I love it, but shorten it up to run on TV.

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Vaccine mandates, or even "guidance" from the CDC fails to address a healthy immune system being able to defeat COVID. The play on this was COVID appeared, then there was a vaccine, then there were mandates of EUA product. There is still no FDA Approved version available in the US, and if there were, I wouldn't trust it anyway.

The REAL problem, however, and this is their Achilles heel, is that the ADA can defeat these measures. Mandates and guidance directing that vaccines must be administered or taken, fall under the "regarded as" prong of the ADA, because they regard the immune system as "disabled" or unable to defeat normal viral occurrences.

Invoking this against state and local government removes their immunity 42 USC §12202. Invoking this against an employer scares the hell out of them, because they are using every prohibited act in 29 CFR 1630.12(b) to enforce their mandates - coercion, intimidation, threats, harassment, and interference with rights - ALL of these are being used to force vaccinate employees, and the ADA jerks the rug out from under them in that there are now certain and prescribed protocols they have to follow.

Title III, Public Accommodations type businesses, are also without common knowledge of how the ADA works, and they are sitting ducks for causing reform, when lawsuits are pursued.

If I can help, feel free to reach out. adarights (at) protonmail (dot) com.

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Great video, I am sure it has been censored across the Internet with the exception of Rumble. Pretty sinister if you ask me.

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They are not safe for children of any age!

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I don't normally post on Truth Social. I looked at the social media website, Truth and all I see is politicians telling us they are the solution. I disagree, most of them are ignoring what's going on in the real world. So I posted the petition and the video. We'll see if it truly is about free speech. I voted for Trump....however, I think he was duped and played by the swamp. I don't know why in the hell he went along with this. After Scott Atlas came on board Fauci should have been thrown to the curb....and stomped on.

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As a 'words' person, I'd like to suggest we use 'children,' not 'kids.' When MSM & government first started pushing this poison on little ones who didn't/don't need it, they deliberately IMO chose kids. It sounds cooler, less menacing. When you say/hear/read children, it becomes more pernicious. Kids is their word. I think children should be ours.

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Should be sent to every pediatrician

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Steve, Dr. Buzz Hollander published a Substack article earlier today wherein he criticized the Pfizer and Moderna product efficacy for kids, but called the injections “quite safe”. I suggested that he debate you on a recorded Zoom call. Would you be interested in doing this? He seems like a knowledgeable physician who has taken a close and critical look at the same data you have, and has come to a different conclusion. I think it would be a fascinating conversation. Link to article below.


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Dear Steve Kirsch,

Consider the possibility :

You ( all of us ) are victim

to a “Big Vaccine Scam” :




See Jayna Dinnyes’ post, below :

“No. The vaccines are not safe for any mankind including babies.”

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No. The vaccines are not safe for any of mankind including babies! They were developed by manmean to kill us! How is debating with THEM going to STOP the evil that has been forced on Americans by BIG PHARMA in cahoots with THE MSM, GOVERNMENTS, and THE CHRISTIAN VATICAN IN ROME, ITALY! The only thing we can really do is "JUST SAY NO! TO THEM!" and WARN OTHERS against these Nazi poison jabs! I post publicly on MeWe. STAY WELL NATURALLY!


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