I think Dr. Paul Thomas would approve of this list 😅

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Just ran across this video that complements Margaret Anna Alice's 50 reasons to give your child the covid shot:


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"50 legit reasons to vaccinate your child" Why not 30? Why not 60? Why not 200?

Steve, I have to say, I've been frequently using the magic number "50" in my recent blogs and comments for the last week that you have been reading.

Boostershots has successfully mind controlled you to select the number "50" for the title of your article, and it's the perfect introduction for the words written below.

How is it that we CAN'T isolate a virus, but we CAN isolate something that's 50 times smaller?

(I think 50 is my new favorite number).

To all of the free thinking truth seekers who may be on the fence with regards to germ theory, please take a moment to process this:

To this day, no one has EVER isolated a virus. The "experts" have all types of excuses as to why this simple task still can't be done.

However, there are many other REAL unique particles which are much smaller than IMAGINARY "viruses" that HAVE been isolated and purified. These purified particles can then be reintroduced into other living organisms in controlled experiments, proving their causation and effects, and thereby satisfying Koch's postulates.

I have been compelled to repost a newer version of this Boostershots comment from Igor Chudov's epic virus debate that he initiated on Sept 4th, 2022.


Out of 1600 comments and counting, our Boostershots question reached the top of the list, yet Igor has not responded. Nobody in the germ believing camp has. Why is that?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, (hCG), is the hormone that women begin to produce in large quantities after becoming pregnant. This is the same particle that pregnancy tests detect. Scientists routinely isolate and purify this complex organic hormone particle.


What OTHER unique particles can you think of which are 200nm or less that have also been isolated?

You can buy these hCG particles here for $288 a bottle:


The REAL hCG particle is about 2nm wide.

We are told by the "experts" that all of the IMAGINARY "viruses" are around 50 - 200nm, and Covid19 is supposedly around 100nm in diameter.

(Human hair is about 60,000 – 100,000 nm wide

I like to think of "viruses" as Pokemon Characters. All of them have unique shapes and sizes, and ALL of them are imaginary.

You'd think that there'd be tons of videos online showing us laypeople how the virus isolation process works, step by step. Just like this video about the Extraction and Separation of caffeine particles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_AOw68oxOw

Are there any scientists out there on Steve's blog who do hCG isolation for a living?

Or can anyone else refute the evidence I’ve provided about the isolation and purification of hCG from my recent articles on Substack?

Where am I going wrong?

"The No hCG Challenge" can be found at:


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Now that the death rate of babies is down 20%, since parents have reduced vaccinating their children, this is a good side effect of the Covid vaccines and the Covid pandemic. It shines a new light on the causes of SID syndrome.

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He is too often "tongue in cheek" Don't get me wrong, he is covering a deadly serious subject and I applaud him for doing so. I am a paying reader and support getting the information out there. I don't think he should use the "tongue in cheek" method because the words and phrases he uses mean the opposite of the point he is trying to make. That makes him very hard to follow sometimes. And when he interviews serious guests he has a little smirk going on that is not helpful. He says, "That is science" when he means, "That is not science" What should you say to agree with him? "Yes, that is science" or "No, that is not science?" Do you follow?

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First bait and switch I’ve actually enjoyed.

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Apparently Margaret Anna actually lost a bunch of subscribers over this! Did they read the article, or just the title? Unbelievable…

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She did a good job of convincing me, again :).

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Wake up America! We have been taken for a ride by members of Congress, Big Pharma, the AMA Big Ag, the USDA, the FDA, and other government agencies. President Trump wantd to get rid of lobbyists, cut down on the bureaucracy, build the wall, etc., but the losing Democrats of 2016 colluded to block him during his administration. Their actions cost American taxpayers a great deal of money. There was a major reason why President Trump started Warp Speed...if he had not done this Big Pharma was about to keep America locked down for the next ten years. President Trump originally promoted HCQ. He did not want to promote injections. His move did open up the country; except for radical blue states. Now, all Americans need to work for the end of The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986., which gave vaccine manufacturers non-liability for injuries and deaths..and also stop other Emergency Legislation which gave Big Pharma the right to mandate vaccines. This is totally against our Constitutional rights and tne Nuremburg Code of Ethics, which were set up to prevent any kind of medical abuses like this. Vaccine promoters take exception to the Nuremburg Code. However, a medical industry which promotes for-profit vaccines (which compromise not create immunity) should be considered medical abuse.

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Agreed. The likely reason they faked 1918 was to make more reasonable their 2020 claims for a global pandemic.

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I appreciate good sarcasm and satire because it uses humor to drive home points effectively. The essay also provides a nice compendium of the crimes committed by pharma and government and all the lies they told to the public to sell / force the genocidal covid death shots.

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there is nothing safe about injecting hydrogel into your blood. There is nothing safe about injecting gene altering technology that deletes tumor suppressor and DNA repair genes into your blood. There is nothing safe about putting a reduced form of graphene oxides, hydroxides into your blood.

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Sep 9, 2022·edited Sep 10, 2022

What we really need to see is the per capita death rates over time for vaxed vs unvaxed people since they started vaxing, broken down by age groups. Vaxed people are those who got the jab, no 2 week grace periods allowed, and once you got the jab you're vaxed; no take-backs.

I'm sure all that data exists, but most of it is under govt. control and not available. How about a FOIA petition to get it all from the CDC or whoever collected it?

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There isn't a single vaccine for humans (or pets) where the benefits outweigh the risks. The entire vaccine industry is nothing more than a eugenics program in disguise.

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Hahaha you got me on this. I was like, wow what reasons could there possibly be? Very clever, Steve.

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