Steve, I just read that MIT/Rockefeller-supported hit piece. That was disgraceful what that Cat did. I also learned about the meta-analysis versus randomized, double-blind control issue.

In one of my comments, I indicated that I was not an expert in meta-analyses and that I was not enamored with the procedure. I get it now. I think that may explain why someone may have thought that I was attacking, countering, criticizing or attempting to undermine your efforts. I was not.

If that is what someone thought, I want to assure them--and you--that my comment should not be interpreted as an attempt to discredit the utilization of meta-analyses. Like all statistical interpretation, the transition back and forth between the numerically stated and verbally stated presentations, there is always imperfection. Meta-analysis certainly has value.

Furthermore, the pharmaceutical companies, the government and the universities have shown that one can certainly ruin stand-alone, randomized, double-blind control trials.

In conclusion, if someone knew nothing of the matter involved, the journalistic tactics that the author used caused me to judge the message of his article as unreliable. That the woman from a university found you difficult to talk to suggests to me that maybe she could not hold her own in the discussion. I have been the victim of this. When many people are being evasive in a conversation, and an another tries to achieve objective commonality regarding an important point, the latter is accused of being argumentative, obsessive, etc.

This all tends to reaffirm in my mind that there is something like the concept of impedance matching at work when it comes to intelligence and conversation. Just as in the transfer of electrical power between devices where the impedance of the two devices needs be matched in order to maximize that transfer---so too with semantic transfer. It requires a matching of intelligences between two parties.

Steve - 1; MIT - 0.

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I got a 520 error timeout when trying to comment. Wouldn't be surprised if comments are being DDOS'd. I noticed Tucker Carlson's video recently where he talked about the biolab was being DDOS'd .

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The Inquisition went on intensely in Europe for 300 years. Galileo's testimony to the Church was a key plank which helped to establish independently verifiable science as determinant of Truth. He was placed under house arrest in 1663. William Tyndale was the first to translate the Bible into English. He was martyred as a "heretic" by the Church in 1536. The King James Bible borrowed heavily from Tyndale's translation. It was published in 1611 and allowed Galileo and his supporters to successfully argue that the Church was using Biblical Scripture inaccurately when insisting on their version of the revolutions of the planets. There are parallels to what we are currently living through in History.

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Mar 27, 2022·edited Mar 27, 2022

"Nature has no lobby" -- these four words summarize the problem highlighted by the BMJ.

In addition, John Campbell's video commentary on the BMJ opinion piece is worth a listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZlZIXHT0yA

PS: Thanks (again!!) Steve for posting this. A lot of us (my hand is raised) would have otherwise missed it.

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Here’s another government study on what happens when they take legally prescribed pain MEDICATIONS away from chronic pain patients. The ladies at CIAAG.ORG found this info after the ACA destroyed healthcare and began taking away these vital MEDICATIONS from Americans with incurable conditions that cause chronic pain in 2010.

Prescriptions for narcotics are down to pre 2000 levels but drug deaths are UP to record highs. Most of it now is from illicit fentanyl, readily available with the wide open borders AGAIN.

IF someone died from a drug OD, THEY made the decision to abuse / use drugs that were NOT prescribed to THEM. Nobody ever got a prescription for narcotics that said “crush and snort or melt and shoot in your veins 4-6 times daily” but that’s what THEY did.




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It reminds me of the horrific consensus in the late 1800s that x-rays were good for you, and the more the better. Only that error was recognized within one year of Roentgen's 1895 discovery, and it took only around 5 years for the medical community to make safety adjustments.

Ironically, a research paper (Radiographics 9(6), 1989) looking back 90 years later was critical that it took them even that long:

"Despite occasional ominous indication to the contrary, there was virtual unanimity within the medical, scientific and lay communities; all were certain that x-rays were totally without adverse effect.... It is a little difficult to understand why there was any real dispute over the ability of x-rays to produce acute injury."

Can't wait to see what researchers will say in the future about the mRNA fiasco. Bet it won't take 90 years either.

