health need to discover what is causing the sudden increase in SADS..?

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Are you being sarcastic? Those wonks already know what's causing it. That's why they keep on censoring anyone who mentions the real answer. They are looking for the cause of SADS as hard as O.J. Simpson is looking for his ex-wife Nicole's killer.

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I agree. I’m not being sarcastic though. I’m suggesting Steve add the demand to his activism and call out any public health authority for not adequately investigating a clear and escalating public health issue.

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Yes. And correctly done autopsies that test for the signs of Vaccidental Death. Only one pathologist in the US is willing to do that, supposedly.

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What is Rochelle Walensky’s email? I would like to send her this post and ask her, “how do you expect anyone to trust you or the CDC to ever do the right thing?” …

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Aug 18, 2022·edited Aug 18, 2022

So I cut and pasted Guy Gin's comment from earlier in this comment section. Because a very interesting point is raised.

He says in essence that CDC maintains the lie, but by outsourcing.


Guy Gin

Writes Making (Covid) Waves in Japan

11 hr ago

The Japanese Ministry of Health still explicitly states on its website that mRNA breaks down in a few days. By the way, in case nobody else has pointed this out yet, the CDC has outsourced lying about this. If you go to the top of the CDC's page and click on “How Long Do mRNA and Spike Proteins Last in the Body?”, you get taken to a Nevada Med page from July 2021 repeating the same lie.





I went to the CDC site and got this on exit to the "outsource the lie" link Guy describes on mRNA


Exit Notification / Disclaimer Policy


Links with this icon indicate that you are leaving the CDC website.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cannot attest to the accuracy of a non-federal website.

Linking to a non-federal website does not constitute an endorsement by CDC or any of its employees of the sponsors or the information and products presented on the website.

You will be subject to the destination website's privacy policy when you follow the link.

CDC is not responsible for Section 508 compliance (accessibility) on other federal or private website.

For more information on CDC's web notification policies, see Website Disclaimers.


So to combine this disclaimer with the 'outsource of the lie' we get two things at the least?

1. CDC can continue to claim that mRNA is fine, breaks down quick, didn't you read the website they will say?

2. The disclaimer pasted just above allows legal separation. Until the disclaimer is 'tested', they can continue to say number 1 just above, ie their position is not changed. But for legal posterity when 'blame' is being apportioned they can raise their hands and say we didnt say that.

Do they need to be challenged with a formal question concerning the disclaimer - ie ask if they agree or disagree about mRNA/Spike, especially given the disclaimer?

Point is right now they can just say 'read the website you avaxxer conspiracy idiots'. So from now I will mention the disclaimer when talking about the retraction. I will say they outsourced it to "a University of Nebraska Med page from July 2, 2021" and mention the disclaimer.

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Have you taken a look at Katherine Watt’s work on the decades long legal contortions behind how ‘they’ can get away with their shenanigans untouched? Sample (not CDC specific, gov’t in general):


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It's not only that the spike protein remains in the body, but that it continues to be ACTIVELY PRODUCED by your cells. See this study for example, where they found spike protein continuing to be generated by the lymph nodes 8 weeks after vaccination. (and that was not the end point, it's just when they stopped looking).


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And pretty soon, they’ll change their tune about mRNA reverse-transcribing into our DNA via LINE-1 transposans. It’ll happen. Eventually. And the evidence will be overwhelming to those who pay attention to these things- you know, the actual science.

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