Credability is a dying trait.

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Dr. Shawn Brooks, Ph.D., Oxford University; MD internal medicine specialist. Over 23 years experience, sends a chilling warning about the experimental mRNA COVID vaccine. How many more specialists will be ignored? Share far and wide! --- https://www.bitchute.com/video/rBZYG7fBRLp7/

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Jul 22, 2023·edited Jul 22, 2023

What's most interesting is the second spike in miscarriages at the 15-30 day mark, which is right around the time when those who were receiving the primary series were receiving their second dose. An immediate family member of mine miscarried at the 9-week mark of her pregnancy THE DAY AFTER her second jab. When she broke the news, her first thought was 'maybe it's related to the vaccine,' only to later retract that for no reason other than not being able to handle the emotional devastation of her being partially responsible for the miscarriage; she blindly trusted her doctor and took the jab without doing a lick of research about whether any data for pregnant women existed (plus her job also required employees to get jabbed). Deep down she knows it's because of the jab, but she has become cognitively dissonant due to the emotional burden. I believe she doesn't even realize she is part of the vaccine injured, nor was her incident reported to VAERS. She had to undergo more IVF treatments and has since had the second child she has always wanted, and has since buried the emotions related to the jab-induced miscarriage. I am sure many, many other similar situations like this are out there as well. It's so sad.

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SK, with apologies if this link has already been posted, may I refer you to this:


MOH works non clinically in UK NHS "Women's and Children's Service" - I have been told for many months of a huge increase in spontaneous abortions, foetal and maternal deaths; this has been covered up. Non UK folks may not know that UK NHS Trusts have been reported - not in the MSM - to have not only completed Death Certificates (SOP) but also to have arranged cadaver cremations directly with Crematoria - thereby these foetal deaths have disappeared - no one in the UK is forensically examining this AND making it public other than explicitly OFF MSM platforms.

UKHSA and NHS still recommend these mRNA jabs to pregnant women:


This webpage was last reviewed in January 2023 - next review not due until January 2026.

You know better than most how this entire charade has been/is falling apart; I cannot think of anything worse than so called professionally qualified adults in any field connected with health services for expectant mothers and their foetuses deliberately refusing or being intentionally unwilling to examine, or just plain ignorant of, their duty to these people. We are in the Irmey inspired "World of S**t" for sure - it is a very long road back which seems to me to be vanishing into the distance.

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Messenger RNA Vaccines in Meat Animals

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked. UNITE WITH GOD AGAINST ALL EVILS

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The covid vax-pushers hate babies, and pregnant women too. That's what their actions say to me.

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Thanks for your heartfelt comment Sherry and well done for facing down the dealership. It may interest you to know that for an assumed global vaccination rate of 60% of the population and a vaccine fatality rate of 1 in 1000, the death toll is 0.6x8bn x 0.001 which equals 4.8 million people and is comparable to the Holocaust.

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FDA OKs remdesivir for patients with severe renal impairment

Gilead Sciences' Veklury, or remdesivir, was approved by the FDA for the treatment of COVID-19 in patients undergoing dialysis and suffering from severe renal impairment. The approval makes Veklury the first antiviral drug to be approved for use in patients across all stages of kidney disease.

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Why was Remdesivir pulled from the original trial - was that not because of the damage to kidneys present in the cohort given the drug - and did not Fauci overrule the Safety Board to mandate it? I seem to recall Dr Bryan Ardis going public with this in 2020/21?

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Let’s start calling these jabs what they really are - bioweapons. Remove the term vaccine. We have many of these AI generated ‘mRNA’ bioweapons coming down the line. Let’s get the terminology right. Now.

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here here

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Steve, can you explain the spike in the graph at 7 years, since the vax was only rolled out 3 years ago? I must be misunderstanding something.

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When the China outbreak was announced I knew where this was going, to Fauci's pet vaccine project. I knew about past failed attempts at treating coronavirus and I knew this mRNA jab was coming. I tried to warn people and was mocked for it. This tragedy was preventable, but the masses were brainwashed. There was no getting through to people, even people I knew well. It was like hitting a brick wall.

According to Ed Dowd, former Black Rock investment manager there are many people currently sitting on the fence about the jabs. Roughly 25% are beyond reach, totally set in their ways for the COVID injections. Obviously there are those who are awake and firmly against. There's about 50%(roughly) undecided. The hard core people are lost and we should not waste time with them. They made their decisions and while we're sorry for them, we need to focus on the undecided because it comes down to this--we can stop this by winning over the undecideds...

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The CDC said the COVID vaccines were perfectly safe for pregnant women.

They lied and they continue to lie to the American people.

They've lied to the women of the world, who were coerced/fooled into taking the Bio Weapon.

Have people so quickly forgotten about the DEPOPULATION agenda. Have people so quickly forgotten Bill Gates speech on how vaccination would "decrease" the worlds population and the "two brain celled" audience, sat there and "clapped" like seals. This has been a success story for the CDC, as they've played their part in the "depopulation agenda" and continue to do so.

Will they EVER face justice for what they have done?

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Hi Steve,

Firstly, I want to congratulate and thank you for your tenacity and tireless determination in chasing all this stuff down. You are providing a great service to humanity. It is people like you who should go down in history as great men, not those who control governments and spend their time oppressing people and starting wars. I hope you know that many people recognize and value your work ... many more than those who choose to support you financially by subscribing.

That said, I wanted to critique something in this article, specifically the shape of the graphs. You say "In addition there was a huge second peak of 519 reports at 15-30 days onset." Unless I have misread the graph/data, I think the second peak is simply an artifact of the change in the 'width of the histogram column'. That is, the second peak arises ONLY because you haven't normalized the data according to the number of days that the data point represents.

In other words, the data would be more meaningfully presented as DAILY events reported, even when the data points represent time periods of multiple days. So, for example, data point 10-14 days / 244 events reported should be 10-14 days 244/5=49 events reported. Similarly, 15-30 days / 485 events reported should be 15-30 days / 485/16=30 events reported.

Doing this would make the charts much more rational and would still demonstrate that the vaccines are immediately destructive ... but in a way that then tails off exactly as one would expect. Otherwise I fear that malign interests will use this presentation to highlight a failure to properly present statistical evidence ... or at least be able to say that you are confusing people. None of your supporters want that.

Please let me know if I have somehow misunderstood the data/graphs.

Kindest regards,


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Wow, just lovely! And by "lovely", I mean absolutely horrifying!

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