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Correctoon: In my original statement I may have underestimated the number if residents in the nursing home. When the facility was opened in2020, approximately 73 residents transferred from feeder homes that were owned by the parent company. The facility, however had a capacity of 114 rooms, which I've only just learnt. I'm attempting to establish the occupancy rate. The Rates described in my original post are therefore likely too high, although still alarming.?.............::::

I have first-hand experience in my mother's nursing home in Melbourne, Australia. They have an average resident occupation of around 75 in a facility with 80 rooms. Between September 2021 and August 2022, they lost at least 24 residents, my mother was number 23 (no deaths are listed for October, but there is reason to believe there were deaths). So they lost 1/3 of their residents in 12 months. Normally they would lose 4-5 per year .I'm sure that, like my mother, they would have been at least boosted once. They used to publish a newsletter that listed departures,, deaths, but that stopped in October 2021, when they reported 2 residents dying in September. I wonder why they stopped publishing? The only reason I k ow all these people died, was that in September 2022 they held memorial service for all that had died in the previous year. They presented a photo of each with date of death. In the week that my mother died August 2022, 4 others died. Thus total number of deaths is off the charts. No wonder my mother's room was still vacant 2 weeks after her death.

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I am so sorry for your mother. God bless you and yours.

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It’s terrible that there is no discussion on whether proper medications were used - IVR, HCQ, Vit D & C etc. How many “died from Covid” deaths were actually malpractice? And use of Remdesivir and ventilators?

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The worst accounts are from those families who brought their loved one to a "hospital" to be "cared for," but made it abundantly and brilliantly clear that their loved should NOT be ventilated and NOT receive Remdesivir. Then....after their loved ones are wheeled to their rooms, the families discover they can't visit - killer Covid, you know - and for the few minutes one relation or spouse can visit, they discover their loved on is being vented and on Remdesivir. But that only lasts 3 or 4 days, maybe a week, because by then, their loved one is dead.

"Don't know how it happened, we do everything by the CDC book."

Effing bastards. These "health professionals" knowingly killed their patients and MUST pay a price.

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I agree, lots of protest but nothing changes. It is time to take to the streets - peacefully.

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There are more aggressive, but legal tactics. (House hearings, recalls, impeachments, House reversal of funding. . .) But a strategy has to be devised first. Pharma needs to lose politically and financially big. Then public health agencies need an antiseptic lavage. Where to start. . .the Republican Party needs some purgatory. This will take time. To continue with the medical metaphor, the Rx is a healing crises.

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Attorneys should be running ads in Craigslist and elsewhere offering hefty potential payouts for nurses from hospitals and nursing home workers to turn whistleblowers! They aren't paid well, that would be a huge incentive and there are whistleblower protections in the law!

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Most attoeneys are afraid to do anything. Dr. Lee (LA) based Dr called around 100 just to have letters documented, drafyed and sent to the cdc, fda, etc.

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That's cowardliness. What are they waiting for, the emergency to be lifted? I posted a query on Craigslist last year for the vaccine injured to contact for claims, and got an email from a pharma person very likely asking which law firm I represented.

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There was a care home in the UK where 26 died directly after the vaccine roll out. They blamed it on covid.


It only says 24, because they blamed 24 of the deaths on covid, but it was 26 in total.

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My mother's Home didn't blame any deaths on Covid, at least publicly.

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I'm so sorry for your loss, Terry.

What you said about the high number of deaths in care homes here in Melbourne fits "I am my mother's voice", one of the most powerful videos I've seen, which was published almost two years ago: https://www.bitchute.com/video/JgTtV3ixqGrV/

As I've mentioned here before, when the jabs were mandated in September 2021. I walked into a pharmacy I chose at random near my house (tiny, not attached to a medical centre) and asked if they'd had any deaths. The pharmacist looked away and said, "No" but I didn't believe her. I told her I didn't buy it. She looked really uncomfortable, then pointedly said that most of their clients were elderly and "most came back for the second dose". I asked about younger people and she said a man in his late 20s came back to say he wasn't getting a second dose "because of swollen heart".

I think it's likely residents in care homes wouldn't have the choice of not coming back for the second dose, even if they had a bad reaction to the first, which would be reflected in the death rate.

Based on the conversation with the pharmacist, several months later I confirmed with the GP practice over the road the unusually high number of deaths in care homes.

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And the shameful thing is, they tried to keep it hidden. My mother's home stopped publishing the monthly newsletter where comings and goings were notified. And despite the several outbreaks of Covid in the home, no mention was ever made of a Death from Covid. It was always, "we have eliminated Covid and things are back to normal". I thought they were miracle workers, until I discovered the trutth.

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We can only pray for the survivors, and that all of the staff covering it up, took them too!

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Trying to hide it is a sure sign they know these drugs are dangerous and likely responsible for the excess deaths.

Your detailed report made me look up deaths in a town in North Yorkshire, England where my father-in-law has been a care home resident since April last year.

