Great knowledge list thanks Steve

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The problem with Novavax is that that it's still a subscription for endless boosters.

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Hi just wondering if it’s the spike that causes damage wouldn’t it be better to take a limited amount of spike from the Novavax than catch covid and potentially have the spike multiplying?

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Hi some people are proorer than others and can't pay sorry. Explaination. AUS dollar three times higher than Msian ringgit. Etc. There's no equality in the money exchange IMF is cheating the"proorer" countries NOW printing billions to pay doctors and nurses and undertakers to execute people. 39 000 US dollars to execute victim for death injection

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To stop all this siliness just demand all retarded Politicians Tobe fully jabbed complete with booster before they are allowed to enter parliament proof of vaccinations with a passport to be published in the local news papers

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Only gap in early treatment is for pregnant woman, can’t take ivermectin, even Vit D and Quercetin not recommended. Any protocol for pregnant women?

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No prescription needed! Used it on sore knees also to great effect.

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Look up this drug with Ebola it kills more people than it saves it causes kidney failure and organ shut down it's only being used because if you look on cms.gov you'll see the cares act pushes this and Gifts the hospital's 20% more money

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Thank you for this. I’m wondering if there are any resources on early treatment during pregnancy?

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refuse remdesivir? why? its a monoclonal antibody treatment why refuse it, what data are your seeing?

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I wish just say no was easy. California is the worst with San Francisco leading the way. I know my only option to protect my youngest is to homeschool as his older siblings got the jab in order to attend college . They are not afraid of covid but chose the option of least resistance to attend in person universities . I don’t blame them and I told them I would support the decision they chose . But I told them no booster .

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I've been calling for hemoglobin markers to be lowered to the marker commonly found in vegetarians, whom, are unable to raise their hemoglobin above the levels to make them not to be 'iron deficient', by World Health standards. I've been saying we have raised the marker so high, that we've diagnosed a goodly portion of the world, 'iron deficient', unable to manage to find enough iron to keep themselves 'healthy', hemoglobin of 12 in women, 13.5 in men.

So, here we are, twenty-five years later, out pops this.

"increased erythropoiesis when hemoglobin dips below 9.61 g/dL among children and 11.01 g/dL among women, they noted in JAMA Network Open.

Thus, the newly calculated multinational fifth percentile estimates of hemoglobin are more than 1.0 g/dL lower than current WHO cutoffs for defining anemia in apparently healthy people: 11.0 g/dL for children up to 5 years old and 12.0 g/dL for nonpregnant women."


That effectively eliminates any real iron deficiency in the whole world.

'Tom was right'

My new t-shirt ..

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I could supply enough iron studies to make your head spin. Meaning? The title of this thread should be amended, '16 things' ..

Humans are obligate frugivore-herbivore, cannot safely eat meat, which leads to abnormal levels of body iron, which incapacitates us.

This is evidenced by the simple lowering of hemoglobin treating diabetes / metabolic syndrome, and as efficient at HRT as 'standard of care'.

“Why bloodletting may have actually worked Study suggests ancient practice starved germs of iron” https://web.archive.org/web/20160531053930/http://www.nbcnews.com/id/5953918/ns/health-infectious_diseases/t/why-bloodletting-may-have-actually-worked/

“We conclude that, even at "normal” levels, iron exerts detrimental effects on ß-cell function that are reversible with dietary restriction or pharmacotherapy.“

“Our findings suggest that lower-end normal Hb levels are favorable for and maintenance of healthy metabolism involving mild chronic activation of the hypoxia response. Therefore modulation of Hb levels could serve as a novel strategy towards treatment of metabolic syndrome”

“Our findings suggest that an increased Hb level is a predictor of elevated serum ALT in adolescent girls with dyslipidaemia. Our study also highlights the importance of further research to establish cut-off points for Hb and its utility in diagnosing and preventing the onset of dyslipidaemia in adolescents. ”

"Our findings provide in vivo evidence of a relation between hyperinsulinaemia/insulin resistance, the main variables of insulin resistance syndrome and erythropoiesis. Increased red blood cell count could be considered as a new aspect of the insulin resistance syndrome that could contribute to the increased risk of developing cardiovascular problems."

" blood donation may prevent not just diabetes but also cardiovascular disease"

“Effect of phlebotomy versus oral contraceptives containing cyproterone acetate on the clinical and biochemical parameters in women with polycystic ovary syndrome: a randomized controlled trial.”

"Hyperandrogenemia is a salient feature of PCOS and a major contributor to cosmetic anomalies including hirsutism, acne, and male pattern alopecia in affected women. Increased androgen levels may be intrinsic or aggravated by preexisting insulin resistance in women with PCOS"

“Hyperandrogenemia is prevalent in autistic patients and increases with autistic severity.”

“Reduction of the body iron stores can improve hyperandrogenemia”

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Almost two years into the pandemic and the call for studies looking at iron begin to appear.

"Increased serum catalytic iron may mediate tissue injury and death in patients with COVID-19" https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-021-99142-x

"Depriving Iron Supply to the Virus Represents a Promising Adjuvant Therapeutic Against Viral Survival"


"Role of Iron Chelation and Protease Inhibition of Natural Products on COVID-19 Infection"


And the 'black fungus' in India associated with Covid.

Iron feeds Mucormycosis.

"These findings raise the possibility that iron chelator therapy may be useful to treat the infection as long as the chelator does not inappropriately supply the fungus with iron." https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/16020690

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Wow perfect timing! My boyfriend just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer (lymph nodes and between the kidney and spine). Yesterday I felt bamboozled by one of his sisters about getting vaxxed because “he’s sick and immune compromised”. I am extremely conflicted. Honestly I don’t want it! I have a bad experience 40 years ago and swore never again to a shot. I know these don’t prevent Covid to begin with and since I am aware he’s immune suppressed from a transplant I have boosted Vit C, D 3, zinc, quercitin, pine needle tea, etc. I have back issues so I really don’t go anywhere except Dr, pharmacy and food store masked for all 3 even though I know they don’t do squat. I don’t know what to do, how to handle this pressure. I was very clear about where I stood on these shots. Well you don’t love him as much as you say is the type of garbage I am going to hear. If I do it I compromised on my values and a hipacrite, if I don’t I am this horrible self centered person. I honestly cannot win.

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Thanks Steve. We live outside the USA and not taking the Covid-19 jabs is becoming increasingly untenable - no entry to workplaces, religious services, shopping malls, dining out at F&B establishments. We’re not going to take the gene based vaccines and have opted for an inactivated virus vaccine based on the vero cell platform manufactured by a Chinese biotech firm. What are your thoughts on inactivated virus vaccines with aluminium hydroxide as the adjuvant and inactivated using beta propiolactone?

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