I think the evidence against all vaccines is a mile high but it all just gets covered up so injuries and deaths keep piling up …

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Funny how this gs flipped in 4 years. Science is NEVER settled.

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Steve - are you aware of any research that indicates the jab increasing occurrence of glioblastoma?

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All of the health industry individuals that were complicit in maintaining the big vaxx lie will be exposed and judged. Confront your doctors.

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You’re doing fantastic work Steve! Love your rogue epidemiology, and evidence based strategies to take down the C19 techno health fascists!

Respect! 😎👊

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Heroic doctor dies days after exposing deadly COVID-Vax component

We are being controlled, steered, managed, stifled, misdirected, propagandized, lied to, frightened, restrained, repressed, and generally bamboozled at every turn


MAR 14, 2024

Four days after German chemist Dr. Andreas Noack released his final video on graphene hydroxide, he was seized by a sudden unexplained attack that caused paralysis, weakness, profound disorientation (like he was drunk), and collapse with loss of breathing. His pregnant wife described the event in two videos. In the first video, her description led early listeners to assume that Dr. Noack was physically attacked, but that was not the case. In the second video, Dr. Noack’s partner further explained that she suspected he was struck by some kind of directed energy weapon (and reported at one point that the electricity went out just before he was incapacitated.)


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> The so-called C19 Vaxx is actually a poison jab intended to injure, kill & de-populate the world. And there never is a need for any kind of vaxx because historical facts show that "Viruses Don't Exist."

There is NO proof - scientific proof following the scientific method w/controlled experiments (over centuries) of any viruses, Unfortunately, the medical facts for no-viruses have been censored from view.

> Feb 13, 2024 - Viruses Don't Exist and Why It Matters - Dr Sam Bailey


No-virus facts were all laid out comprehensively in the 5 part documentary "The Viral Delusion" too.

(2022) > Episode - Part 1 - Behind The Curtain of The Pandemic. The Pseudoscience of SARS-COV2


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Mar 10·edited Mar 10

Just noticed this in Australia: “ The world's largest COVID-19 vaccine study involved millions of people. This is what it found”


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It must be exasperating with the pharma and it’s ilk unresponsive to any inquiry’s.

The question being asked is: “How many covid patients died at home or on the street”?

All of your evidence is

We know the doctors are not interested in what’s in any shot, they get paid to give any shot especially to children.

The insurance companies and Big Pharma pay big for doctors that follow protocols.

Keep up the Pressure and watch your back.

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Dear Steve, I was one of the speakers at ICS5 and Senator Johnson's Senate hearing. If you haven't seen it, here is the summary for my talk on the vaccines' effectiveness and safety being exaggerated in the clinical trials and observational studies: https://okaythennews.substack.com/p/science-summary-covid-19-vaccines. Fighting a vaccine mandate case as well, progressing along nicely, thinking there'll be a lot more to report by the time ICS6 comes around!

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unless the current administration is voted out of office and the DOJ and FBI are purged of ideologues where those involved in the two greatest crimes of the century Russian hoax and Covid conspiracy are held accountable the country will continue down the pathway of becoming a third world nation. https://johnseaman.substack.com/p/accountability

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Brilliant summary, incontrovertible

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Thanks. This all in one place summary is much needed. Hope you keep updating/editing/adding as more comes in.

I came looking for an estimate I've seen before but can't remember where:

Percent of "vaccinated" with:

* no apparent side effects

* mild side effects

* severe side effects

* death

Is that here somewhere or linked? I didn't see it.

I've never gotten an answer to this:

CDC only counts as "vaccinated" after two weeks of "final dose". Are injuries & death before 2 weeks/final dose counted in these stats?

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The main thing is that the ultra-rich are pulling the puppet strings for all of this. I wrote a post a while ago about this. https://normsthoughts.substack.com/p/the-ultra-wealthys-control-over-the

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I need to post this here although it will appear to be off topic. My apologies in advance.

Mr. Kirsch,

I have been following you for some time. I was so relieved to find someone who could succinctly and definitively look at the COVID issue back in 2021. I participated in any surveys and responded to a lot of your articles. But at some point, I felt that it was pointless to continue as the establishment would never admit to the real data or be allowed to be held accountable. And I said as much on your Substack.

I formally want to apologize for giving up. Although honestly, as a nurse, I could not see it ever getting better. I was marginalized and harassed until I left my profession, a year ago next week. I told you it was a waste of time and suggest we look at another tack. And yet you persisted. And recently I have seen the subtle shift in the public’s consciousness (most of them) regarding COVID and I attribute that in large part to yourself and a few others who persisted in your beliefs. So, I doff my hat to you sir.

Secondly, I want to say THANK YOU for all that you have done and continue to do. Words do not convey what is in my heart. It’s just indescribable. Maybe, just maybe, we might survive this decade.


Pam Baker

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56 examples -- where there's smoke, there's fire.

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