I believe some serious jail time would be appropriate for many of these health officials and leading experts. They knew full well what they were doing was wrong, but chose to stand back saying nothing while friends and respected colleagues endured vilification, loss of employment, and loss of professional status for the audacity to challenge these arrogant, self absorbed and corrupt authority figures. Three years into the pandemic, there is still no outpatient treatment protocol an Health Canada still has remdecivir listed as an approved treatment medication. These people have learned nothing.

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Wow, sounds like the bureaucrats of the government-run medicine in Alberta are panicking. Perhaps they're trying to head off the tsunami of lawsuits that could be headed their way?

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Wow, I guess the government-run medicine bureaucrats are panicking and trying to avoid as many lawsuits as possible. Maybe they can't sue the "cookie" maker, but perhaps they can sue the pants off the government of Alberta.

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We must be careful that we don't get penalties applied on our Social Credit scores like PayPal tried to introduce recently? They wanted to FINE all that contradict the 'narrative' viewpoint $2500.00. They realised they'd 'jumped the gun' and postponed the fine until Schwab & Gates gives them the go-ahead! 'F^*k PayPal'. Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to remain fit and healthy.

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MCM, like #ChristopherBollyn (see Bollyn.com), is a #CREATORS (Conspiracy Realist Educator Activist Truther Organizer Reader Socializer) whose integrity & courage #speakingTruthToPower proves he’s in the pantheon of professional InvestigativeReporter-Journalists.

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I think you're correct. (Thankfully so!) Jobs reinstated, many lawsuits forming, not as many maskers, mandates being lifted, some compensation being awarded.... You know, the way the law works, from what I've noticed, is that one lawsuit sets the standard, and the followers point to it, then, as setting precedent. And the campfire becomes a raging inferno. I'm looking forward to it. It's starting already. PLEASE, REMEMBER this tragedy, and DO NOT LET something similar occur in the future. Because it is slated to come.


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Thank you!

In Solidarity,


#CREATORS (Conspiracy Realist Educator Activist Truther Organizer Reader Socializer)

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"Not only were the hospital records erased for multiple patients (which was bad enough), but when the doctor went to complain about it to the public health authority, Alberta Health Services, they turned around and are now disciplining the doctor!"

That's Soviet Union level shit

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Keep up the good work, Steve. You are my hero.

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As far as I know more than 200 pilots have died in flights in the past year 24-48 hours after being vaccinated!

Here in Ontario at least 5 doctors between 30-55 died after being vaccinated!

I have heard of two hospitals in the US this last three months who paid out to doctors and nurses that refused to be vaccinated! Their jobs were returned to them, they got back pay plus $20,000 per person! The hospitals refused to go to trial.

I am part of a group suing our public health services the CBC tv, the Prime Minister, and the Premier! The case was filed July 6, 2020 at Superior Court here in Toronto!


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I am in Ontario Toronto, my wife was three months July- September in a large hospital with cancer dying 2020!

It took me 10 days to get permission to visit her as the hospital wanted a letter from a doctor saying she was dying before they would slow me in due to the COVID lock down! Every day as I visited her I counted the empty beds about 50 % empty beds! Eventually they harassed me wanting me to take her home to die they needed the empty bed incase COVID got worse! So eventually I became embolden with so many empty beds and we were in ICU! They said they could do three more operations she had three already but they said she was too week to go ahead with the rest of the operations! So I desided to ask how many COVID cases were in the hospital and the nurse told me only one today! Then I asked how many is the highest number you have had at one time they said two!

When I went home I watched the daily COVID cases reported as it was the reason they discharged us we got up to 1,200 I believe and the province said we were being overwhelmed! Actually for most of a year it was around 400. I desided to see how many hospitals we had, 380 then I checked to see how many ICU beds we had 2,400! At the two year mark they stopped giving us the COVID cases and the ICU beds in use!

I met a man in my local grocery store and he looked close to death, I said please whatever you do don’t take the vaccines or you will be dead in twenty four hours! He said he has three specialist and is waiting for surgery but they won’t operate unless he takes the vaccines! He said two of his specialist signed letters he was candadate for the vaccines but the third doctor refused to give him the exemption letter, then he went on to say the first two doctors lost their licenses to practice medacine!

This past week doctors in California got letters they were no longer allowed to prescribe medication without pre approval by the State!

This isn’t a free country any more!

