The alledged stillbirths that kicked off the controversy were not at Lions Gate Hospital, but at Vancouver Women's Hospital. However, the local protests highliting the issue were initiated first at Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver, not at Women's Hospital. Even Steve got tripped by the factcheckers feint in this regard.

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I think the "vaccines" are poison, but the clear impression online now after some dust setted is that these stillbirths were exaggerated. Does anyone in Canada have clarity?

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This means that if you ate a GMO food, you are also transhuman. I'm afraid that is all of us at this point. The thing to watch is how the laws are interpreted, not their exact letter. And since most people were "owned" already prior to the consumption of gene altered goods, I don't see the distinction. Freedom, after all, is as much a state of mind as it is an inailienable right. Most give it all up voluntarily when they join Facebook and consume all that media trash. What worries me is that we are moving steadily from wage slavery to outright slavery. I wonder if many will even notice.

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What time period is "the last fiscal year" in their mind? That would be a key question to answer.

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Our Minister of Health should be addressing any allegation of stillbirths in vaccinated mothers. This is a serious report that should not be dismissed. This puts Christine Elliott's competency in question, in my opinion, as she has a legal and moral obligation to address this and follow up with the manufacturers. This is an urgent matter and the fact that she does not even acknowledge it gives me great concern.

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People can demand to have the data shown by those making decisions and they refuse.. Why. Because they have no data to prove anything. The onus is on the government to prove with facts that lockdowns continual emergency orders are warranted and now the vaccine mandates. They have none that's why they drag the court cases. The stillbirths will not be investigated as it is covered up. Perhaps years from now it will get brought up but right now keep pushing the vaccines as safe. The omicron variant is mild. South African doctors the EU and Who all concur. But our crazy psychotic doctors continue the lies. The dead bodies will pile up in hockey arenas. Never ever happened anywhere in the world. Just the crazy spin that is lapped up by those driving policy. Remember Jeffrey Epstein Ghislaine Maxwell are linked to blackmailing powerful people to drive policies in countries and you can be sure it's in Canada as well. In Germany France Italy. Their tentacles went everywhere.

The Dehumanization Awareness program needs to be read and shared. It's on social media. It encompasses what we are seeing here with vaccine mandates passports and hate speech of segregation.. Slavery of the Blacks was dehumanizing behavior. Hitler did it as well. Thus to push these obscene mandates and call those who refuse the shot selfish unclean and need to be segregated is on.tbe same level.as slavery and Nazi Germany. Slavery was pure evil. It resulted in deaths of many Black people. It was on the same level as genocide. Evilness has no borders.

In Germany they have stories of children being forced everyday to go at the front of the class and state their vaccination status and the class claps when the child is vaccinated. How cruel. dehumanizing and pure evil based on lies. Based on governments without one shred of evidence to back up the emergency To back up need to keep people safe. Or its for your good.

If you want to take the vaccine it is your choice but you are legally and ethically to have informed consent. It can't be under criminal duress bullying threatening.

It's your choice as to whether you want to be part of dehumanizing other members of society. f your an employer.

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“Trust me” is not the slogan of science, it’s the slogan of religion. The slogan of science is “Show me.”

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Exactly, Dr Nagase was clear that the reports of still births were at BC Women's Hospital (BCW) which is although it is situated in Vancouver is not a part of Vancouver Coastal Health Authority but is under the jurisdiction of Provincial Health Services Authority (not the same as the Provincial Ministry of Health). So Vancouver Coastal would not be the one to speak to whether there was a still birth increase at BCW to begin with.

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How humiliating to Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada to be called out for human rights abuses from a big human rights offender China. A communist dictator. Yes Justin Trudeau has committed human rights abuses against citizens with vaccine mandates and passports allowing citizens to be fired who refuse the shot and stopping them from getting unemployment insurance. He has shut out the unvaccinated from flying or going on trains internationally and domestically. A democratic free country leader being called out by a communist dictator should go down as a disgrace to that Prime Minister.