Despite hearing impairment, I could have a normal conversation with my FIL on the phone a couple of years ago. I told him I was worried about him having another booster but he said he was fine. He did sound OK. Mere months later, he couldn't handle the phone at all - he gets it confused with his razor. He no longer recognises my husband.

My husband had written on the form he didn't want his father to have any more shots (the last one would have been at least 8 months previously.) A team came round to give residents yet another booster and we got a cagey email saying they'd had an outbreak of Covid and my FIL had caught it. As it turned out, he'd tested positive but was having his breakfast! Then we got another email saying he'd "recovered from his Covid".

Since then, they haven't been replying to emails and I'm wondering if they had a spike in deaths. My husband is over there again now. He grew up in that town and knows a couple of the women who work in the home. I'll ask him to get information, exact numbers of deaths compared with previous years if possible.

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I am from UK, Sussex. It disgusted me what the care homes have done. I knew in April 2020 it was crazy to shut up the care homes so nobody would check on what they were doing in them.

I spoke to a man in the spa my wife and I atend. He said he had had a heart attck and didn't know what the problem was. I asked if he had been vaccinated. He said he had. He was pretty fit, some excess weight but not much.

He had 5 friends all vaxxed. 2 died recently, one was out running, others now have heart issues. They were in there early 50's and all reasonable fit I gather.


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I allowed my mother to be boosted once, only because I knew that they wouldn't use alternative prophylactics and the psychological pressure they would exert in my absence (im overseas). Technically, like your FIL, she recovered from Covid that is, testing negative, after a 5 day course of Molnupiravir, but her decline in health was precipitous.Sure, her underlying condition wasn't great, but the speed of the decline and the fact that she never recovered in the 4 weeks post infection, hints that her system had been compromised.

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I would say more than hints. Inject neuro-toxins into the body and reducing the immune system is inevitable.

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My Condolences to you and your family🙏🌹🙏.Rest asured - these murderers will soon answer to the ONE! "They'll Reap What They Sow More Than They Sow Later Than They Sow! Pastor Charles F Stanley #INTOUCH Ministries.

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***FLASH, Pls. Bump And Share***** "EXCLUSIVE"****

'One Of The Best Youtube Video On the Whole Covid and Vax Agenda!'

"It is not a Vaccine it is a 'Prototype Counter Measure' under the Dept Of Defense, never properly Vetted!"

Make sure you are sitting down when you View it, many will be held Accountable! Going back to 2013.


BOMBSHELL docs reveal Covid-19 COVER-UP goes straight to the top | Redacted with Clayton Morris

267,372 views Jan 7, 2023 #redacted #claytonmorris #natalimorris

A BOMBSHELL new report claims shows that the Department of Defense - meaning the Pentagon - controlled the COVID-19 Program from the very beginning. If true, it means that everything we were told was political theater, right down to the FDA vaccine approval process. Our guest today is the former executive of a pharmaceutical contract research organization Sasha Latypova and she shows what she has found due to her searches based on instinct that the Covid vaccine was not exactly on the up and up.


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Smoking gun!! Wow! Thank you for posting.

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🙏. This is Very important. Thank you for posting this link

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I'm surprised that's still up on YT today.

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when they dont censor it, it plays to their benefit.

probably this is a FBI exercise:

they want to swipe sceptics into rabbitholes of madness conspiracy thinking. There, they can easily be dismissed.

this is not unlike flooding trumps lawyers(sydney powell notably) after the stolen election with “”testimonies” something odd happened in germany, serbian hacker teams, china was flooding the system with odd messages, usa army servers were disturbing the ballot machines!

remember the juntas disinformation is massive.

eg twitter they have MILLIONS of bots, obama had 90% of fake facebook friends made by them

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There's a total of 4 postings on this article so it's not a *********FLASH******* EXCLUSIVE *******

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You’re quite right Wbgood..

It’s NOT flash, its terrible!!!!!

An exclusive revelation that will rock the perpetrators to their inauspicious core.

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Here in CT, I'm familiar with local nursing homes. The quality of life at these places is generally poor, especially for the Medicaid patients. I have a sister around 70 who is a dialysis patient also with limited mobility, has been in the homes for the last nearly 4 years. Where she is now has been totally paranoid about the protocols, the state and the CDC pushes them hard. Early treatments and alternatives just are not used much. So they more or less locked many of them down for visitors. Nursing home patients are survivors. For every one that lives most have succombed.

Mediplex in Westport nearby was shut down recently; too many complaints. And when covid came in in 2020 the 60 or so residents were very vulnerable with the poor protocols, so around 40 died. The deaths in 2020 due to covid at nursing homes were a huge problem. The clot shots as bad as they are were only one part of the damage of which nursing homes are notable for poor food, lack of positive inputs and enlightened circumstances are many. When they prevented visitors for over a year they were killing many of them through discouragement. Also the shots, the drugs and other negatives lead to greater enervation and weakness. Many of those I see are half dead, not very sentient. So assessing the effects of the clot shots would be hard as it is just another contributing factor to disablement and death.

