Here's one person's explanation of the rubbery white clots embalmers are finding. I don't have the science knowledge to fully evaluate this theory, but it does make sense to me. (Horrible sense.)

"The Genetic Mechanims by which the COVID mRNA Jabs cause the Intravascular Growths seen in the 'Died Suddenly' Documentary"


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"All cases were either asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic" ==> sounds more like a bad batch of false positive COVID tests to me. What's the bet that they were asymptomatic because they were 100% okay? Maybe a quadruple vaxed crew member with COVID was breathing too heavily on the tests?

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I’m sure Elon will reinstate you soon!!! 🙏

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The digital signage on Sydney Trains is out of date. There are no fines, just a "strong recommendation" to wear a mask. Amazing how these things appear overnight and then take months to get removed isn't it…


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Curious about this year's flu shot. Is it mrna?. I have not had a " vaccine in 20 years and never will again. But I got sick after my covid jabbed girlfriend had her booster. Took zinc, vitamin D and C and am back to normal. My girlfriend has persistent headaches joint pain and weakness. Her doctor said she is suffering from the stress of nursing school and her symptoms are unrelated to covid shots. This is pure BS and we have fired her doctor.

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In some places it is for sure. I am a nurse and lost my job for refusing the covid jab. However, due to my elderly mother needing residential care, and the exclusion from all aged care facilities of anyone unvaxxed, I reluctantly got the non-mRNA one, and the flu. I haven't had the flu shot since I was a child. Now I am trying to get back into the work I studied 7 years for, and as I am also a midwife, it is required for us to be 'up to date' with all of them, so I got the whooping cough (which is a trivalent diptheria, tetanus, pertussis). I haven't had even a cold for many years, nor the flu for at least 10. I contracted covid a couple of months after the injections, and now have the flu. My immune system is clearing the infections but I can't help thinking I would be well if not for the 4 injections in a year.

I am also facing the dilemma of the hospitals STILL requiring 3 covid injections to be considered up to date. My exemption post-infection runs out at the end of the year. I cannot comprehend the ignorance of policy makers, being unable/unwilling to see what everyone here CAN see - the injection doesn't stop the spread, doesn't stop infections, doesn't stop death. And those who continue to roll up their sleeves to #3, #4....are getting sick frequently. Some of my former colleagues have had sick leave multiple times since the rollout, with barely time in between to actually work.

This has gone on for too long. But the fear-peddling media and public health officials are still putting out grave warnings about serious infections. I personally don't know of a single person, vaxxed or not, who has had a serious case. Not even friends of friends of friends. But I know of lots of adverse reactions (mostly moderate), and I have strong suspicions about the sudden unexpected death of my brother from a brain bleed last year.

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I think it best to just say avoid all shots like the plague. We can never know what is in each vial anyway without testing each one. Saline can be used without anyone knowing. "Hey guys, I'm just fine!"

That's the 'fun' of Russian roulette, one doesn't know which chamber contains the bullet until it's too late.

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I strongly suspect that the politicians and officials who made a big show of getting their shots only got saline. Boris Johnson's classic 'it didn't hurt a bit' didn't convince me it was safe. It isn't the needle that concerns people, it's the content of the syringe!

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I am sure you are right. I say the vials are vile unless they are saline. Ultimately is is all to make money, gross sums of money, nit just from vaxxes but all the other unnecessary times, masks, PCR tests, they are all scams.

I fight to wake people up to this, but it is hard work. The doctors in the NHS are the worst as they have succumbed to the lies by and large hook line and sinker.

Even I have suffered because of their ignorance which I explain here.


And if you haven't seen this on vaccines and how they are pointless at best.


I am here to help if I can.

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Thanks again, Michael (I presume). It's hard to see how our society (western, contemporary, universal) has come to this point. It all sounds too simplistic to say that this is all about money making. I know many doctors who are not there for the money, but because they want to help people. Yes, there is, I agree, an invisible power at work, and maybe that can explain how deceived so many people have become. And assuming that to be true, it didn't begin with covid, or the Spanish flu, or cancer, or any other ailment. So where did that fork in the road occur? Eden?

Buying and selling for profit are not (necessarily) wrong. Finding something that works to 'fix' a health issue, and turning into a a product for others to use, is not wrong. Did the problem start with copyright laws? Or because of jealousy of someone who helps others? Or in the power that comes with having 'the cure'? Probably a combination of these and others. The current allopathic medical system is very firmly entrenched in the thinking of most people, and all new developments are built on the premise of disease process. To turn it around is going to take a long time! Or just maybe people will start to see through the lies of this current period of history?

Meanwhile, people like you, and to a lesser degree, me, are considered cranks and weirdos. I am not a great intellect, nor a scientist, so explaining why I might think the current injections are rubbish is difficult. And people by and large just don't want to hear, not will they read anything remotely different to the prevailing narrative.

I know how hard it is. I have tried to talk to close family about the dangers. I get a friendly 'we don't agree that this is a dangerous injection' or 'maybe you'd think differently if you lived here [London] and saw how many people are sick and dying' or this isn't about you, it's about other people'. Just yesterday I got shut down by a paramedic friend after I said i was opposed to the mandates. I am tired of it all. Most of the time I'm 100% convinced that this is a useless and dangerous injection, 95% convinced that the whole pandemic and response is part of move to a worldwide takeover. Then I wonder why other people can't see it, and maybe I'm wrong.

I have just received my copy of 'Turtles All the Way Down - vaccine science and myth', which I look forward to getting in to. I hope I can understand it. Meanwhile, I will have to grapple with 'the system' as I work within it. I had hoped to one day work in general practice as a nurse, however, I can't see myself injecting babies and children any more.