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Oct 23, 2022·edited Oct 23, 2022

Suggestion for the back of the t-shirt, "Hear someone saying something? Report it to the gesta... that is, hospital admin." And shouldn't the shirts be brown?

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Oct 23, 2022·edited Oct 23, 2022

They have to delete fast before the new elected Premier (akin to US state governor) takes full charge who promised a 180deg COVID change. Kinda like what the Nazis did before the US Army took over the concentration camps.

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We can plainly see there is nothing hidden that shall not be uncovered these cockroaches will hide under the cupboard to all of us hear who continue fight them bastards will fall when HE turns on the light.

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The following information is only my understanding of what is going on.

I am not a scientist or technologist.

If you see errors then send me corrections.

I read and try to understand and tell others.


TITLE: Injected AI-parasites, 4+5G EMF Weapon - Affecting Blood Cells, Graphene Oxide Electrical-Radiation Weapon, and BlueTooth Smart Auto-Assembling Nano-Technology.

First, Keep in mind that above all specifics regarding any aspect of the health and medical deceptions, strategies, and technologies, we are currently living through the COVID TECHNO-NANO-BIO WAR era where humanity is designated to be killed by 90%. Actual WAR, DEATH, AND SLAVERY IS UPON US. RESIST EVERY WAY YOU CAN.

Second, there are NO Covid-19 viruses because it was never isolated and tested for proof of its existence. Instead it is an intelligent nano- / bio-weapon that’s also a living parasite!”, and it even has a patent. According to researcher, Karen Kingston, "people were not initially getting sick from Covid, but rather from the spike protein which can be easily distributed, and which also was delivered in vaccines. Citing peer review journals, Kingston said “They look like cholesterol, and … per the patents, these can be delivered in an aerosol attack, they can be delivered through water, they can be delivered in food, and so what people were infected with, was an artificial intelligent parasite.” She says they are built, and patented, to spawn.

Another (or additional) possibility regarding the initial mass deaths in Wuhan, Rome and NYC were possibly, or maybe probably, 5G EMF cell tower attacks at 60 GHZ to kick-off the initial mass death creating the needed fear and panic start-up. Militarized EMF MHZ functions by the deformation of red blood cells so that affected people near 5G installations have reduced ability to oxygen-enrich their erythrocytes to sufficient levels to keep their bodies alive.

Third, the injected binary mass-death super-bioweapon is two things: A self-aware (intelligent) parasite intended to spawn “viruses, diseases, biosynthetic structures, as well as host the development of new species,” and its growth is activated by cellular (5G) technology. The other half of this binary weapon is Graphene Oxide (GO: A superconductor material): Also introduced into the body via the Covid-19 injection 'fake vaccine' that's designed to spread to all major organs especially the the electrical ones: brain, heart and spinal column.

4+5G EMF absorbs and energizes the GO which re-emits a new EMF in the terahertz (THZ) ranges which then energizes the self-assembly of nano-technologies such as nano-AI designed nano-rectifiers (power supplies), nano-routers and basic CPUs, nano-sensors (brain waves, heart rate, blood pressure, etc.) and nano-antennas.

Fourth, In a matter of weeks, the assembled and smart AI nano-technologies are designed to operate as transceivers within the protocols of the Bluetooth (BT) frequencies and digital interfaces which can and does allow the GO-nanotechnology injected person to become a member of the Internet-of-Bodies (IoB) who is now ready to be tracked and traced and ready to be interfaced into The Great Reset banking and credit score system currently awaiting final approvals. The Bluetooth (BT) digital signal will show a MAC address that is unique to that person which has been effectively bar-coded or having had a plastic ID tag stapled to an ear.

Fifth, This can be shown by downloading a phone app for BT scanning and device tracking and prove it all to yourself. You need to set BT Scanner app filter for 'unknown type'. Try it at a train or bus station as the 'vaxxed' Bluetooth people come and go within the BT radio range of up to about 100 feet. Go to a cemetery and observe BT signals from the dead and buried.


The Kingston Report

[The Kingston Report](https://karenkingston.substack.com/)


[This is NOT a drug, it is GRAPHENE-BASED NANOTECHNOLOGY!](https://www.bitchute.com/video/5gXo22oN0QVw/)


[BLUE TRUTH - THE VAXXED HAVE BEEN CHIPPED](https://www.bitchute.com/video/lIKBTN7Y5DY5/)

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Canadian Hypocratic oath: See something, say nothing

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