It seems that World Economic Forum is hiring unvaccinated pilots. "Safety of Our Members Is No. 1 Priority."


Also the fact-checkers disagree, so it has to be true!

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These articles are changing the narrative, offering a glimmer of hope for pilots and people across industries who are willing to hold out. Organized push back is essential to combat the unified conspiracy of NGO's with a massive head start on this front fighting to control the narrative. This is only the begining.

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Global Coalition Statement: Commercial Aviation and Pilot Vaccine Injury 17/05/22

Signatories from Canadian, UK, USA, Australia, France, Netherlands, Switzerland and International aviation, medical, scientific and ethics bodies.

Learn more about GAAC and its members, who include:

Canada's Free to Fly, US & UK Freedom Flyers,

Free To Fly - Canada

US Freedom Flyers

Aussie Freedom Flyers

UK Freedom Flyers

Navigants Libres - France

Luchtvaart Collectief - Holland

Airliners for Humanity - Switzerland

International Medical Alliance

Global Covid Summit

Canadian Covid Care Alliance

Health Advisory Recovery Team HART UK

UK Medical Freedom Alliance

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

Pete Chambers, US Special Ops Flight Surgeon - Affidavit

Download and read the "Global Coalition Statement on Commercial Aviation and Pilot Vaccine Injury” here:


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Urgent Press Conference: Purging Patriots From The Military

Conference Video:


Press Release:



2 hr 18 min video press conference with Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet of Truth for Health Foundation.

This program has military whistleblowers from all branches of services, includes officers and enlisted service members and their attorneys. It is critical to understand what is really happening behind the military’s cloak of secrecy to know how serious these threats are to our military readiness and national security.

Please share.

P.S. You will see an FAA-related discussion at 2 hrs into the video described above, but it’s worth watching entire presentation…

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So I'm curious.

Are there any life insurance agents that are here that can answer this question ❓

If I get a vaccine will my wife collect on my life insurance if I die from it?

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People in WA state moving out! They’ve had enough! Better cross border now before check points! It’s coming!

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Rumble merged with CFVI? Free speech and NASDAQ don't mix. You might have to switch video platforms.

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Steve, great interview. What can the public do to help destroy the mask mandates when flying forever? Do we need to sue the airlines? The Fed Gov? I’m not willing to wait through this whole year and hope the airlines drop them at the end of 2022. If the don’t know this they need to: people are refusing to fly because of the masks. Hello FAA?!!!???!!! The CEOs of the airlines need to pushback HARD. I’m sick of the virtue signaling. NO MORE MASKS ON AIRLINES!! It’s utter nonsense.

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The Delta pilot who died you referenced has been exposed as a hoax. Months ago. I’m sure your “airline pilot” is a legit source. 😂😂😂

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A beckon of hope for ending that nonsense?

Next dismantling the corrupted government agencies and taking away mafia control of the pharmaceutical…..imagine all the money saved

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Pardon the length of my comments and run on sentences used in the interest of brevity. It is simply impossible to encapsulate all the necessary relevant facts and information in a few brief paragraphs…

It goes beyond ridiculous into the realm of a crime and perhaps even outright treason that the US Government in general (as well as all the reasons outlined below) and the FAA in particular refused to inform the American people that under LONG STANDING US LAW AND FAA REGULATIONS IT IS ILLEGAL TO PILOT A COMMERCIAL PLANE AFTER TAKING EXPERIMENTAL DRUGS! ALL THE VACCINES ARE EXPERIMENTAL DRUGS PEOPLE!

In short, the US government has knowingly and willingly put literally Millions of Americans who fly commercial in potentially mortal danger in order to perpetuate a fraudulent “Pandemic” which they have used to take our Rights, our freedoms, our wealth, and basic way of life…

It turns out that unsurprisingly when a drug company, or in this case many companies, bypass strict longstanding laws, rules, regulations, protocols, and procedures that apply to the development and certification of “Vaccines” that were put in place decades ago to protect the health and safety of the public to come up with a new drug and then immediately put it into mass production, what they create is identified by every medical, scientific, and legal definition as EXPERIMENTAL! As an aside the same definition of “experimental” applies under longstanding international law as well

There is no longer even a shadow of a doubt that the “Pandemic” is a false flag. The so called “Test Kits” that were used to test more than 95% of the American people in the first 9 months of 2020 were actually created and put into production began BEFORE THE “VIRUS” WAS EVEN OFFICIALLY ISOLATED AND IDENTIFIED! The makers of these “kits” as well as the CDC and the WHO have all publicly admitted that they generated between 80-90% false positives because they flag 8 different strains of the common flu and cold as well influenza! It gets worse, those early “Kits” couldn’t identify” COVID-19” because it HAD NOT YET BEEN ISOLATED AND IDENIFIED, YET ALONE QUANTIFIED TO THE POINT THAT A “TEST” COULD BE MADE FOR IT!!!!