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My 86 yo friend broke his hip and jaw and was moved to "the best" nursing home in the next larger town over. On arrival, isolated for 2 wks. I finally got to visit, in the lobby, a small side table with a large plexiglass sheet between us, both masked up in n95s. He was almost deaf, so he couldn't hear a thing I said. A few days later, he was taken to the ER, and upon return, isolated AGAIN for 2 wks. This happened a 3rd time before the little old man just died from pure loneliness. I'm still mad and heartbroken over that!

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Yes, I said early on in the Covid scam in 2020 that elderly residents probably died of a broken heart, abandoned to die alone. The love of many grew icy cold.

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Covid policy broke millions of hearts, it was so cruel and so stupid. The minute they said patients and nursing home residents could not see their family members, I thought, bingo, what's going to go on there behind closed doors in many institutions is going to be a horror of horrors, and the anecdotes and investigative reports into that are going to be coming out for years. (And that wasn't even taking into account the corrupt idiocy of obliging hospitals to refuse Ivemectin to covid patients and instead dose them with the experimental kidney-failure-inducing remdesivir.)

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This video of a talk in 2021 by JM BALDOZ, founder of covidvaccinevictims.com

and https://t.me/s/covidvaccinevictims

can be found at the bottom of this page:




JM BALDOZ: Last year [2020], just to kind of give you guys some background of how I came into doing what I do— I never considered myself an activist, in fact the first time I'd ever been to a protest in person was last year.

My mother during lockdown was trapped in a nursing home in Connecticut for seven months. We were not able to see her. It was a very dramatic seven months for us and for my mother who had been in this facility for physical therapy, she was not ill, she was only 70 years old. We were told at that time that it was for her safety, and that we were not able to see her because of her safety and the safety of others who were in the facility. We were not able to reach her by phone when we requested, we were not allowed window visits, like they promised all of us. And then in September of last year we received a phone call stating that they had put my other on hospice because she refused to eat and drink. Because they had put her on hospice, we were then allowed to go in and see her, and what we realized was that they had actually been drugging her, sedating her and starving her for seven months. While we were visiting her, one of the first things that she said to me was that she felt like someone was trying to kill her, she was hungry and she wanted water, all of which I videotaped, thankfully, before she passed.

If all of this that we're going through right now was about safety, and if our governments really cared about each and every one of us, then they would address this situation that we have been seeing across the nation, not just here in New York and in Connecticut, with our elderly population.


We are one of the few countries in the world that locks our elderly away, and why is the government, why are these homes allowed to keep us from seeing our family, and from feeding our family and giving them lifesaving treatment?

My mother did not have covid, she was never diagnosed with covid. It took my family protesting outside of the nursing facility and calling 911 and refusing to leave her bedside to get her out and to the hospital. But unfortunately 10 days after getting her to Yale, where she was, she passed away due to the injuries of her lack of medication, she had epilepsy, so she went into a seizure and because she was starved for so many months, she had no chance of survival.

Leading up to this, I knew that something was wrong. The fact that we couldn't see our own mother, the person who birthed me, I wasn't allowed to see her, and I wasn't allowed to give her nourishment, and that was alarming.

I was doing a lot of research over the last year and a half in regards to these so-called vaccines that were due to be coming out. And what I was seeing based on the studies that were out there, which were very few because this is a technology, this is not a vaccine that we've seen in the past, this is a technology that has never been used on humans before. This has never been done with humans. So it was really alarming to think that they were going to ask, coerce, bribe, and bully us into taking something that had zero long-term safety studies.


In January, when the vaccine had come out, you know, I guess, I don't know the exact date in December, but in January I was doing some looking online and I came across some stories of people who had taken the vaccine and who had suffered injuries. They were injuries they'd never seen before from any type of vaccine or any other medication. I started compiling all the stories that I was seeing on a channel, on an app called Telegram— if some of you aren't aware of it, it is a censor-free app, very much like Whatsapp except you can create larger communities and there's no censorship, it's not owned by FaceBook who is censoring all of us. So I started compiling all of these stories there in January. If you go on my channel you can see how far back the stories started.

And it was really just a place for me to hold these stories for myself and then to share with other people and to keep track of what was going on because the more I started to look, the more stories I started to see.

And as time went on, in a very short amount of time my following grew. At the moment between my channel and my chat groups I have about 200,000 followers. And the reason why I have so many followers is because there are so many people being injured and killed by these vaccines.

In my opinion, based on what I am seeing, they are not safe. I've had people ask me, is there a difference between one or the other, is one more safe than the other? Is Johnson & Johnson more safe because it's a single shot? Is Pfizer more safe? And my answer is no. I have been seeing the same injuries and the same cause of death across the board for all of them.


I have had the honor of speaking to many families, very personally, we've shared a lot of tears together over the last however many months, nine months now. Families who have lost loved ones to these vaccines, they feel that they have nowhere to go. They feel that no one believes their stories. They're being told by the hospitals that their deaths are not related to the vaccines.