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A positive note for me with the Covid insanity has been the revisiting of history with a new clearer lens. The Eugenics movement has been of particular interest. The movement gained widespread support in the US which the spread to other countries most notably Germany under Hitler. One of the most well known jurist, Oliver Wendell Holmes, wrote the opinion supporting forced sterilization citing that authority to force a vaccine is enough to support the cutting of Fallopian tubes. (Buck v Bell) There are very chilling academic papers on Eugenics and Germany. Like Covid, medicine became politicized. You may say oh we would not go that far. But that would be a lie. Behind closed doors you know there were officials looking to intern the unclean for their refusal to surrender their body. https://www.academia.edu/38126434/The_Nazi_Physicians_as_Leaders_in_Eugenics_and_Euthanasia_Lessons_for_Today

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My father was a research chemist at NASA during the Kennedy era. In my dad’s presence I once derided a classmate from my physics class because he had questioned what seemed to me an obvious fact from a lecture. My father paused from what he was doing and faced me directly: ‘have you done or read experiments which prove him wrong?’, he asked. Crickets. He then told me I had joined the crowd who had once said the flat earth was circled by the sun. He then said that scientists listen to every dissenting voice or they are ‘ignoramuses’, not scientists because science grows best in debate and dissent. He said he hoped no daughter of his would be that stupid again. Gulp. He would have liked Steve.

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Huge gratitude as always dear Steve for your continued powerful energies of truth and nothing but the truth that you so diligently are intent on saving your fellow human family, as we fully aware of the evils and their plans. We must find a way to do ‘major removal surgery’, for the sake of health, love and peace around the whole world. ❤️🙏👼🌟💫

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Systematic review and meta analyses are the gold standards of research but they should be the only standards, this is science we are talking about...Let's all be scientists and revolt against big pharma, government, universities, regulatory bodies and the medical profession who have abdicated our well being for profits and population control..Wake up, it is your life, take no drug or treatment that has not met the gold standard of research. The life you save may be your own!

I am 76 it is too late for me to expect much change in my remaining life but I can refuse treatment that has not met the gold standard and if need be find different medical care to support my goals. Read: Big Pharma: How Drug Companies Mislead Doctors and Harm Patients by Ben Goldacre. Medicine has been corrupted, our doctors are not truly educated but fed treatment algorythms and drug mandates as attested to by use of only certain drugs available to treat covid in hospitals..remember covid did not kill everyone what killed humanity was brought on by treatment for covid demanded by the CDC. It was news to me that now the CDC also designates treatment for everyone in every hospital in the country...Wake up folks this is not medicine but a crime against humanity because the CDC knew their treatment recommendations were killing people. Oh well this is a pandemic after all. No this is war on the American People...wake up


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I wish the BMJ could point the finger at the unifying entity orchestrating the corporations, the control of academia and the regulators - the WEF..

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Guess it’s about time for a new “system”? …maybe the burgeoning one based on wellness/energy/nature and deep respect for the human body .

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“Our proposals for reforms include: liberation of regulators from drug company funding; taxation imposed on pharmaceutical companies to allow public funding of independent trials…” and greater data transparency. The root causes of the corruption of science require fundamental legal reform that goes beyond what the writers thought they could discuss here. The US needs public revulsion and a reformer of the statures of Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt rolled up together.

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It is hard to avoid the following problem: "Multiple confounding co-variables." Try to prove that children will have a higher IQ if you breast feed them. Try to think of a study of two groups of children that have only one difference; that one group is breast fed and the other is not. How do you blind that? So double blind cross over studies are hard to design in many instances. So we have to gain our knowledge and make our advice based on something else in those circumstances.

Also lead time error is almost never analyzed and corrected for. Most studies on mammograms leave out lead time error.

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Cute graph. Now lawyer up and arrest the criminal players.

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OK, before you can .....fix it, you have to clean house first!

Arrest Fauci and all CDC, NIH, WHO and big pharma executives involved.

Fraud and homicide are not included in the total immunity from legal liability agreement under the PREP Act for the big Pharma criminals!

RICO laws apply now! The DOJ better wake the Fk Up and get busy! 2 years wasted!

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