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It's the original derangement syndrome. GET UNVACCINATED is how they divide us.

I remember the big stink in the headlines on the west coast about a decade ago. They were threatening to ban unvaccinated children from schools for the measles shot. The provax Marxists were all in a huff over the evil parents who risked all of humanity for a common, non-fatal infectious disease. I guess someone in marketing lobbied congress as to how effective this scare tactic was to evolve. It was CNN at the time funded by pharma, now FOX. We were bombarded 24/7 with ads for drugs to solve all of mankind's ails from erectile dysfunction to shingles, all resolved with a proper diet.

Today after spending trillions of dollars on drugs we really don't need and wars we really never had to start for other fictitious threats we have to wear a dog collar to go shopping or go to work and school. If that wasn't bad enough the over use of antibiotics world wide has driven common bacteria into killers, again something that could have been avoided with the promotion of proper diets. If governments spent the trillions of tax dollars on nutrition education and encouraged physical activity over the last 50 years we'd all be 30% richer and much healthier.

It's all there on the information highway but in the typical Marxist manner most are afraid of offending their friends, neighbors, schoolmates or workmates for eating better and refusing to participate in medical experiments for foreign share holders.

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When I was in my 20's in the 90's, one of my best friends got a flu shot. She was also in her mid-20's and just out of professional school with a great job. The shot completely wrecked her immune system overnight. For the last 30 years, she's been on disability. I was NEVER going to get a flu shot after that and decided to do extensive research on my own before I ever received another vaccine. What no one told her when she received the shot was that they were - at the time - egg-based (incubated inside chicken embryos). She is highly allergic to chicken embryos, so essentially, she was injected with poison. Of course, when the system decides it's ok to dispense medicine basically in a Walgreens parking lot, this is what happens - no customized diagnosis from a doctor who knows your particular health profile; just one-size fits all, no matter gender, pregnancy status, risk profile, genetic makeup, etc. and so of course no informed consent. If my friend - who is highly intelligent - had known the shots were egg-based, she of course wouldn't have taken it. It was a lesson that led me to understand early on that a (supposedly) novel injection that was supposed to be "safe and effective" for everyone on the planet no matter age, race, gender, risk factors, etc was clearly a lie.

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Why are there only estimates at CDC site? My state reports positive H. Influenza A, B, RSV and somehow no idea b/t shots and non deaths? Have you seen the number of immunizations kids get? I count myself lucky that mine were born in 90’s.

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Take the Vaccine to a certified lab and have them take it apart. Then we will know the truth.

Not so hard right. Just do it.

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According to Dr. Brownstein, (who writes "Natural Way To Health), the flu vaccine might prevent the flu in one out of 100 shots. He took a deep dive into the statistics and math to figure this out. Dr. Brownstein also successfully treated and cured hundreds of his patients that had Covid. He tried to inform everyone how he did it, but the Feds shut him down. They preferred people to die instead.

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There is no way to calculate/estimate the efficacy of flue vaccines. There is, however, a way to calculate/estimate the adverse reactions to flu vaccines. They are essentially worthless and always have been. More harm than good, true of ALL vaccines.

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I would say vaccines against polio, pertussis, diphtheria and small pox have been effective

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Unfortunately there is no proof that these vaccines have been effective but there is definitely proof that they are not safe. The polio vaccines have given 100's polio. Salk even admitted it. These environmentally caused diseases were all 95% gone when the vax rolled out. This information is available on government records.

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I agree except maybe for vaccines against animal bit infections e.g. Rabies.

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Rabies has never been proven to exist. It was originally defined in France where there hasn't been an alleged diagnosis since 1924. Has not been a reported case in US since 2007. See below:



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According to the researchers writing the book Turtles All The Way Down, no vaccine producing company has EVER done a double blind placebo controlled test of a vaccine. Instead, they give a former vaccine or its adjuvant cocktail to the "control" group that should have been given placebo. In this manner the adverse events of the proposed injectable is compared only to a similarly obscured substance that has its own adverse event profile. The new substances therefore are always and forever compared to other poisons that themselves have never been subjected to a truly balanced comparison. This is what they call science.

