"It’s not that they want to kill you."

Oh yes they do!

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Are the life insurance companies going to pay out for a Vax Death? Arguably, those who took an experiment did it on their own free will and the AE information is out there, you just have to dig and dig and dig. So ... is willingly taking the shot then considered a suicide? I don't think they pay for suicides. Blame the government mandates? Yikes, what a mess.

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The only thing I disagree with in this article is that “they didn’t know” this shot is doing exactly what they wanted it to do and that is why they are not pulling it off the shelf.

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Are families of those who have died after "vaccinations" being "discouraged" from requesting autopsies?? I've not read of any but I'm suspicious...

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Refusal to LOOK at the evidence, along with the coverup, is evidence of MENS REA. These are criminals. You cannot persuade them to uncover the dead bodies of their victims, or investigate their own crimes. Come on now.

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Mar 26, 2022·edited Mar 27, 2022

take 20 minutes to listen to JFK's speech to the "National Academy of Sciences" Nov. 22, 1962, 365 days, to the day, before he was assassinated - It is prophetic. link below:

note: I have not been able to locate the film which has apparently been "scrubbed". the images of his speech are blurry because they are enlarged "frames" of either 35mm or 120mm film which captured Our President's speech. Lib. of Congress search was unproductive.


And yet still, a more watered down version here:


Thomas Malthus (born 1766) argued that because of the natural human urge to reproduce human population increases geometrically (1, 2, 4, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, etc.). However, food supply, at most, can only increase arithmetically (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, etc.). Therefore, since food is an essential component to human life, population growth in any area or on the planet, if unchecked, would lead to starvation.

So now, we should understand why Gates (WEF et al) are buying up farm land as fast as possible. That BAD ACT, coupled with massive (think engineered) wind storms (huge tornados), unnatural global temps. rising (think: atmospheric "heaters), and yes, earthquakes (think: underground man made geographic excitation) causing floods, famine, draught, In the Eastern Hemisphere, primarily, (a bit here in the western hemisphere - to (a) hide in plain sight; to (b) cause plausible deniability, (think take out Calif. by satellite lasers starting the CA fires of late); in short, you / we are cattle lined up for slaughter. If you don't get this, you / we are doomed.

If you do get this, you / we have a chance to survive. THERE IS NO CALVARY, JUST US, WE ARE THE CALVARY.

If you want to shy away, because you are afraid, too comfortable, just plain lazy, waiting for others to "fix it", WE DIE.

If this shocking message seems to sci-fi, too un-Godly, to remote to even stand a chance to capture your attention, interest, and desire/need to act, watch Pres. Lyndon Baines Johnson spell it out for you in the link below (June 1962)


Understand , HAARP High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, was the first U.S. based atmospheric heater ; established 1993 and since that date, the U.S. has strategically placed over fifty (52 that we know of) these "things" around the globe. If not true (e.g. the hypothesis) then why duplicate the first located in Alaska (1993) 50 more times around the planet?

see https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org for scientific "disinformation".

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Steve- You (this article) made it as a mention with a link to your sub stack on The Automatic Earth: https://www.theautomaticearth.com/2022/03/debt-rattle-march-23-3022/

Looks like they've posted your articles since February. Bravo! Esteemed company & a good way to widen your audience.

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they are implementing their long-term goal of getting rid of the useless eaters (i.e. the non-billionaires)

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Steve, you say: "It’s not that they want to kill you. It’s that they don’t want you to know that they made a huge mistake by ignoring all the safety signals from doctors". 

I disagree. The top achieved just what they wanted, the mid-layer just follow the orders from the top, the low layer just doesn't care.

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Mar 24, 2022·edited Mar 24, 2022

I so appreciate "A simple way to end vaccine misinformation..." Thought-provoking.

Sloshing away in my memory is something about NORMAL pre-covid protocols (along with not even inoculating during a time of high infection, and allowing healthy people to carry on as usual while taking steps to protect the vulnerable) where autopsies had a routine role in gauging the actual disease effects. Sort of like an election day exit poll, an ultimate exit poll. Am I off on autopsies being standard procedure in the past?

At this point where so many vaccinated are suffering and dying, facilities would be overwhelmed with doing autopsies the way most hospitals never were with covid patients. (So much covid fraud! To think, if only the sick had been offered early treatment, the ENTIRE "HOSPITALS WILL BE OVERLOADED" SCARE TACTIC would never have worked!)

About six years ago, I tried to get an autopsy in regards to a relative who died in a nursing home, and I found it is not an easy process; plus I was told I would have to pay for it if I wanted it done for my own reasons, which was not possible for me. To start to get the data, I think it would be necessary to create a fund to pay for autopsies so family members could demand them as a service rather than as part of a process that requires affirmation/approval by authorities. Anyone else have any other firsthand information?

To have this data on what is occurring to individuals who have had the GMO drug therapy injection(s) is vital. It would not only address the "misinformation"/anti-free speech/anti-discourse-in-science roadblocks to truth, but if it could record the involvement of the spike protein invasion of bodily organs and systems, that would be a game changer! It might establish that the vaccine technology is working as a bioweapon just as its patent history and gain-of-function development indicate!

How many autopsies would it take? How much would that cost?

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Over half US states now show a deathrate from covid higher than what was reported at the start of the pandemic, before vaccines were available. It's not clear to me if current covid death numbers are still being inflated (as they were previously)*, but hospitals are still being financially incentivized to count a death as a covid death.

At least 28 states are showing higher covid death counts than before the vaccine, sometimes 2x, 3x and 4x higher. Some examples:








Other states: WV, IN, WA, MO, OR, NV, CT, MS, AR, UT, OK, AL, KY,



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Possibly a decent idea. But I have no doubt big pharma would pay off the medical examiners like they have with the labs doing the fake PCR testing. I do not trust anyone in the medical mafia, except maybe a few brave nurses. You might end up with one medical examination saying yes, the mRNA injections caused the death and then another doing the same autopsy saying no, it wasn't the fault of mRNA injections. In any event, we will NEVER get the truth we need until big pharma and the medical establishment is torn down and rebuilt with health and cures as the motive and not profits and back slapping.

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This should be the practice for ALL vaccines. I fully believe vaccine carnage has been going on for a long time

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How about ending vax deaths in the first place? Demand that all vaccines be tested exclusively on everyone who stands to profit from their sale, manufacture, & distribution (including all politicians and bureaucrats), along with THEIR loved ones, BEFORE those vaccines are foisted on the general public.

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OTOH, maybe they (the gov't's) DO want to kill us. There have been numerous reports of shots which bigwigs get being different from the shots reserved for the hoi polloi. VAERS data show that most of the reported adverse events come from less than 10% of the vax lots.

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The medics have never been honest and transparent in the past. They are a great group for the globalists to work through.

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