In other words, these “kits” were the mechanism used to create a phony “Pandemic” Just as the 10’s of Millions of “Home kits” have done with omicron. It shocks me that people failed to see the direct correlation between the delivery of these new “home kits” and the massive upswing in “COVID” in precisely the same way as the original “kits” did in 2020…

It gets worse people. As early as April of 2020 the “Kit” manufacturers went public with the fact that their kits were generating MILLION AND MILLIONS OF FALSE POSITIVES BUT FUACI AND THE CDC IGNORED IT AND TOLD THE US GOVERNMENT TO KEEP USING IT! They kept using those “kits” right up until the end of TWO THOUSAND AND TWENTYONE PEOPLE! Don’t believe it? Consider that late last year Italy revised DOWNWARD THE NUMBER OF REPORTED INFECTIONS AND DEATHS FROM COVID BY NEARLY A FULL ORDER OF MAGNITUDE (10)

A FUNNY THING HAPPENED WHEN PEOPLE STARTED GETTING “VACCINATED”. The CDC decreed that a “NEW KIT” be used for anyone who had ALREADY BEEN VACCINATED… By this point it should have been a shock to NO ONE that this new kit recorded very few “positives” for COVID-19 in people who had been “vaccinated” …It wasn’t until the Vaccinated started getting full blown COVID and all manner of diseases caused by the Vaccine blowing up their immune systems causing some to literally drop dead did the lights finally start to come on…


Insurance Companies ARE WELL AWARE OF ALL THESE FACTS. How do we know this? Simple, since the beginning of 2021 when hundreds of thousands of people began to die after taking the Vaccines, these Insurance companies began refusing to pay out life insurance claims based up the fact that the insured violated the terms of the policies by taking experimental drugs that the government called “Vaccines”.

Now the crooked CDC and the equally crooked Drug companies know full well that the Vaccines didn’t work to actual prevent infection from day one. Their failed/aborted animal and human trials which literally lasted only a few weeks told them so.

Knowing this Fauci and the CDC RIPPED UP the Government’s original definition of a “Vaccine” as a drug that PREVENTS INFECTION, changing it to a drug that MITIGATES THE SYMPTOMS OF A TARGETED VIRUS OR DISEASE JUST WEEKS BEFORE THE FIRST BATCH OF PHONY VACCINES WERE GIVEN TO THE PUBLIC last year. There is no other reason for them to have done this given that original definition of a “Vaccine” had been in effect for more than half a century… They had to have known in advance people!

Clearly the US Government in general and the FDA/CDC/WHO have gone to extraordinary lengths to keep all this out of the public eye. Why do you suppose anyone would do any of these things IF THEY WERE ACTUALLY TRYING TO PROTECT THE HEALTH AND WELFARE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE?

At the conclusion of the Nuremberg Trials the Nuremberg CODES were written in hopes that they could help prevent forced medical experimentation from ever happening again. Sadly, in 2022 a new 21st century version of the Nazis Fascists is now in charge, not just in America but most of the Western World…

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The same lies that allow Big Pharma to use the human race as "lab rats" will also cover up the vax-related deaths in the future. The biggest "virus" hounding the world is the easy acceptance of mainstream media lies by the people! IGNORANCE! As soon as people see the BLATANT and OBVIOUS false narratives spun by their biggest enemy- the mainstream media- maybe we can start going in the RIGHT direction. Example- when an advertisement FOR "vaccines" states that 90-100% people in hospitals are "unvaccinated", it is a "technical" lie in the sense that even if a person has had 2-3 shots, they are "unvaccinated" if they haven't had their latest shot! In other words, the TRUTH that should be reported is that 90-100% of people in hospitals have had at least ONE shot!

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Too late, jet jockeys... the 1st or 2 shots are enough to kill. You should have said NO for shot 1! Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Never More Brilliant, Lays The Utter Truth Out - Autopsies Prove Vax BioWeapon Caused Autoimmune Attacks And Death.. (Based on 70 autopsies done by Germany's top pathologist, Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt)

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Lets Go Brandon ... !!!

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Please tell Capt. Campbell that I appreciate his candor and I, for one, support him & other airline personnel in their efforts to exercise their rights. It's wonderful that they're in a position to stand up to corporations. They will help all of us.

The mask issue is patently absurd. I had to fly in June 2020, right after this nonsense began. And I could not fathom WHY passengers must be masked on planes where the air filtration systems keep the air cleaner than anywhere on earth.

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