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If you have a better, faster, cheaper way to solve the problem, I'm all ears.

If you have suggestions to improve this document, I'm all ears.

If you are just going to insult my work without providing a better alternative, that isn't useful.

rootclaim posted a $100K bet on the lab leak so if $200K is too high, please accept their bet.

Rootclaim ROCKS. They use a $100K bet if you want to challenge them. Nobody does.

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Edit: See my reply to this comment, I jumped to conclusions too hastily. Original comment:

Just figured I'd mention here in the comments that Steve's offers here are and always were completely fake. When Rootclaim attempted to accept one of these bets, Steve refused to provide clarification on the exact terms, then tried to insist that Rootclaim share the results of their research *before* Steve accepted the bet, then finally just flat out refused to pay up.

Here is a transcript of the conversation they had:


Note for example Steve's offer on page 7 to accept the bet only on the condition that if he loses, Rootclaim returns the money privately, and they both keep this a secret from the public.

Steve also completely eschewed their "impartial judges" criterion, and at once point attempted to have the *readers of this blog* act as the judges. I would have a hard time coming up with a group of people who would be more biased towards one side of the debate.

Another beautiful quote on page 15: "Steven Kirsch: you aren't going to back out of this are you? I'm certainly not!"

Around page 18 Steve attempts to weasel out of the bet again by changing the terms to "every judge must be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt", and the bet is cancelled if this bar is not met.

On page 21, Steve attempts to change the terms yet again by requiring that half of the judges are unvaccinated, then finally backs out completely.

Long story short: Steve is completely correct when he points out that people who are not willing to bet on their beliefs are signaling a lack of confidence in their expressed opinions and should not be taken seriously. And Steve has just demonstrated that he is a perfect example of one of those people.

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Hello Steve, I can't afford to take your challenges BUT can you afford to take my free Narrative Trap challenge because my analysis shows all your COVID-19 related challenges to be, um, irrelevant to the spread of Tyranny. If you can break the logic I run and hide BUT if you can't then all your challenges belong to B.A.D.A.S.S., and maybe the world can finally figure out that fighting consequences is for losers.

My site is NOT monetized! I seek the Truth of Reality, as ugly as that may be. My analysis looks for the CAUSE of our predicaments, CONSEQUENCES (masks, vaccines, etc) that transfer wealth and freedom from the Ruled to the Rulers are mere "bugs" that trigger my analysis.


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BTW, StopTheWEF.org

My monies on the MIT grad, all the way!

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Hi Steve,

thanks for your relentless engagement in bringing to light the truth behind the COVID agenda.

I think a real good match for several of your bets, especially the safety of mRNA vaccines, would be German Secretary of Health Karl Lauterbach, who claimed the vaccines to be practically without or mostly without side effects on several occasions. He is by far one of Germanys most radical mRNA vaccine advocates and earned some wider popularity as proposed health expert of the Social Democratic Party appearing regularly in Mainstream talk shows before taking office in late 2021. As Harvard Graduate and approbated physician he should be quite eager to argue about any safety concerns.


Perhaps you already had the opportunity to exchange opinions?

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I found a couple of small errors in your post:

> you double your money if you bet on the right side

You get a share of the money on the opposing side of the bet. You only double your money if there is the exact same amount on both sides of the side bet.

> (a) the people COVID vaccine kills more people per capita than (b) the smallpox vaccine

That first "people" shouldn't be there.

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Your team lays out it's evidence for the existence of the virus in a video production citing papers, pointing to methodologies in those papers, etc. that provide irrefutable proof of the virus existence and anything else you can think of..... opposing team does the same..... then both teams produce a rebuttal video production on the claims made by either side and air. Repeat as many times as necessary. Let the people decide. Drop all the legal crap as you guys on most points share the same desire for health freedom! Maybe air all productions on a platform like the Highwire?? Worst case scenario.... excellent viewing and scientific discourse!

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If you read this:


Youll see that it says:

Human exposure toAcanthamoeba spp. is likely a common event, as evidenced by the relatively frequent finding of the organisms in pharyngeal swab cultures of healthy individuals.1

Which is a major suggestion that its not an "infectious" agent.

