Steve, this is totally off topic. I don't know how to contact you. Could you pay for a randomized control study of vitamin D3? No one will do it, no money in vitamin D... but make the cabal admit benefits.


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contact me link in reference section

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Hi Baldmichael! And Merry Christmas 🎄 to you and your family.

Thank you for the great link, loved it!

And yes, I’ve known our water here in the USA, is toxic! I’ve not drank or cooked with tap water in over 10 years. I cook and drink with distilled water with Fluvic minerals added back.

Not even my animals get the nasty tap water, although they prefer puddles, but I digress, lol 😝. All the showers have filters which really help.

And yes, I own two of those Big Berkeys, lol 😝.

You are spot on regarding toxins are everywhere. I’m a firm believer the more you educate yourself the better decisions you can make.

For example, think about that high dollar cat piss coffee Starbucks sells, “would you like a little extra flouride with that”, lol 😝. Nah…

I must say I long for the days when I could eat good wholesome foods and get a nice cool glass of water from the tap and not think twice about it. Yet, those days are gone and you literally need a degree to determine if food is safe these days.

I’ll admit I’m a bit of a fanatic and I drive my family crazy 😜. But have not been sick in over 20 years. No docs, harmacuiticles, no insurance.

I’m one of the lucky ones as I love to cook, so no fast food or restaurant meals either.

And with the money I save from not buying useless insurance, I can afford to buy real organically produced meats, eggs and produce from local farms.

Not to mention my beloved organic food based supplements.

I’m a huge fan of Linus Pauling and vitamin C. And am known here as a vitamin D3/K2 pusher, lol 😂. Our bodies are truly miraculous made, we just need to treat and feed them well.

Again thank you so much for sharing!

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All of your readers agree. But next, how can we force this investigation?? It will never happen spontaneously. Do we indict the FDA for murder? Fraud? Must we go to the trenches and elect local representatives who wil; pursue this investigation? Even if we can elect these reprexentatives, will they have the ability t investigate this? Who will do he investigating? The FBI?? Please take this MANY steps further. Otherwise these crimes will go uninvestigated and unpunished and be repeated.

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Along with many other murders if your hell exists! Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed and capable of thinking about logic.

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Good God almighty. It just never stops. They beat you over the head again and again with their lies and move on to do it again. Let's face facts... these are EVIL people doing evil things all the while smiling in your face and lying about the "good" they're doing and expressing surprise that you don't join in with them and voluntarily commit suicide.

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Dec 19, 2022·edited Dec 19, 2022

Steve, can I please ask if the risk of anaphylaxis revealed as you attest to was restricted solely down to a reaction from one or more of the "disclosed" ingredients of the Pfizer drug? That is what I was told when I raised it very forcefully and was told by the NHS consultant overseeing jab 1 that the risk was only so if one was allergic to the jab components.

I am not "medical"; I do know that if you are prone to anaphylaxis it is unlikely that is restricted to one "causative agent"? Not trying to scare myself rigid, but I am at extreme risk of anaphylaxis so it would help me to know....don't trust UK NHS medics as a "cohort", with a few exceptions, anymore than I can fly to the moon.

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I am in the UK Sussex. I do not trust UK NHS medics at all, except for one in 2019 who did diagnose me correctly, a Mr Wong, of Chinese extraction.

The NHS doctors hadn't a clue about the cause of my issues, facial palsy and associated symptoms. Oncologists misdiagnosed me and gave me immuno-therapy which was unnecessary and I believe has damaged my pituitary gland.

The actual initial cause I explain here if you are interested.

As regards anaphylaxis my brother-in-law believes he has had issues because of a 'flu shot he had 20 odd years ago I think it was.

As to allergic to the jab components, if one really realised what was in the wretched things, one would not go near them whether allergic or not.


And bear in mind they have only ever contained poisons to varying degree assuming they didn't just contain saline in some to keep the numbers of injured down.

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I strongly feel that it is relevant to this thread that the many major lawsuits filed against Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and lost by Pfizer be made more widely known .