But let me just say something to you. The amount of stories I'm seeing of men, women, all ages, including now young kids,

teenagers— because parents, mind you, now, I've heard these horrible stories that parents are lying about their children's ages now to get them vaccinated, and that's horrific because these young children are now developing things like myocarditis and or having heart attacks while their playing or while they're doing sports at school.

The trends that I'm seeing are undeniable. I don't care how many studies someone wants to show me on either side, I think that the stories coming from the people that this is happening to are the ones we need to listen to. We need to believe the people, the victims, the victims' families. Those are real stories. You can't make this stuff up.

Countless, countless people are dying and being grossly injured. When you start seeing children falling to the ground of heart attacks, young men dying-- I have a friend, who, she's now a friend, her name is Pam, we met in March, her 32 year-old stepson dropped dead 12 hours after receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. She came onto my channel the day he passed away and shared her story. In her grief I think she was just looking for an outlet because when you're going through something like that and it's such a sensitive topic, you can't really talk to the doctors openly about it because they're in denial, so she came to me and we've become very close, as I have with many other families who are going through the same thing. But what she was saying about Ben's story, is, you know, he was all about, you know, doing do the right thing. This is what we're told, we have to do the right thing. We have to protect our community, we have to protect our family, the children, our grandparents. We have to do it to save our jobs. And that is the narrative that everyone's been going with.

But what happens when we take these vaccines, who's going to take care of us when we have injuries when we can no longer walk or feed ourselves? Because that is a reality for many people who have taken this. And if I had to take a guess, hundreds of thousands if not millions of people have been grossly injured and killed by these vaccines. It's astounding the number, alarming. And if people were to see the things that I'm seeing from my channel, all the stories being shared to me through my channel, through my website, covidvaccinevictims.com, I think they would have another perspective. I think that we would not be in the situation we are in right now if people really looked at the genuine data, which is the stories in the voices of the people that this is actually happening to.


A lot of the people that I talk to who have been injured who have not died as a result yet, are saying that they're going to the hospitals and they're being told that they're crazy, that they're imagining these things and maybe they should go see a psychiatrist.

Imagine for a second that you're living your life one day, and then the next you can't even walk, you can no longer drive your car, your life is just flipped completely upside down. And then you go to the hospital and the same people who are supposed to be treating you and caring for you are the people who are telling you you're imagining it.

It's really hard to hear these stories every single day. I'm not going to lie. It's overwhelming. And that's why I'm here today to speak to you about the dangers, the dangers that I'm seeing because just 80 years ago, we all know what happened while the world stood by and watched. And I can't stand by and watch. I'm not one of those people. I don't have it in my heart. I see people needing a voice, and I'm going to continue being that voice, sharing their stories. And I think all of you who are here today in person, and online, need to really take whatever information you're getting today, think about it,

and take it out of this room, take it offline into your communities and have real conversations with people that you come into contact with. Real conversations.



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Ghastly, just ghastly-- and I have no doubt that this is a common story. It's important to share these stories. Too many people still have no idea.

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Agree. All those factors played into my mother's and the other 23 deaths that I know of. They tried really hard to keep Covid out, followed all the rules, but they never told us who, or why people were dying. If my mother had not have died I would have no idea of the extent of the carnage

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They followed the rules just like in Hitler's Germany. In fact just like Germany generally for a long, long time. They forgot the cardinal rule, the universal law of Love your neighbour as yourself. Even I was not that stupid.

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There were a several waves of nursing home deaths right after the vaccines, sometimes from the vaccines or from getting infected because of the vaccines' temporary lowering of immunity.


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Sorry for your loss. My husband is a taxi driver and they had a contract with a care home to pick up carers (expense of taxpayer) in 2020 and 2021. When they rolled out vaccines and boosters it killed many of the elderly. One day he turned up and so many ambulances, they were giving them flu and covid together, they were having seizures. Another time same 2 vaccines and they some were taken to hospital seriously ill and they lost quite a few. Very sad giving the most weakest a cocktail of toxic vaccines.

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EMERGENCY RESPONDER: "in my career I have never seen anything like this"

[NOTE: unfortunately, when he introduced himself his name was inaudible]

Kissimmee, FL Press Conference: Your Story Counts — The Untold Atrocities of COVID-19,

October 13, 2022



Hello everyone. My reason for being here is just to basically, my story, what I experienced. I've been in the EMS [emergency medical service] field for nearly three decades. Started out in the early 90s. And throughout my experience I have probably assessed conservatively between 20,000 to 30,000 thousand patients treated, assessed, transported or [inaudible]. The only reason I say that is to kind of bring some perspective to it.

When the vaccines first started coming out, I was actually optimistic, I thought maybe this was going to be something that would help. We started running some calls, very strange calls, on young healthy individuals, 20s, 30s, 40 year old people, seizures, there was one dimension stroke symptoms, that type of thing. At first I chalked it up to maybe this is just a coincidence.

