Writing this months AFTER this piece appeared - just received my Covid=19 Antibody result - positive, very positive. I knew that this would be the result as I believe I had the virus in Nov., 2019, recovered and have been free of illness since then. To be on the safe side, no vaxx, plenty of supplements like Quercetin and Zinc and No masking. In fact, my previous Primary fired me from his practice because I would not use a mask in his office. My new primary tested me for the antibody because she will not allow patients in her office who don't have the herd antibody. Go figure!

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I sure didn’t know you are so educated and super special person. I knew to even care at all about me you are special but wow, who knew? Thank you, so much for considering me. Genuinely thank you. Do know, without question that both myself and first Martin Gedds were the most hardest working players to beat this COVID, trying extremely hard to get this to everyone we could. I have been so blessed to know you two, thankful.

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I would take less death and longer recovery time any day!!

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We need reformation of the health care system. There should be no such thing as liability free,which causes disincentives. Why are CEOs of hospitals telling doctors how they can practice, especially when they don't have a license to practice medicine? We should have it where the hospitals' jurisdiction is only in providing the facilities for the doctor to use. That's it. If they tell anything to the doctor on how to treat patients, they are in violation.

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BUSTED - DOD Granted “COVID-19 Research” in Ukraine in 2019, three months before The "Disease" Was Known to Exist. - https://tinyurl.com/247cccsu

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I stopped getting the emails too. I had to register again and now use the app to ensure I’m receiving all them all. I use yahoo

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Some response to this please.




Let's look at the death data for those ≥80 years of age, from week 3 (the fraud) onwards:


Period A B C (deaths per 100,000)


week03 39 309 270

week04 57 322 265

week05 78 326 248

week06 103 324 221

week07 114 280 165

week08 120 243 124

week09 120 190 70

week10 110 152 42

week11 101 141 40

week12 90 134 44

week13 84 122 37

Column A is deaths among those "suitably triple jabbed" per 100,000

Column B is the deaths among the un-vaccinated per 100,000

Column C is Column B minus Column A


So Column C is the number of deaths that are prevented for every 100,000 people who are vaccinated. If this number is negative then it records the number of deaths caused by the vaccines (per 100,000 vaccinated).

Graphing Column C we can see that as it approaches zero it levels off (from week 10 onwards). This is due to those presenting the data finding some fraud to keep the data positive, or simply making up the data. Anything, to keep the data from proving that the vaccines are killing more than they are saving.

Image/Graph http://www.preearth.net/images/deaths-caused-saved-by-vaccines.png

Anyway, after manipulating the data for the weeks 10, 11, 12, and 13, the evil people decided that the data was henceforth always going to show that the vaccines are killing more than they are saving, so they stopped publishing the data. To provide a plausible excuse for this they had to arrange for the UK Government to stop paying for covid-19 testing, so that is what they did. In the week 14 surveillance report they state:

"From 1 April 2022, the UK Government ended provision of free universal covid-19 testing for the general public in England, as set out in the plan for living with COVID-19. Such changes in testing policies affect the ability to robustly monitor covid-19 cases by vaccination status, therefore, from the week 14 report onwards this section of the report will no longer be published."

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Slander often?

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Undisclosed conflicts, agency and activism is a diabolical form of corruption with little to no accountability.

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In my inbox this morning: an email from Notify NYC: “COVID-19 treatment available: If you test positive for COVID-19, talk to your doctor about treatments. If you don’t have a doctor, call 212-COVID-19.”

I wonder which treatments most doctors will recommend…

These are the emails that in a just world would have started coming in March 2020.

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Amen to that! Excellent article as usual, Steve!

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Yes these villains ... literal meaning, polite language ... withheld repurposed drug treatments to grease the way for the vaccines. Hospitalizations could have been reduced dramatically but the FDA/CDC/Fauci gang blocked that in favor of “their” agenda.

But ... there is another important distinction to make. All these folks died in the hospital with iatrogenic complications. That means, of course the hospital protocol. Ready for another cute acronym? RID. REMDESIVIR--INTUBATION--DEATH.

1. The meaning of “COVID” disease should not be mixed up with the hospital protocol damage.

2. We know according the estimates from Zalenko, McCullough, Risch, Cole, Kory, Marik (a partial list) that about 85% of the 850,000 hospital fatalities could have recovered at home with repurposed drugs ... they need not have ended up in the ICU.

3. So 130,000 who might have been admitted to hospital even with drug treatments. Let us assume their hospital care would have been very different, with the FDA/CDC taking advice from FLCCC and AFLD doctors. What would the mortality have been with competent hospital care?

4. With the RID protocol what would the mortality of these 130k patients have been? High but not necessarily 100% having had some symptom relief from early treatments.

It looks to me that we don’t really know the “mortality” of COVID disease, take away the malfeasance and incompetence of the health agencies (deliberate or not).

Kory, Marik and the rest of our HDs (hero doctors) would have the best-informed estimate for bullet 3. The answer to bullet 4 is moot.

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browsing second round of pfizer docs for the (short) 3 months to 28 february 2021.

the unredacted version of the pfizer document release here:


shows 126 million doses SHIPPED

yet a corroborating source here:


and here


shows that the US had ADMINISTERED 38 million and the EU 29 million = 67 million ADMINISTERED - check the other countries out for minimal reported usage.

this reduces the denominator in the percentage of adverse events and deaths by almost one half and makes these percentages twice as large


note that there are around 62 million unused doses of the pfizer injections (THEY ARE NOT VACCINES!!)


notice also the 600,000 number of unused doses of Paxlovid in America (Daily Mail Online)

"Experts suggest too few doctors are aware of the treatments, leading to them rarely being prescribed. Data shows..."

what the “newspeak” at the propaganda arms of corrupt government three and five letter agencies call “vaccine hesitancy” is actually the general public recognizing that the “vaccines” HAVE FAILED.

lastly the UK just approved Valneva after completion of a phase 3 trial of 4,000 people. It is an inactivated, adjuvanted COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate VLA2001

Covid-19 news: UK is first in Europe to approve Valneva vaccine | New Scientist


all the best

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