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Left is the killer. No vote in left... Hitler and left are brothers...

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For the above Health Minister Christine Elliott ask her why she requested that the federal government to hurry up with their maximum security isolation camps. I guess the common cold of omicron is such a threat. Ask the Minister of Education .and Health. With all those school closures how many kids hospitalized or dead? There have been outbreaks for two weeks now. So please up date with the status of those. If it was so deadly surely we would have lots of hospitalizations and deaths from covid in kids and teachers.

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The stillbirths need to be investigated. They stated to pregnant females it was safe without any proof and totally against all advice to pregnant females pre covid.

Same for the children 12 to 17 years old. They recommended to stop Moderna in that age group but refuse with Pfizer even though the risks of myocarditis are the not far off. Does anyone really understand what's happening?

They pushed the vaccine on our children 12 to 17 years old or they could not play sports or go to movies with friends or eat in restaurants. They had to have the vaccine passport just like adults. Yet there were myocarditis risks warning. There were children especially males getting myocarditis. They used this vaccine passport to coerce the vaccine onto kids even though it was harming and only months later after hurting many kids they said stop Moderna

This is an experiment. These public health doctors bureaucrats and leaders pushed this vaccine saying it was safe. They gave no informed consent and months later the removal of Moderna to this age group proved it was not as safe as they stated. They vilified parents who didn't want their kids vaccinated and even vilified the children by denying them access to freedoms like the vaxxed children. This is criminal. This is insane and no one will be held accountable. They use fact checkers to lie and attack anyone who dares challenge the narrative. They use terms anti Vax or selfish or granny killers to vilify those who wont subject their bodies to the experiment.

Are you getting this yet world. Are you getting the fact they vilify people for refusing to be lab rats. They even vilify your children. They care nothing about you or children. Only their narrative their power and control and money money.

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The horrific news could use some narrowing down.

Vaccinated before or while they were pregnant?

If vaxxed when pregnant - which month into the pregnancy?

If vaxxed before the pregnancy, how many weeks/months before conception date?

I’m also curious to know if there are any unvaxed women with vaxxed partners who have had issues with their pregnancies.

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Horrendous and disgusting. There are other words that come to mind too.

Regarding "fact checks" and related neologisms for gatekeepeing, I fondly remember a trick a techer taught me close to 35 years ago:

"If someone has to make a point of them being honest, like a used car salesman calling himself 'Honest Bob' or something similar, how honest can they be?"

It works like a charm with "fact checkers" too. As you amply demonstrate, none of the suspicions or fears of dr Nagase are checked. Only "facts" made up by the fact checker are discussed and subsequently knocked down. Like men of straw.

With that said, below is a short rundown of how life in a totalitarian state works:

Imagine the police, the prosecutor and the courts working like this: suspicion of crime equals proof of crime. Challenging the word of the court is the crime of wasting court resources.

So when you protest your innocence, you prove your guilt, since an innocent loyal law-abiding citizen would want to aid the police, yes? Only a criminal would stymie police work by being difficult, yes?

Are you going to be compliant, or a problem?

After all, it's for your own good.

And since the State is built on science, rational thought and right - anyone challenging the word of the State is anti-science, irrational, and wrong. These poor people must be cared for away from others so they don't spread their mental illness. They must be re-educated, rehabilitated and made fit to rejoin society. For the greater good.

Anyone actively opposing or resisting this is an agent of the enemy, evil or a traitor.

The question in a totalitarian state is not if you are loyal and compliant, it is:

"Are you loyal and compliant enough?"

Rikard, ex teacher

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The vaccine is made to reduce the world's population. No vaccine is good The best vaccine is sunlight and raw vegetables and fruits

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There has been no clinical trial on vaccine safety during pregnancy. The people pushing vaccines on pregnant women are beyond childbearing age. They probably won't even vaccinate their 5-12 year old children if they have any.

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