But they kept coming.

Again, people having stroke symptoms, cardiac complaints, with changes that we would see on their EKGs. Seizures. One particular lady I remember was a very young healthy couple and then one night she all of a sudden had a 5 minute-long seizure which that in itself is very long for a seizure. And as we were packaging her for transport, her husband looked at me and said, The only thing I can think is we just got vaccinated within a week. And he said, Did I just f-up our lives?

And all these patients that we were seeing having these calls the only thing they had in really common they had recently received a vaccination. From days to weeks to just a few months prior. And in my career I have never seen anything like this to where it actually scared me.

And we just kept running these calls. And it didn't make sense to me. And no one at that time would listen. There was no way for us to document that, you know, if we tried to bring it up we were kind of hushed. Kept quiet. So that was something that really affected me.

One of the other things that really hit me hard was when we would go into to calls on nursing homes right when the pandemic started. And they weren't allowing families in there. These, unfortunately, these older folks in our community were being treated horribly. They weren't allowed to see people. They would latch onto us because we were the first strangers, or people that they had seen beside staff in months. In one case I'll never forget we had to transport a lady that was stable, and the staff was just adamant, yelling that she can't come back here, she can't come back here! Because she might have covid. And the lady started crying. It was just awful the stuff that happened.

I don't want to get off too much else here but I'll say one more thing that it affected those with Alzheimers and dementia as well because they require seeing people's faces to interact. And we had to wear masks the whole time. We would see them cry because they couldn't see our faces. And these things, like I said, just have a lasting impact. And I don't think people will ever get over that. You know, we had older folks tell us they would take a chance on dying just so they could see their families.

I know I have limited time up here but I don't want to really go into too much more than that. But thank you for being here. And listening. And just keep up the faith because we're doing the right thing.




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Can I just say thank so much (UK).

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Comment deleted
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I heard more than one nursing home resident say - I'll take the chance of dying from covid because without seeing my loved ones, I'm not really living anyhow.

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You've hit the nail on its head those Evil-Doers are children of a lesser god-SATAN!🔥

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I agree, and whole-heartedly.

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Got precise numbers?

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Hi Steve no as my husband was one of the taxi drivers picking up the carers. The care home was the old deanery bocking, Essex uK.

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TerryA, So sorry for the loss of your mother!! Did you obtain a death certificate? These facilities are required to report deaths to the Department of Health in US - not sure how it works in Australia

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I’m sorry for your loss and thank you for Posting on here.

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Dear TerryA, my condolences about your mom. I can't even imagine.

Maybe you and others here have already seen this one-- I posted it in the comments yesterday, but of course there are avalanches in here ever day. It's a testimony from an Australian geriatric nurse, at the time of the rollout.


TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: This video depicts a teenaged girl whose mouth is covered with what looks like a large bandage, sitting at a table and holding up pieces of paper, one in turn, each part of a message from her mother, who is a registered geriatric nurse in Australia. It appears to have been posted on August 28, 2021.


My mum has been a registered nurse since 1994

She has had extensive experience working in many different areas, ICU, maternity, oncology, district nursing, paediatrics, coronary care, theatre and taught nursing at university

She now works in Aged Care in Melbourne and loves her job.

Since this pandemic started, the facility she works at have had no one become sick or die from 'Covid 19.'

Nearly all 120 residents have been vaccinated with the Pfizer "Comirnaty" coronavirus vaccine.

10-15% of her residents have had severe adverse reactions or have died from the vaccine. CVAs "CerebroVascular Accidents" "Strokes"

Extensive deep vein thrombosis

Purpuric whole body rashes

Shingles breakouts

Sudden unexpected death

Obvious overall health decline - > death

None of these reactions were reported by their doctors or by the facility manager

My mum reported all of these to the TGA in her own time, requesting anonymity due to fear of retribution

My mum cannot speak out because the nurses governing body "AHPRA"

Has gagged all health care workers from speaking against government recommendations

AHPRA is threatening loss of registration to work in their profession if caught


These vaccines are dangerous

These vaccines are injuring people

These vaccines are killing people

And now our children are being subjected to these experimental vaccines

(Yes... this worldwide vaccine rollout is a trial, due to finish in 2023-2025)

Our children, that have next to ZERO chance of dying of Covid 19

These vaccines DO NOT stop infection

These vaccines DO NOT stop virus transmission

To expect herd immunity from these two facts is INSANE

Side effects and deaths from these coronavirus vaccines are not being taken seriously

are not being appropriately reported

and are being dismissed as coincidental

Thousands of doctors, researchers, epidemiologists, nurses, are being CENSORED WORLDWIDE



Do not trust your government

They are hiding the truth from you

Do not trust mainstream media

They are hiding the truth from you

This pandemic is not about health and safety

This is political...

These lockdowns need to stop...