The Pfizer entity is clearly in the business of causing harm and and killing people while enriching the malevolent few. The Pfizer company is an old hand at deliberately mis-designed and dis-designed and mis- and dis- conducted drug trials. I personally believe that the Pfizer company, among others, have created this not-from-nature pathogen against which the Pfizer COVID-19 products were directed.

(I look forward to and and pray that the largest lawsuit and settlement against the Pfizer company will take place regarding the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine and all of the Pfizer "COVID-19" products --Comirnaty, Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, Bivalent. That WILL HAPPEN when we have restored some semblance of a USA Department of Justice.)




https://lawyerinc.com/biggest-pfizer-lawsuits/ without ads

The 10 Biggest Pfizer Lawsuits in Company History

ByJoey Callo

Posted on December 5, 2021

"In the wake of COVID-19, and the severe side effects arising from the vaccine, you must wonder if you can sue the pharmaceutical companies. Such fear gets to you, especially when you learn that even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) staff will not take a stance on Pfizer’s Covid-19 booster injections due to a lack of verified data. Regardless of how severe the side effects are, Pfizer, Moderna, and other pharmaceutical companies will not be liable. Sadly, even the government will not compensate you for damages. This harsh truth could have you questioning the integrity of such companies. Therefore, we have rounded up the ten biggest Pfizer lawsuits that shed light on the company’s history of denying any wrongdoings, yet still paying millions of dollars in settlements after good attorneys go after them."

Excerpts from full hyperlinked article.

10. Protonix – $55 Million

9. Trovan – $75 Million

8. Faulty Heart Valves- $215 Million

7. Chantix-$288 Million

6. Rapamune – $490.9 Million

5. Medicaid Rebates- $784.6 Million

4. Neurontin – $945 Million

3. Prempro -$1.2 Billion

2. Celebrex – $1.5 billion

1. Bextra, Zyvox, Geodon, and Lyrica -$2.3 Billion

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These are crimes against humanity, punishable by the ultimate justice. Until ALL responsible and involved are charged, prosecuted, and punished if convicted, we cannot ever have a safe place on this earth for humanity to exist. YES, it is that important.

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If half a million Americans collapse from a vaccine and no one from the FDA, CDC, AMA, Congress, or mainstream media is willing to report it, does it make a sound?

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If it did the MSM would make sure to silence it.

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"Because it isn’t about your safety. It’s about not making people look bad."

IMHO, it's about the agenda. Nothing is allowed to interfere with the agenda.

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Pfizer has been fined around $10 billion in the past for falsifying clinical trial data.

Relying on FDA revolving door personnel and pharmaceutical companies for funding is a big mistake.

Bad guys (FDA+Pfizer,,) can't be cured unless they die.

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Corporate leopards not changing their spots willingly - cf circa 2009 US class action involving SSRI's.....

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I don’t think “investigations” will solve the misinformation debate. Litigate, prosecute for first degree murder. Let a jury of their peers decide in a court of law.

Intentional lying/fraud on scientific clinical safety trials leading to physical harm and/or death is murder…Prosecute!

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Dec 18, 2022·edited Dec 18, 2022

The FDA will not investigate impropriety in trials: it is like asking the bank robber to investigate how he broke in. If congress investigates, they will whitewash aspects because so many are funded by the same interests. They will pat themselves on the back for having sent a referral to the current do nothing AG, Meritless Garland, who, if he can find anything, will go after the truth tellers for minor errors in their reporting as false testimony to congress.

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Nothing surprises me about farcical facts, data, trial stats, etc, produced (IN HOUSE?) by Pfizer and other major Big Pharma murderers!

People like me will automatically suspect the DEADLY COVID VAX as being the cause for most 'SUDDEN UNEXPECTED DEATHS that seem to be becoming RIFE! Ain't we stupid?

Simple solutions to the Covid issue = Realise it was/is a man enhanced virus that was created for profit and the justification of a new and expensive profit making treatment.