Moreover, this is also said:

Although exposure of the general population toAcanthamoeba appears to be common, GAE caused byAcanthamoeba spp. is mostly limited to debilitated or immunosuppressed individuals, although a number of recent cases in immunocompetent individuals have been reported.1,47–50

And the fact that it seemingly only "infects" those who are immuno compromised, strongly suggests AGAIN that its not a "virus" and is likely a microbe. Just like the people who discovered it thought for 10 years.

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What if I want to bet with you?

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IMO it will ALWAYS be a problem. The purists - kinda like me will ALWAYS have another question...striking at the root...

One question is the most basic one I can think of. Where does a virus come from? According to every

"definition" I can find, it is said 1. A virus is not alive. 2. It has to have a host to reproduce.

Wait...that brings me to another question. If it is not alive then how does it reproduce? How can anything that is not alive multiply? Truly an amazing phenomenon.

That is just getting me started...

And depending on the answers, I have a couple more ... :)

Over the last 25+ years I have treated more than 250 people for "dis-ease" using Oxidative therapy.

Longest time it took for recovery was 4 days = and that was supposedly the "toughest" parasite on the planet. I have not treated someone with cancer, which can take from 1 month to 3 months if not too far progressed or the immune system too compromised from previous chemo or radiation or surgery.

Food poisoning, toothache , "flu", cold symptoms, bronchitis, Lyme dis-ease in my dog (overnight/twice). Parasites, or pathogens including Girardia. Chrons (sp?). Malaria. And many more that I can not remember.

So the question for me is not what they call it. To me it seems to be about toxins, pathogens. But when push comes to shove, does it really doesn't matter what it is called?

I was not the one administering the treatment but I witnessed this with my own eyes. A man with a tumor the size of a lemon on his face was treated with what they call Indian Blood. In about 10 days that tumor literally fell off of his face and left a gaping hole that eventually healed up like there was nothing ever there. According to western medicine it was a "miracle". The only thing surprising to me is the unwillingness to recognize that the "approved" treatments are Bovine Excrement.

A $Million would go a VERY long way with supplying Indian Blood or Oxidative therapies to whomever would like to use them. They are both pretty cheap and available.

We can either continue to "argue" and bet and debate until Steve runs out of money :). And I don't think anyone would wish that on him!!!! Or we can actually help each other by spreading the word about methods and modes and therapies that are more effective than anything Western Medicine has to offer = and allow people to live healthy lives.

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Your energy has already been lost to the algorithms of the corrupt system. Your execution is at the same level of consciousness that has created the problem. You’ve lost and pose no threat to the current base. If you did, much more would have happened to you by now to marginalize your actions and abilities; this is an inarguable fact anyone playing The Game knows. If you truly want to take on the corrupt system, then engage the rare original Outliers who exist outside your axiomatic prison. It is your only hope. Ready yet? Or is drowning within the insanity the way you wish to burn out?

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Viruses have never been proven to cause disease or even to exist. You can keep your money

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Hi Steve,

Just a suggestion. Bullet (3) regarding “COVID.” Is there a definition of “COVID?” The virus surely causes a flu I call COVID.1. The complication that sends folks to the ER: I call that COVID.2. But the replication stage is over. Does the virus cause it? Maybe an immune reaction to an antigen ... the spike protein? ... is the mechanism. I’m not clear on this point. It can still be said SARS2 is the cause if it would not happen otherwise. I’m not looking for an argument, only clarification. Oh...and why do people die? Take away remdesivir, what is the mortality? Thanks!

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It’s unfortunate that this time and attention isn’t being allowed to focus on conducting the experiments that Cowan et. al. have been recommending.

True scientific inquiry, not individually centered debate, is what has a chance of shifting us out of this exhausting rut.

In lieu of any takers (crowd goes “yawn”) take the proposed prize money and contribute a portion of it towards making the Cowan/Bailey trials even better.

If not conclusive, they may provide us all with an opportunity to further pursue truth and leave behind assumptions which have transformed into competing belief systems - and ensured divisiveness in perpetuity.

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Hi Steve,

I notice you havent argued that altrrnative, early treatments work against Covid. Whats your thinking here?

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