Worldwide pandemic preparedness plans have never included lockdowns

Lockdowns are destroying lives

Suicide rates have dramatically increased

Drug and alcohol use significantly increased

There have been delays in preventative health screening and treatment

Domestic violence and family breakdowns have increased

The psychological impact on society is HUGE

Not to mention the huge financial impacts on individuals and families...


I beg of you

Get off Facebook and YouTube

Stop watching mainstream TV

Go to "telegram" "bitchute" or "signal"

Listen to the silenced

Listen for the truth

Trust your intuition

Health does not come from the end of a needle

Boost your immune systems

Eat a variety of organic fresh foods -- avoid sugar and processed fake food

Get fresh air, sunshine, and exercise every day

And FFS, take off those stupid bloody masks!!


that proves community mask wearing does anything to stop you from catching a virus


If you value yours, your families and your childrens lives

Do. Not. Touch. This. Vaccine.


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Thanks for posting. It’s incredibly sad and impactful. I just shared it on Twitter. Out of curiosity, do you know the date of this video?

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It appeared on rumble August 28, 2021 so it would be from then or earlier-- about when the vaccines were in full roll out.

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God bless you for your courage, we should all stand together fighting for the same cause, for the future of our children our elderly and the freedom to say NO thank you. ❤️

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Thanks but I am just the transcriber of such videos.

(I was most impressed with her courage and also her creativity in using the placards.)

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incredible. TQ for posting!

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Thank you Transcriber B for that bichute !! So true 👍🏼🤗

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It was one of the first I transcribed. I did not want that to be lost.

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How many of them had Covid??

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Sorry about your mom TerryA

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Jan 8, 2023·edited Jan 8, 2023Author

Have you talked to the police about criminal charges against the facility? I suspect they aren’t liable since all patients consented to the jab. But this is the best story I’ve ever heard in terms of numbers. Now I need to verify it. Does anyone else have a story like this? These stories are very hard to find because all the nursing homes refuse to talk to me for some reason. Haven’t figured out why.

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You might like to challenge RMIT University FactLab to factcheck. It is in Melbourne.


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I honestly have learned so much from the comments section on Substack. Great work everyone! Sharing our stories and knowledge with others is what it’s all about! Proud to be a part of this amazing community! GOD SPEED EVERYONE!

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Can you IPRA CMS or the nursing home association for these numbers? NFs are required to report deaths to state officials. Perhaps DOH is another place you can IPRA for records. NFs are also subject to Attorney General investigations for abuse, neglect and exploitation. I doubt they would freely give this information out. Must be obtained through an IPRA, imo

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PEMF technology has been used since the 50’s to help people with depression and blood flow. It charges the red blood cells so they repel each other and can travel down the capillaries to deliver nutrients to our bodies extremities. This mRNA technology is causing blood to clump together and ruining the body from the inside out.

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The jabs serum acts like a hemotoxin. Is graphene a hemotoxin? Or are there 1 OR MORE protein RNA sequences hidden inside the Mrna instruction for hemotoxic proteins similar to certain venom proteins in animals? Is it possible to hide a sequence like this in the Mrna sequence of the 'spike'?

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They consented to the jab? Let’s be clear: it’s Informed Consent that legally creates the condition for consent to a treatment.

As far as i can tell, there was no Informed Anything. From the start the bioweapon was a prototype; and any knowledge of the vial contents was deeply hidden behind layers of bureaucracy.

A dental patient showing up and opening wide does not create informed consent. Any DDS or other surgeon who thinks so is quite legally exposed.

Nobody gave informed consent and most subjects didn’t even know what questions to ask. But that is the obligation of the Dr: to present info at the level of the patient’s ability to understand in order to make a decision in their own best interest.

Sorry its a complex world in which, if we all want the best for everyone, we have protocols to ensure it, enshrined in law. From the moral code on which we agree: the intrinsic Value of the Individual is part of that.

Unless you would rather be jabbed, cut, stitched, drugged and infected without recourse. Thats medical anarchy. And here we are.

Rant over. 🇨🇦🙏🏽🌎🚚🚜

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Also, it can't be true "consent," when a refusal to be jabbed means you can't live there anymore or you have to be isolated from everyone forevermore. This is the biggest "stick."

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Jan 8, 2023·edited Jan 8, 2023

YES! you need to sue the effing assisted living homes that COERCED THE PPL UNABLE TO SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES! Nowhere in our history have we stooped SO LOW TO NOT ALLOW THE ELDERLY TO TOUCH AND SEE THEIR LOVED ONES IN THE FLESH! It is absolutely satanic and NO ONE CAN REFUTE THAT CLAIM unless they are satanic themselves. If you were complicit in this...YOU BEST REPENT OR BURN IN HELL...absolutely no excuse for you will work!

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'covin Satanic' is an anagram of 'vaccinations' so we should have been warned.

'icons Vatican' is anagram too so we know who is responsible (apart form Satan).


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They may have consented but how could it in this case--or any others--be INFORMED consent, since they weren’t given an accurate representation of potential risks? I am a physician and we have a legal and moral responsibility to know what those risks are, not just parrot what Pharma tells us.

