The CDC has been lying and obfuscating non-stop for 2 1/2 years now ... there is no force in nature that will change their narrative. It will continue until the individuals concerned are in the dock.

Such is the nature of disreputable people doing evil

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When are they going to quit shoving this poison ☠ in our bodies we know it is all BS and has been from the start if they can`t find the so called covid virus then how in hell are they making the vaccine unless it is like I say about control and nothing more!

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It's way higher even than this number. Within 3 years it will be 100%.

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And…. The CDC stating that the chance of myocarditis, from the COVID shots, is just a possible slightly elevated risk, IS NOT ACCEPTABLE REGARDLESS OF HOW SLIGHT THE “RISK”!

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This is a crime against humanity and must be dealt with as such. The perpetrators must be brought to account.

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Are there any active lawsuits currently going on against colleges requiring students to be boosted? Specifically in NY or NYC? The trend is to not get boosted as the public is waking up yet many colleges are still requiring vaxed and to be boosted, especially in the NE. Any help or direction is appreciated.

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off topic, but please check out Dr. Aaron Kheriaty's brilliant testimony on AB2098 - "This bill would designate the dissemination of misinformation or disinformation related to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, or "COVID-19," as unprofessional conduct"


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What is the root cause of most of our problems?


This is our #1 issue. We cannot rank anything higher than this issue. It is an issue we can and should all agree on. All political sides and all people.

It is like having a computer that has been hacked and corrupted. When we sit here arguing about hot button or other issues that is like arguing about what programs run better on the corrupted computer. NONE of them run better. Not until we fix the system. We have to put all of our attention on focusing on fixing the ACTUAL SYSTEM first. It's not that hard to do actually. We just need a movement. A decentralized one. And a plan.

What is the solution? Our systems have been corrupted by regulatory capture and special interest groups - we can't expect the system to fix itself. We need a NEW idea. One that makes the old one obsolete.

If our problem is systemic corruption the best cure is radical FORCED TRANSPARENCY.

I beg all of you to read this, and then join in the solutions minded comments. It is totally free:


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Jun 30, 2022·edited Jun 30, 2022


This you need to see this from GB News in Britain. I think the American infectious disease physician and the virologist professor above him needs to chat with Steve Kirsch and his colleagues. I'm surprised he hasn't? Dr Claire Craig and British Actor John Bowe were right on the money. I honestly think the two on the right of the screen were lost, just my opinion. Or instead of sayng lost, I meant bought by Big Pharma.

Just listen to what they say. I honestly believe those two haven't a clue and their research is nil.

It's a real pity that Dr Craig or John Bowe didn't state that this "bio weapon" is more dangerous and has killed more people than all the other "real vaccines" put together in history. So it's that SAFE is it? Just a pity that wasn't mentioned, I wonder how the two on the right would have responded?

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We are about to watch a genocide of our children that will dwarf anything an abortion clinic could pull off. You have to realize that the reason they are willing to kill and maim kids is to get these shots on the childhood vaccination schedule. Once they do that, the EUA fraud issue is not a concern as all liability is WAIVED PERMANENTLY! https://usawatchdog.com/up-to-700-million-worldwide-will-die-from-cv19-vax-by-2028-dr-david-martin/

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This guest (Sacha) presents persuasive evidence that Gen. Collin Powell died from his vaccines and his "case" has even been reported (by a long-time aide) on VAERS! This should be big news. I want to learn more about the lady who is heading up this VAERS research (Team Enigma). She believes at least 5 percent of case reported at the system have been altered in some way. Basically, her organization is "auditing" VAERS. I also found the final minutes of this interview just as compelling. She makes a point I've picked up on lately - The big spike in deaths beginning "Week 11" 2020 of the pandemic is not actually "consistent" with a viral epidemics, she says. She points out the huge anomalous spike in deaths occurred only after the W.H.O had announced the pandemic. The forthcoming huge spike in deaths happened in several places around the world almost simultaneously "within one week." How did this happen? Wouldn't deaths be spread out and occur at different times instead of all at once in geographically-dispersed locations? It presumably takes time for viruses to spread, but somehow we went from almost no cases to massive numbers of deaths world-wide (but only in certain locations) - all at once. She suggests something else may have been killing these people. I would say/suggest this was the "faulty treatments' and drugs (and respirators) that were suddenly administered to hundreds of thousands of people.

This lady, the guest, seems very sharp to me. I'm happy someone is auditing VAERS this closely. I would say the probability this system is being "doctored" (pun intended) approaches 100 percent.


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#Portugal EU country highest #vaccination rate; today has the most new Covid-19 cases; with most new daily deaths per million inhabitants; the COVID injection did not work, never worked, killing people! https://palexander.substack.com/p/portugal-eu-country-highest-vaccination?

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What if this is bacterial; not triggered by virus in vaxx but bacteria in vaxx?

FAQ: Myocarditis Causes - Myocarditis Foundation

Myocarditis is associated with two types of bacteria that are extremely common and usually harmless unless complications occur. These include: Corynebacterium diphtheriae This is the cause of diphtheria. This bacterium most often occurs in school-age children, older adults, and individuals with compromised immune systems.


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I was thinking about Justin Beiber and his wife just now and I came up with a great question. I can't think of an answer. So can anyone think of a time in the last 50 years when a young celebrity couple BOTH come down with a disability or a serious health issue or a chronic disease in the same year? Both going from super healthy to sick a couple weeks/months apart?

The only people I can think of is Sid and Nancy but they were junkies, and I don't even know if they got sick at the same time. Being a smackhead at the same time doesn't count.

Pete Townsend and Amy Winehouse weren't a couple but they were friends. Again though, they were junkies.

If anyone can think of a couple where the guy has heart disease or loses his leg from Diabetes within a month of his wife coming down with GBS or Multiple Sclerosis then please post your answer! Maybe the guy has ALS right after the woman becomes blind? Or one has Parkinsons as the other comes down with Autism.

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