Great questions Steve. We applaud you.

This criminal behaviour by the regulators and health authorities needs to be stemmed and those at the top prosecuted. Hard To know how to make that happen with such a gaggle of humanity that accepts any type of government tyranny thrown at them.

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Dear Mr Kirsch, you say that you are number 3 on the CCDH-list of the [12] Disinformation Dozen; checking this your name is not found on this list. Please explain your claim. J. Kol, The Hague

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Hi Steve, thank you for creating this list of questions! They came in handy at a recent Indiana Governor's Health Commission Listening Session. I was the last to speak and here is what I said:

"Good afternoon! My name is Stewart Witt and I've lived in Indiana for over 30 years; I'm a father, a grandfather, and I have no other conflicts of interest. I want to share three things with you:

One, I want to thank you for scheduling these listening sessions. The amount of health information you’ve had to sort through over the past two years must be more than you bargained for. I appreciate the efforts you all have put in to deal with it.

Two, I want to encourage you to remember the job health departments were designed to do. Mainly, making recommendations on how Hoosiers can live healthy lives. For example, focus on making sure the water is safe, ensure that restaurants provide a service in a healthy and sanitary way, and educate the public on how they can be proactive in leading a healthy life.

And, three, to consider asking yourself if public health departments are designed to be medical service providers. Remember, the American Care Act is designed to ensure health care coverage for all, there is no longer a need for health departments to cover services––including vaccinations.

But, if you decide to provide medical services anyway, be prepared to answer a few questions:

- Why do over 10 studies (including one covering 145 countries) all show that the more we vaccinate, the worse the infection and fatality rates?

- Insurance company death data, from companies right here in Indiana, rose in Q3 and Q4 of 2021 at the same time the boosters rolled out. What’s causing the excess deaths?

- How is a 559-fold increase in the reporting rate of myocarditis in VAERS considered to be a “slightly elevated risk” of myocarditis?

- Embalmers have seen odd blood clots, never before seen before the vaccines rolled out, in up to 93% of cases. What are these clots caused by and why are they killing so many people?

Why don’t we require autopsies and publish the results if someone dies within 60 days of vaccination?

Until you can answer questions like these, the health decisions I make will be between me and my doctor.

Thank you."

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Thank you so much, Steve for your tremendous work! I love your tenacity and commitment to truth!!

I just spoke with a woman today who is distraught. Her previously healthy son started having seizures a couple months ago. No history of any medical problems or head trauma. I asked her if he'd been vaccinated. Yes, she said. She said she's been speculating if her son's seizures is neurological damage caused by the vaccine. I want to help this poor woman. If this condition is an adverse effect of the vaccine (it most probably is) is there any known treatment? Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Well done Steve! It's like these people have no conscience! I think doing an autopsy is a great idea but my only problem with doing an autopsy would be - are they going to do honest and truthful report?

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Thanks. I printed this for my next argument to anyone who challenges and calls them all conspiracy theories. Keep up the good work

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Serious question: why don't you use the $1,000,000 that no one apparently wants to debate you for, and spend it on as many autopsies as it could pay for, for people who die within say a month of the vaccine?

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Wow for a laugh I tried to think up some answers to the questions that would be passable spin ... nope, too difficult. No wonder the med students aren't holding their nose and trying and get a free scholarship. It requires too much bullshit. So why is the Government forcing these vaccines. I don't believe it is just incompetence and stupidity. It must be part of a larger DARPA agenda, to track humans through injected "smart dust", or to build vaccine facilities to facilitate biological warfare against China and Russia, or both.

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Regarding your accusation that “it is the CDC and other government agencies that are spreading misinformation, not me.”…

Ya might want to look at this. Propaganda, misinformation, The “Trusted” News Initiative… ya don’t say.

U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News to Americans – Foreign Policy 7/14/13


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I've never heard anyone ask - "how are these injections measured to somehow "prevent serious illness" when it's also, allegedly, possible to be infected with no symptoms whatsoever".

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Personally I think Steve's list should be sent, by each of us, to our personal elected reps and senators, etc to shine a light into their swampy world surrounded by media vampires...


Steve's list should put a stop to the WHO power grab ---behind the scenes while countries are distracted with the WEF battles in Ukraine coincidentally and the jab-failures are invisible in the fog-of-war--- if it's in the hands of every senator, congressperson and attorney general etc that we can send it to...

How about TRUMP?

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Mar 29, 2022·edited Mar 29, 2022

OK, 20 questions and all of our endless blathering about the massive hoodwinking and death dealing that is going on . . . does it end within my remaining life-span?

So wake me up when they start punishing the actual individuals that caused or allowed these heinous crimes against humanity to be perpetrated - as in imprisonment and worse.

I wouldn't mind seeing some good old fashioned Nuremberg-style justice by rope, but would settle for the more merciful lethal injection if it gets the job done, and disabuses any future would-be dictators of the notion that this compelling of jabs and lockdowns has any place in the USA Constitutional Representative Republic.

They have won - obvious because they are going on 3 years of dictatorship.

I am over it.

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Maybe they only want 19 questions

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The real reason for the jab has nothing to do with protection against a virus - that people get sick of it and die from it, is in the experimental nature. The questions formulated by Steve will never be answered, because the real reason for the vax is prohibited from coming out. This reason has to do with the insane plans Gates et al have for the geoengineering that Harvard U is also involved with. Why is there a need for geoengineering and how is the vax tied in? Global warming (necessary lie used for the next step) -> removal of ionosphere the natural energy of the Earth -> placing of artificial sunblocking layer (a ruse for another activity) -> serious permanent reduction of lightspectrum (consequences of sunblock) -> detrimental impact on human and animal and plant and fish life -> humans must be prevented from extinction when ionosphere is removed -> DNA must be altered before the sunblock is implemented -> start ten years in advance of sunblock to make sure it works -> inject people with mRNA that alters DNA -> targets the pineal gland -> pineal gland processes and assimilates lightspectrum and natural energy around earth -> people cannot survive on darkened Earth and will die. Just look at the ingredients of the vax, and see what S antigen does. It screws up the pineal gland - the human antenna for light and energy - the God energy. If you can screw up their antenna, they no longer receive natural energy, and many other processes are disturbed as well. See what processes the pineal gland is involved in. And that's the idea behind the vax. Everybody must be disconnected from the natural vibrations around the Earth. Read https://zonderreden.substack.com/ for more detail. And be awakened...

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What boggles me is that from Day 1, suddenly, the entire world was in cahoots, the entire world: the media, the Drs, the hospitals, as well as others. The entire world was in cahoots, it was not just local b.s., but it was all over the world, all at the same time, as if on commando! The Drs obeyed and shot the toxic potion into people, the media obeyed and propagated the 'pandemic' - it had also started from Day 1 all over the world -, hospitals obeyed and intubated people behind closed doors, city mayors obeyed and got paid for intubation machines, reps obeyed and mandated weird behavior and masks, and so on. All over the world, everyone played the same bs game! Almost as if everyone, from Day 1, had become obsessed with deception and lies, and continues to be obsessed to this day, two years later. Sincere people are banging their heads against the wall, like Steve Kirsch with his questions, but nobody responds. The media still propagate lies, the Drs still inject poison, the hospitals still act like they are jam packed, except that now many people are dying or gettins seriously sick. But the pandemic lives on, the vax is safe, the mandates work, the masks prevent covid, etc etc. The world is insane??? And the answers do not come....

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The nation's blood supply is poisoned with the experimental mRNA "vaccine". The Red Cross is not testing nor labeling blood as vaccinated or pure sourced. Nobody is talking about this nor is anyone asking if the nation's blood supply is safe.

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