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so where are the package inserts?

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blank sheets "intentionally left blank" talk about a monkey thumb flipping you off

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... I think of all the paper supply lost for origami...

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tru dat

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Package insert, you ask?

Video clip: https://twitter.com/i/status/1600747817697280000

Clip shows Dr. Renata Moon, MD, testifying in the roundtable discussion, COVID-19 Vaccines: What they Are, How They Work, and Possible Causes of Injuries hosted by US Senator Ron Johnson.

Washington DC, December 7, 2022


DR. RENATA MOON, MD: So a few months ago I looked at the package insert. I pulled it from the box of mRNA product. And you know it was sealed just like showing you here, I unsealed the box that the entire thing came in and then I pulled this out. And this is what it looks like. So I'd like to show this to you. [opens the large piece of paper, about the size of an opened newspaper, in so doing, bumps the microphone] Sorry about that. [holding up the large sheet of paper with both hands] It's um, it's blank.

DR. DAVID GORTLER: Boom. There is is.

DR. RENATA MOON, MD: It says intentionally blank on it.

DR. DAVID GORTLER: That's the data that pharmacists and physicians are basing on giving the injections outside of mainstream media recommendations. There it is right there. Here's a good question. Why didn't they just print that on a piece of paper the size of a postage stamp? Why all the theater of folding it up into a great big piece of paper like that? Why?

DR. RENATA MOON, MD: [inaudible] good question.

SENATOR RON JOHNSON: That's what's passing for informed consent.

DR. RENATA MOON, MD: Right. So how I am to give informed consent to parents when I have, this is what I have. I have a government that's telling me that I have to say safe and effective, and if I don't my license is at threat. How am I to give informed consent to patients? We're seeing an uptick in myocarditis, we're seeing an uptick in adverse reactions. We have trusted these regulatory agencies, I have, for my entire career up until now. Something is extremely wrong.


# # #


Dr. Renata Moon, MD "Dr. Renata Moon is board certified by the American Board of Pediatrics in both General Pediatrics and Pediatric Hospital Medicine. Dr. Moon has over twenty years of experience as a pediatrician and currently belongs to a Spokane clinic at Kaiser Permanente Washington where she enjoys taking care of children in both inpatient and outpatient settings. She has an extensive past history of involvement with medical education and enjoys working with residents and medical students. Dr. Moon is currently a faculty member for the APM course at the WSU College of Medicine." SOURCE: https://medicine.wsu.edu/overview/faculty-and-staff/renata-moon-m-d/

More information about Senator Ron Johnson's roundtable discussion at:


See also:

Highlights from the Ron Johnson COVID Vax Meeting

by Steve Kirsch

December 9, 2022


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TQ for posting!! I followed the complete roundtable and she was like this magician, trying to fully open this enormous sheet of neatly folded, blank paper, aye, great optics!

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Jan 8, 2023·edited Jan 8, 2023Liked by Steve Kirsch

True, but you are then a rare physician. That you are even on this site alone proved it.

The PREP Act indemnified shot givers. Everyone involved is protected to some degree except the patient. YOYO

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PREP Act? How about a PERP ACT to round up the bought politicians that are signing off on all this criminal BS?

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I like it!

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Comment deleted
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This explains why no one from the FDA or CDC, etc. is willing to engage in a debate or discussion about the safety and efficacy of the shots; they weren't involved except as a prop to make the public believe the "vaccines" had gone through the regulatory process. If true, Covid and the countermeasure (Covid shots) to the "SarsCoV-2" attack were a military/government operation, but we know from previous journalist investigations that the U.S. government was involved in the creation of whatever SarsCov-2 is. The only remedy to this now is to get Congress involved to investigate. It cannot even be labeled as a crime, because it is all allowed by law, although I believed the laws can be determined to be unconstitutional/a violation human rights.

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"SarsCoV-2" attack like the V 2 rockets of the Nazis. They are fired and you get no warning of impact until too late.

It is a crime against the human race, period.

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Wow. I only had time to see a few minutes, but saved the link for later. Explosive!

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Do you have a photo of the pictures and dates????

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Documentation the vaccines are the largest source of the excess Heart Attack deaths- www.myflcv.com/HW300.html

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Documentation the Vaccines are the main cause of the increased Heart Attacks- www.myyflcv.com/HW300.html & www.myflcv.com/SHADS.html

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I have ALWAYS maintained the Jewish/German monarchy are satanic child killers and pedos. NO SURPRISE THERE.

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Why has the world recently adopted new words into every day language? Words and expressions like 'MYOCARDITIS', 'Gain of Function' or 'SADS' ('Sudden Early death Syndrome') and 'Died suddenly' are now everyday expressions in the lives of those trying to understand what has happened to the planet since March 2020.

The word 'VACCINE' has had it's dictionary meaning modified TWICE in just 10 years. It was a 'cure' but has been downgraded to a (supposed) 'protection' that simply doesn't work but can seriously injure it's recipients.