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What most people don't realise is that all those diseases of the past were eliminated either by industrialisation bringing, relative wealth, improved living conditions, sanitation, nutrition, clean water, or by elimination of the use of certain toxic substances e.g. DDT & polio. I'm certain now that ALL of the toxic junk pumped into little babies and children as part of the vaccine schedules is infinitely worse than giving no vaccines. The modern childhood vaccine schedule is largely responsible for all kinds of childhood acquired maladies including behavioural, neurological disorders, autism, autoimmune disorders, food allergies (food proteins are used in vaccines). I would even venture that childhood development of the endocrine system is affected which could explain the rise of gender dysphoria. I read somewhere recently that unvaccinated children don't do just much better but ten times better in cognitive, social and developmental areas.

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Agree your comment. Obviously, very few studies done on unvaxxed kids, but what I've read is that they do better in terms of allergies, asthma etc. My friend's 2 kids were never vaccinated, lived in 4 different countries, never infected anyone (as the myth shown on TV medical dramas), once had a light case measles for which they took no meds, and in fact have never even taken any fever meds their entire lives. They are perfectly fine.

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(Influenza Virus Vaccine)

Suspension for Intramuscular Iniection

2011-2012 Formula



„nese highlights do not include all the information needed to use FLULAVAL safely and effectively. See full wesserbing information for FLULAVAL.

LULAVAL (Influenza Virus Vaccine) suspension for Intramuscular Injection

011-2012 Formula itial U.S. Approval: 2006


FLULAVAL is a vaccine indicated for active immunization against influenza disease cause

enza virus sub-types A and type B contained in the vaccine, FLULAVAL is approved for use in persons 18 ears of age and older. (1)

This indication is based on immune response elicited by FLULAVAL, and the and there have been

NO CONTROLLED TRIALS adequately demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination with MEULAVAL 6. 141


agle 0.5-mL intramuscular injection. (2.2)


AVAL Is a suspension in 5-ml mufti-dose vials containing 10 doses (each dose is 0.5 mL). (3)


(Sorry stops here as someone took a photo of the insert which I couldn’t insert here only copy the text)

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The first time I knew there was a flu shot was in the mid90s when I was staying with friends & they got the shot & promptly got sick. They asked if I was going to get one & I said I have a very strong immune system so don't get colds & the flu! They were feeling punk for the rest of my visit.

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While growing up. I never knew or heard of anyone taking the flu vaccine. Never knew anyone at the time who caught the flu or pneumonia either. People can suffer or live healthy without scam medicine.

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I didn’t want to take Covid jabs because they where developed too quickly.

I was badgered by family to take if and had decided I wasn’t going to have mRNA jabs, all I go I had on AZ was that it was like a flu jab and used denatured Covid. Turns out that that wasn’t true but it wasn’t mRNA.

3 years of blatant lies, and misinformation and the main perpetrators are still telling their lies and spreading misinformation.

I am now fully aligned with informed consent.

Unless they can provide satisfactory detailed information including efficacy and history of safety then we are not taking it.

In the UK they just removed the most popular cold remedies off the shelf as some of the ingredients can interfere with anaesthetics. Not sure if has caused any deaths but the authorities believe these commonly used and popular remedies pose a greater risk than the Covid vaccines.

Over 90% of us are not expecting to need anaesthetics in the next year. Removing these cold remedies is a nonsense.

They’ll be banning vitamin d next.

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What you're saying goes to show how dumb some people in government and medicine think people are. I would think by now that most adults know not to take over-the-counter stuff including herbal remedies and supplements while taking prescription medications. At least not before checking with their doctor as is stated on most if not all OTC medicines and supplements.

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Truly despicable

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I think all of their records will be exposed before long, because people like you are exposing them, and the public is finally getting wise to their schemes. Thank you for your tireless work. You are the definition of tenacious!

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Okay, but do you honestly think they will be truthful in their record keeping? What's the use of records kept by dishonest companies?

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ok, so i'm confused...Steve, please clarify what death data we're wanting....we already have VAERS, we have Pfizer's clinical trials info, we have Ed Dowd's analysis of insurance statistics, we have "cause unknown" surging to the top of cause of death lists, we have informal reports from some brave funeral directors, we have the sudden deaths we've all seen happen right on our tv screen. What am I missing...what else is being withheld about death data? Thank you.

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Basically, everyone EXCEPT the 'expert bureaucracies' with the actual data has published data.

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I hear that they want to make the flu shot mRNA next yr

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Yes and I've read that too. No winder they're suddenly pushing the flu shots on everyone more then ever. I don't trust it and I know many others who feel the same

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Why is this data not public by default. It is our fucking data!

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