While the few people who are ringing the alarm , warning of the horrific WEF “ Great Reset”aka “build Back Better” Amal NWO- The comparison largely centers on Orwell’s 1984.

There are parallels, but I’ve argued it MIRRORS Huxley’s Brave New World. Published in 1931x,in his words, it was a mere fantastical work of fiction. As the years progressed, he became increasing alarmed that it was prophecy and ardently dissenated the path and endgame: Transhumanism. The following essay recently published, is chillingly en pointe.

The Transhumanist Agenda And Loss Of Identity:

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The American Bar Association is yet another corrupt enterprise. Everything we once trusted has been gutted. Decades of corruption. The CIA, Fed,EPA, OSHA, FBI, DOJ, DHS, ATF, NIH, FDA,TSA, FEC, FCC, HUD, ACLU, FDA, SEC, Capitol Police,AMA,ADL, DOT, Consumer Protection AgencyLancet, American Journal Of Medicine,FISA, Judicial System, DOD, Capital Police,Whistleblower protection, Miliary,DLM, INS… even our houses of

worship are indoctrination centers

Long past due to withdraw from the UN, NATO, abiolish the CIA, FBI, FISA, Federal Treasury, ESG,USAID, NGOs, lobbying, WEF DAVOS, Bilderberg Group, Atlantic Council, Brookings,Rockeller,Tides Foundation, Confuscious Institute, CAIR, SPLC, Media Matters,Wikipedia,SNOPES, Politicact,IRS,Dept Of Education, university grants,, qualified immunity, Congessional perks, term limits,corporate campaign political funding, McKinsey, Aspen , CBC, political and bureaucracy pensions and unions, Planned Parenthood, Patriot Act, lifetime appointments

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Isn’t it ironic that once icons in the medical, medical stats, science ,research and data analytical fields are now considered “ fringe”, “ conspiracy theorists”,” hacks”, “ liars” ,” dangers to the community”,” dangerous”, “ amateurs” and “ discredited”?

Nobel l laureates Michael Levitt, Luc Montagnier ( suddenly deceased)Kary Mullis- inventor of the PCR test( suddenly deceased)Dr.Robert Malone- inventor of mRNA technology,Harvey Risch,Kuldorff,,Ionnides,Atlas,Buttacharaya,Kory,Zelenko( Mikovits, Ruby,deceased),Ladapo,Hatfill(Ft.Detrick falsely named “ Anthrax Killer),Simone Gold,Oswui,Smith,,Seneca, Kristian Andersen,Makary,McCulloughSunatre Gupta, Shiva Ayurvedi …. losers,flat earther, science deniers all… unlike the honorable Faustus, Collins, Birx, Sanjay Gupta, Hotez, Wallensky, Bright, Grady, OsterholmGottlieb,Wen, Moreau, Frankenstein, Mengele, Ralph Northam, Baric, Jill Biden, Doolittle, Dre

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@stevehirsch, Just read that Haiti has an extremely low vaccination rate as the country never saw COVID as a major health issue. It is a country with a younger population (avg age around 23), so this may account for lower death rates, but their data might provide additional support for not recommending vaccination to younger people everywhere.

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Jul 9, 2022·edited Jul 9, 2022

YES! Time to end the Rockefellers reign. These boards were ESTABLISHED to promote their petroleum derived garbage. It also resulted in doctors not being trained in pharmocopeda with actual plants and compounding their own medicines with them. Ignore/disband the current boards. Dr. Rima Laibow on D3population, orig from www.discerningkate.com-ps- i think kate is the interviewer and excellent https://youtu.be/Vz9serFvAmU Dr Laibow speaks to the Rockefeller connexn, go to both 16 min and then 27 min for that

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Absolutely outrageous. Who and how is ABIM so controlled? The entire healthcare industry save a few like Drs. McCollough, Malone, Zelenko, Cole, Kory and others have been completely brainwashed and corrupted.

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We need a whole new platform for the practice of medicine in America: licensure, certification, etc., freed from the shackles of big pharma, big tech, and big money. A platform that enables physicians to use their own research, creativity, grasp of the scientific literature, to bring the best options and information to the table for each patient and in all medical fields. It is a travesty that this great physician, patriot, and human being should be subjected to this. I am so grateful for Dr. McCullough and the other courageous physicians and scientists who are standing up at great personal cost. Also for politicians like Senator Johnson. They have encouraged and resourced me. They are standing between us and the likes of the Third Reich and worse.

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This is a kangeroo court. Other physicians opposed to this outrage from ABIM should form a “American Board of Honest Physicians” board. It is obvious that ABIM is a corrupt operation, no public accountability.

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As part of the WORLD campaign for Independence Day (Monday 4th July) there will be protests and convoys everywhere for those who seek freedom from tyranny. To help the red-pilling, on that ONE day, we want to SWAMP the social media pages of the tyrants with our song of freedom https://rumble.com/vygf97-where-we-go-one-we-go-all.html. All you have to do is go to the pages below and add the song link as a COMMENT to the first three posts on that page. Wait until JULY 4TH for the maximum impact.

Anthony Albanese (AUS)



Justin Trudeau (Canada)



Michael Higgins (Ireland)



Jacinda Ardern (NZ)



Boris Johnson (UK)



Joe Biden (US)



If you are not in one of these countries, please consider finding the relevant links and sharing them with your compatriots.



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It’s disgusting what these agencies continue to get away with?!?

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Has anyone considered the physical effect of wearing the surgical masks long term (loose particulate matter collecting in the airway)...?

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What do I think, you ask... I think we need an entirely separate "shadow" medical system, entirely run by the private sector. We've already wasted too much time trying to reform the public one.

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We already have private medical facilities alongside the public ones. If, the public ones are corrupt what makes you think the private ones are not. In fact , all service facilities should be accountable to the people . When I say people I mean individuals or groups of individuals as well as those who supposedly represent them . That being the government. All public or private services should be responsible to the people as well as there representatives .Unfortunately we have seen just the opposite being done - Private and government service providers hired or appointed by government and covertly by private sources serve them instead of the people they are supposed to be serving.

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I agree and the consideration of alternative treatments not lacking informed choice. The hospitals are out of control greed on steroids at this point.

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There are so many similarities between Bonhoeffer in the 40’s with Germany and what is happening now in our own county. Many are dying needlessly under Big pharma’s totalitarian control, people are fearful to speak truth because those in authority have the power to destroy the lives of those who speak up, and the few like Dr McCullough (who are well known and creating a big stir) are going to get “hung” for doing what is right and doing all they can to save peoples lives! Praying justice will be had those who are fighting for truth!

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Peter is extremely bright, quit articulate, brave, with a wide breath of knowledge and a strong sense of morality. He's a hero!

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