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If I may say what an excellent well-presented comment, thoughts and questions. Perhaps I may comment as follows:

As regards my name, Baldmichael, well I am bald on top and have been since my hair receded in my twenties. At 62 now I have more hair as during the first lock-down and being unable to get a haircut I gave up. I now sport a pony tail which my wife has not unduly objected to.

With my left side facial palsy I think I look ridiculous and reminds me somewhat of the comic/tragic mask!

Baldmichael is a made-up name but Michael is good. It does contain some letters of my Christian name. I did a lateral thinking exercise to get to a full made up name for my full real name. No one has yet succeeded in deciphering or if they have they are not telling me.

I am happy with Michael. It has a wonderful meaning which I will explain further in a post in due course.

As regards Eden, I assume you refer to Garden of Eden in which case yes. I do not jest when I say in my site that I know what really went on there all those years ago. It upset me greatly when I realised. Other people are aware, but very few as far as I can tell.

As someone who has followed Jesus Christ since my teens and what might be loosely termed a Christian upbringing, albeit my parents did not take us to church except on high days and holidays, I have come to understand why Jesus called Satan a 'liar and a murderer from the beginning'.

As regards your second paragraph allopathic medicine is the problem. Disease is not understood nor its causes it seems by most mainstream doctors and the NHS as a whole.

I have to say I now understand what is going on far better than most doctors after intense research these last 2.5 + years. I never expected this but it was very necessary. If I had not been so ill (and I am still not recovered fully) I would not have understood what I now do.

You say "I am not a great intellect, nor a scientist" Wikipedia defines scientist as

"A scientist is a person who conducts scientific research to advance knowledge in an area of interest.

Scientists are motivated to work in several ways. Many have a desire to understand why the world is as we see it and how it came to be. They exhibit a strong curiosity about reality."

I would have thought you would at least fit it to some of that definition.

As to great intellect, well I do not consider myself a great intellect so join the club, but I did persist seeking the truth. In 2020 I was given the keys I had been looking for all my life. Now all I have to do is look into a matter and things come into view quickly and make sense. I am awed by it.

So do not concern yourself over great intellect what matters is wisdom and you clearly have that. We can all continue to add to it as this is part of life which would be rather boring if we did not continually search out new things.

I set up my site to try and explain as simply as possible what might otherwise seem complex. Life is like a tree an on one level is very simple. One has to have the correct foundation or trunk to build on that is all. Then one can literally branch out to search to the outer twig and leaf limits!

Vaccines are a useless and dangerous injection you may be assure 100%. I used to think they were of some use, but I was wrong so changed my mind.

As regards a worldwide takeover, this is again 100% true, but there are two sides, God's and Satan's warring together in the heavenly realms which nowadays is primarily the internet Clouds.

We are in what has been termed 'The Great Tribulation' something I thought I might go through but not as I expected. Believe it or not, now I understand what is really happening I now laugh as, despite all the grief and pain which I and others have suffered, it is all a pantomime, a final act of the Greatest Show on Earth.

It is quite bizarre I grant you, but it is true. When Shakespeare wrote 'All the world's a stage...' etc. he was quite right, I just didn't understand until 2020 just how right that's all.

You can be considered blessed to see what others see, you are not wrong. As a consequence you will see even more, more than your wildest dreams whatever they may be.

To grapple with the system, the 'beat is very brave and will take great courage.

But never fear, Baldmichael's here, for even though he seems quite queer, he is not far but oh so near!

Which is all very silly, but true. I am in Sussex, so not so far anyway. I can be contacted via my site and being retired hurt as it were will do what I can. I can travel, and not just in the Cloud. I am used to challenging silly people who will not think. Often it is easier to talk to others’ friends and relatives for, as the saying goes, a prophet is not welcome in his home town.

The angels seen and unseen are with you and yours.

Yours Baldmichael

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Steve, if you are able to conduct a study checking for sperm mutations, can you also check for traces of spike and/or lnp’s. If shedding can cause the inadvertent inoculation of the unvaccinated, then the question of inheritable mutations is moot.

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Professor Emeritus at Kyoto University blasts them all and demands they investigate all over twitter and in multiple languages.

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Video: This well constructed case demonstrates recovery from COVID-19 respiratory illness and advanced hypoxemia with inpatient ivermectin. #courageousdiscourse


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Births "of a live child(sic)"down 7,7 percent in Sweden 2022 compared to same period last.year. Would have decreased more if it was't for our high percentage of unjabbed immigrants many having more children than the average Swede. Now just assuming the jab is involved.

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https://slaynews.com/news/cdc-knew-covid-shots-damage-heart-covered-it-up/ V-safe users would have to write in cardiac symptoms on the survey form’s “other” field, limited to 250 characters, for them to be counted.

ICAN is still trying to compel the agency to turn over this “free-text field data,” its lawyer Aaron Siri told Just the News.

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The vaccines don't save lives. They don't prevent illness and they do not act as a therapeutic. It's nonsensical.

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Its no wonder she was part of the criminal covid operation from the CDC... This is her tweet on the HORROR the CDC did to the Tuskegee guinea pigs.. Absolutely a disgusting inhuman being..

CDC director blasted for tweet honoring victims’ ‘sacrifice’ in infamous Tuskegee syphilis study


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I hear on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86xWSecxwsI that Fauci is criticizing China for not cooperating on efforts to find the origin of the Covid virus.

So rich.

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The whole pandemic is "a tale that needs a Shakespeare to tell it."

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Dec 1, 2022·edited Dec 1, 2022

CDC, FDA, WHO, Gates, Fauci, Collins, Daszak, Baric, Pharma they all knew just like we knew they knew.. This was not a mistake, it was not innocent.. Its was and is Premeditated GENOCIDE and GREED and MURDER... No amnesty, no Forgiveness, No forgetting... pRESIDENT Biden they are all guilty of MURDER..


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