Consider the manufacturers of this useless ("SAFE & EFFECTIVE") rubbish bare no 'LIABILITY' for any injuries or deaths that follow the injected POISON!

Realise that pre-proven WHO approved meds (Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, etc, were historically SAFE anti-viral treatments that existed successfully for decades, until Big Pharma had to 'RUBBISH' them in order to obtain an Emergency Use Authorisation from their 'friends' at the FDA!

I'm (Covid) unvaxxed and 77 years of age, generally fit and healthy! Whilst I doubted the serious nature of Covid in the early days, but realised it could have been 'modified' by Fauci & friends to be as dangerous as possible for humans, I became more suspicious every time I read more details that seemed to be unrealistic in the 'real world'! One minor cold (= 2 days) since the "deadly" farce began.

Why, for example, would all Big Pharma manufacturers of 'cures' (called vaccines), require total immunity from LIABILITY for their "wonderful" speedy injections that were originally claimed to have been SAFE & EFECTIVE? It made no sense and still, 18 months later, makes even less sense, unless you realise the manufacturers know they can get away with such a nonsense.

Everyone with half a brain, by now knows by now that Covid was created for the purpose of taking the (World Economic Forum's 'New World Order' Control Program to the next level of dominance, which includes impregnating humanity with deadly chemicals that will complete the WEF's (NWO) plans for those that survive the ("SAFE & EFFECTIVE" - BUT in reality DEADLY!) injections - called VACCINES.

We must totally refute any threatened alterations to WHO guidelines and intended authority because the WHO has been 'sold' to the highest bidder' = Bill Gates is the WHO's biggest donator = benefactor = influencer.

The WHO is now the commercial arm of Gates vax sales interests and therefore obsolete to it's original Mission = Human health and Well-being! The WHO are now also fulfilling Gates's other need = to considerably depopulate the planet.

Bill Gates's new WHO stooge = Jeremy Farrar (Ex Wellcome Research) has been chosen by Gates to front the illegal activities of the World Health Organisation. Specifically, to prepare the organisation to take over the universal Sovereignty of every Nation - worldwide. To prepare the world population for world dominance of humanity under the guise of Human Health and Wellbeing.

Jeremy Farrar will continue the Covid tactics planned years in advance of the Coronavirus release, and announce the next FICTITIOUS PANDEMIC, along with intensified 'Control' tactics that will make the ridiculous Covid lock-downs and ineffective Mask Mandates even more urgently required and MANDATED.

In addition, the WHO believes it has the cooperation of ALL NATIONS to declare the next false Pandemic when another injection will, supposedly, be invented in 'miracle time' to counteract the next man-enhanced virus. We, the people deny the authority of the WHO to act in our best interests and therefore demand the WHO be terminated.

This time, the injection, (again called a 'vaccine') will be MANDATORY for the PLANET - with onerous consequences for any that dare to argue the Depopulation injection's necessity, safety and purpose.

His title = 'World Population Reduction Director'.

'LIABILITY' must be reintroduced for the makers of these unsafe, useless 'vaccines' as they are now just another means of Vax marketing and will inevitably reduce the world population, leaving the remaining 'injected humanoids' as SLAVES for the super-wealthy 'Elites'.

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer and fight tyranny.

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Dec 20, 2022·edited Dec 20, 2022

I don't wish the lake of fire on my worst enemy but Bill Gates will burn in hell.

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'LIABILITY' must be reintroduced for the makers of these unsafe, useless 'vaccines' as they are now just another means of Vax marketing and will inevitably reduce the world population, leaving the remaining 'injected humanoids' as SLAVES for the super-wealthy 'Elites'.

Ms Watts examination of decades long changes to relevant US Statutes suggests that is very difficult to see happening unless a US Judge determines that these Statutes as amended are "unconstitutional" ....and underlines to me that the US Military/Intelligence Services are indeed beyond control as strongly referenced by President Eisenhower, illustrated by the warren Commission exercise in deflection after the assassination of JFK. Very very scary and when will Oliver Stone do the obvious movie about this?

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