Those that choose to accept the current narrative or pretend nothing has happened except for the pretend Scamdemic and the wonderful miracle mRNA CURE (= DEADLY Covid Vax) that was invented at the dubious "speed of Science", are now suffering the consequences of their gullibility, their unquestioning trust in Government and the Pharmaceutical Industry.

'LIABILITY' must be the first part of our return to sanity and freedom. With LIABILITY comes accountability and compensation which would quickly cause the worse offenders rendered unviable through Financial litigation (justifiable compensation claims) and the likes of Pfizer will be BANKRUPT!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer.

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Many thanks Steve. Your post promoted me to look at the BHF closely (I am from UK). I was appalled at their advice on Covid 19 and vaccines. Full of lies and misinformation.

The three people who gave reasons for being vaccinated gave pure propaganda messages spouting the usual nonsense.

I did a post if you or anyone else is interested.


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The BHF is a registered charity and probably lives in fear of being de-registered if it upsets the British Government. Any suggestion that the clot-shots are killing people by damaging their hearts would undoubtedly upset the government.

Yet another example of an organisation being more concerned with preserving itself than worrying about those it's supposed to protect and support.

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Hello from UK

If you should be interested I managed to compile this today. The BHF is appalling. Those who put the propaganda on the site should be put on criminal charges for serious misinformation at least.


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It really pisses me off when they dismiss any studies and reports that questions the safety of the vaccine, while they happily started promoting and forcing the Frankenshot onto people without a single safety study. That's not solely naivety but criminal complicity.

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Looks like Frank Han (cardiologist) thinks the vaccines don’t cause heart issues or sudden cardiac death. Sounds like he’d be a great candidate to discuss with Dr. McCullough (who he bashes along with Dr. Malone) and Dr. Cole. Maybe send him an offer and see if you get a response 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Looks like Frank Han may be Frank-han-stein!

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Great work Steve. Keep hammering everyone. It's all evidence for future trials. They can't claim they didn't know as many Germans claimed with the concentration camps. It's all great evidence clearly proofing their neglect.

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Who you gonna believe? Your eyes or the experts?

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As they say, the 'eyes' have it!

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John Campbell did a video on heart disease in Swindon with data (shocking) provided through a FOIA request. 12 hours after posting his video, the person who fulfilled the FOIA request resent John "corrected" data.

One viewer's response: "Here is the data." GOOD GOD! You didn't give them the actual data?! "Sorry. We'll fix the numbers."


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Jan 9, 2023Liked by Steve Kirsch

Thank you for your tireless and bold efforts to get to the bottom of all this. People like you have been heroes in the Covid madness. And I have lots of respect for you all.....

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Jan 9, 2023·edited Jan 9, 2023

In 2021, Dr Mark Hobart (GP of 40 yrs) tried to warn government of the danger of injecting elderly people after they had already had covid and recovered. For his trouble, he was vilified in the Australian media and suspended by our fake regulatory body the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), who Dr William Bay recently discovered is not a Commonwealth Government agency, but an independent agency (set up in 2008 likely by the globalist criminals to ultimately get around our constitution and control our medical professionals). The AHPRA board consists of not even ONE medical doctor (Julian Gillespie - lawyer/former barrister out of retirement for covid scam).

Dr Mark Hobart: https://mobile.twitter.com/realmarkhobart

Dr William Bay on AHPRA [video timestamp 35:20 min onward]: https://www.bitchute.com/video/lDwZTbLTmDAF/

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Jan 9, 2023·edited Jan 9, 2023

In 2021, Dr Mark Hobart (GP of 40 yrs) tried to warn government of the danger of injecting elderly people after they had already had covid and recovered. For his trouble, he was vilified in the Australian media, suspended from practice after being bullied by our fake regulatory body the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), who Dr William Bay recently discovered is not a Commonwealth Government agency, but an independent agency (set up in 2008 likely by the globalist criminals to ultimately get around our constitution and control our medical professionals). The AHPRA board consists of not even ONE medical doctor (Julian Gillespie - lawyer/former barrister out of retirement for covid scam).

Dr Mark Hobart: https://mobile.twitter.com/realmarkhobart

Dr William Bay on AHPRA [video timestamp 35:00 min onward]: https://www.bitchute.com/video/lDwZTbLTmDAF/

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the avg knuckledragger , to which I identify, would normally be indifferent (blasé) reading about a sigma=3.3 that “becomes” 7.5.

this is however not what is conveyed here:

the sigma=3.3 means that 67% of the time the nr of deaths in the practice would be within the range 11 +/- 3.3. so very likely you would have 9 or 14, and occassionally even 6 or 15,16. sigma being the standard deviation and for convenience a normal gaussian distribution been supposed (poissons and related discrete distributions approach normal gaussian under controlled conditions)

the 7.5 means 7.5 TIMES the sigma , which remains 3. it would be a one in 100 billion event.

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