Can you explain the 175 deaths of unvaccinated row/column for me. I am having a hard time with that and math is my weakest link. We layman are not seeing it clearly as you.

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It looks like you are misunderstanding what "Person Years" is. For the unvaccinated if you divide the deaths by the person years you get a figure of 15,659 person years PER DEATH. Also for Third dose or booster, at least 21 days ago you get a figure of 346 person years PER DEATH. Your ratio of 45 is calculated by dividing 15,659/346 = 45. This ratio of 45 does not apply to actual deaths. You need to use the Age Standardized Death Rate (ASDR) which is what the ONS use in most of their reports.

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Maybe you already posted the following and I missed it but a newer pre-print using official UK data shows that case, hospitalization and death rates are all higher in the vaccinated >18 years since Omicron hit. There was also a peer-reviewed study published back in April 2022 showing similar results in Israel.


Also, official data from Ontario, Canada was starting to show a similar trend for deaths until they stopped publishing it in easy to find form for the public...no surprise I guess.


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No one “made a mistake “ approving COVID vaccine for anyone. This is a planned (and so far successful) attack on western civilization

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They should be ended for all ages. They are neither effective nor safe for anyone.

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Our MHRA gave them the green light under Emergency use approval. June Raine is the governor there, and she is either totally corrupt or utterly useless at her job!! Either way she shouldn't be in the job. She decided to override the JCVI recommendation NOT to give the snakeoil poison to children. She has also failed to act on the deaths and injuries resulting from this Big Pharma cash cow. Perhaps the funding from the Gates foundation clouded her judgement?? She is 100% EVIL

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We are at a critical junction of the future of our healthcare crossroads: The fundamental 21st Century reform we urgently need right now is to build a ZERO-TRUST, reality-based, real-world-sourced, distributed, and decentralized data network between patients and their trusted caregivers. We must take away the power, control, and manipulations of the corrupt go-betweens of our data to damage our health and plunder our wealth. ANYONE needs our data to conduct ANY research; they will have to pay for the access. Therefore, WE MUST INSIST on having TRANSPARENT anonymous INDEPENDENT DATA COLLECTION, VETTING, QUALITY ASSURANCE, REPLICABLE TRIAL PROTOCOLS, REPRODUCIBLE DATA ANALYSIS AND ADJUDICATION BY INDEPENDENT RESEARCHERS, AND INDEPENDENT VALIDATION REPORTING OF ALL VIEWS, including but not limited to all the dissenting views, opposing narratives, and negative feedbacks, WITHOUT GO-BETWEENS, ELIMINATING DATA-MANUPILATION, and DATA-CHERRY-PICKING, exposing their SHENANIGANS/DIRTY-TRICKS, and SMASHING their CENSORSHIPS to RESTORE TRUST in a brand new and brave 21st Century Healthcare System!

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Overcrowded Montreal Children's ER tells non-urgent cases to stay away

The emergency room "is currently experiencing a high volume of patients requiring hospitalization or critical care." https://canoe.com/news/local-news/overcrowded-montreal-childrens-er-tells-non-urgent-cases-to-stay-away/wcm/a6543584-4569-4c72-9342-bb00e095b679

A news story with few details.

Dr. Malone shared a video interview with someone in the casket business in Ontario Canada discussing the bulk orders for children caskets. Clearly something is happening.

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As a former "data weenie", were I witness to the "Crime if the Century", if not of all time, and I was unable to bring real data and information to light due to corruption in the chain of command, I would leverage incompetence

Create a report that will pas right by the incompetent up the chain of command while exposing the horrible reality to those willing to look at the published data.

This is not unlike researchers whose published extracts say the opposite of what the research and data show.

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Steve, I have shown that the vaccines kill children even when they are only given to adults. Please take a look at this report / writeup. I hope you could possibly share it! This is so incriminating and so pivotal. https://supersally.substack.com/p/age-stratification-of-covid-19-deaths?r=l1r7e&s=w&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web

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Steve said:

"Some “experts” could “explain” this by claiming that only the kids who were most at risk opted for the third shot and that explains the higher ACM. Only those with an AVERAGE of a 45X higher rate of death opted for the third shot? Show me the evidence please!"

From the NHS website:

Some children aged 12 to 15 can get a booster dose if they had a 2nd dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at least 3 months ago and they either:

-Have a condition that means they're at high risk of getting seriously ill from COVID-19

-Live with someone who has a weakened immune system


So in other words, children in this age bracket can only qualify for the booster if they are either immunocompromised or have a serious medical condition. Should these factors increase your risk of dying by 45X? Well, I don't think we can answer this without knowing the medical histories of the very small number of children that got boosted. But for example, simply spending a night in hospital is associated with a 75x increase in the risk of dying (https://plus.maths.org/content/os/issue55/features/risk/index), so it doesn't seem unreasonable.

But for the other groups where the vaccine was chosen, we would expect the choice to vaccinated to be associated with differences in behaviour and health status that could have an impact on a person's risk of dying.

When you look at the raw numbers you're seeing the effect of these factors, and not just the effect of the vaccine itself. That's why they're not suitable for assessing the impact of vaccination on mortality. Indeed if you go to the Vaccine Surveillance Reports, they directly state this:

"Comparing case rates among vaccinated and unvaccinated populations should *not* be used to estimate vaccine effectiveness against COVID-19 infection. Vaccine effectiveness has been formally estimated from a number of different sources and is summarised on pages 4 to 14 in this report.


The case rates in the vaccinated and unvaccinated populations are unadjusted crude rates that *do not take into account underlying statistical biases in the data* and there are likely to be systematic differences between these 2 population groups [emphasis mine]" (page 46)


To deal with the statistical bias, you need to take random samples from the data stratified by age group, and then compare outcomes by vaccination status. That's what they attempt to do on page 11 of the latest Vaccine Surveillance Report.


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Steve, HMG can't possibly admit to anything. They are committed to pursuing their goals and using military grade PsyOps to get there, which is all per the WEF cabal and their Davos sycophants funded by you-know-who. I have written about it today -Neil Oliver at GBNews is on the case: https://austrianpeter.substack.com/p/jabs-for-kids-hows-the-big-race-going?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email

Preview: Coming next week:

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Would you buy a second hand car from this man?

"The policy makers (or central controllers) are embarrassed to confess the inflationary consequences of their absurd money printing, and nothing reveals those consequences more than a naturally rising gold price. Solution? Easy: Lie about inflation and rig the paper gold price with leverage, derivatives and a greenlight from the BIS, aka: “Big Brother.” In Rigged to Fail, I revealed how central bankers rig the bond and hence stock markets. Here we are just showing you how the same bankers rig the gold price to hide a failed currency market. And if you want to put a handsome face to the farce, here’s an unforgettable one:"


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Jul 16, 2022·edited Jul 16, 2022

The UK data lacks clinical significance. The numbers are so small as to be meaningless. The same can be said for Pfizer, Moderna and J&J's CRT's for FDA EUA. The data is rubbish. This has been well established.

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Jul 16, 2022·edited Jul 16, 2022

They will not change course because they do not want to go to jail. They will double down on stupid and fight to maintain power so no court can arrest them. Expect election fraud in the US and Britain and interference in the legal system. They will maintain control of the government media outlets so they can control the information. This is their only choice. Our job is non-violent revolution.

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Can you please do an article exploring the theory of VAIDS? Are the effects of the vaccine on blood sexually transmissible? If they are then the whole population doesnt have to get vaccinated to spread the disease.

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