looks like we need to come back to this piece considering the JIkky Leaks find.

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There is also the traditional vaccine developed by Dr Petrovsky and his team in South Australia, called Covax-19, but due to contracts with the big 4, the Australian govt. won't allow or approve it.

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Given I don't believe there's a virus I obviously don't want any but it not only looks as though Novavax is safer but also that detoxing might be more effective for this one.

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thanks for this Steve, it would indeed be interesting to learn more, lots of folks who have held out may make the choice to run to these options, but like yourself, I would still be v suspicious, there needs to be full disclosure of content and modes of action etc (which they will never give) and is this all just part of making sure we all get our jab proofs for the eventual digital Id push anyway?

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Where is the long term trial results? How can you believe anything the WHO says. Do you KNOW what is in this vaccine? Wht ever happened to the vials of vaccine that you were having analyzed, I have never seen those results?

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Novavax Initiates COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trial Crossover

April 5, 2021

Crossover allows participants to continue in trials and remain blinded

Ensures that all trial participants receive active vaccine

South Africa and UK crossover arms initiated; US/Mexico PREVENT-19 crossover planned

GAITHERSBURG, Md., April 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Novavax, Inc. (Nasdaq: NVAX), a biotechnology company developing next-generation vaccines

for serious infectious diseases, today announced the initiation of crossover arms in two ongoing clinical trials of NVX-CoV2373, the company's

COVID-19 vaccine candidate. Crossover ensures the administration of active vaccine to all participants in the trials and has begun for Novavax' Phase

2b trial in South Africa and its pivotal Phase 3 trial in the United Kingdom.

Under Novavax' updated clinical trial protocols[1], all participants in the UK and US Phase 3 trials will be offered the opportunity to receive an

additional round of injections. Participants who elect to do so will receive an additional two-dose regimen of either vaccine (for those who originally

received placebo) or placebo (for those who originally received vaccine). Participants in the South Africa Phase 2b trial will receive either active

vaccine for those who initially received placebo, or a booster dose of active vaccine for those who initially received active vaccine. Participants across

all three trials will remain blinded to their courses of treatment to preserve the ability to assess efficacy in each trial, and all will be followed for up to two

years to monitor the safety and durability of protection the vaccine. In the trials taking place in South Africa and the United Kingdom, half of the

participants initially received the active vaccine while two-thirds of participants in PREVENT-19, the trial being conducted in the US and Mexico,

initially received active vaccine.

"The crossover arms ensure that all participants have access to an active vaccine candidate while allowing Novavax to continue to monitor the safety

and efficacy of our vaccine over the long term," said Filip Dubovsky, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Novavax. "We are grateful to the volunteers who

stepped forward to take part in our clinical trials, without whom we would be unable to develop, study and ultimately deliver what we hope will be a

significant tool in the fight against COVID-19."

The company is also planning a crossover in the PREVENT-19 study, for which the company expects to read out initial clinical data during the second

quarter. In addition, the company is planning to expand the trial to include pediatric and adolescent arms, which are also expected to begin in the

second quarter.

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Dec 27, 2021·edited Dec 27, 2021

I sent an email reply to your substack newletter...not sure if you're getting it.

Hi Steve, I've reached out to Novavax about their post Phase 3 clinical trial because I wanted to know if they were continuing on with longer term safety/effectiveness trials. I'm attaching a document they shared with me in regards to the trial crossover. See page 1. As you can see this is not a true crossover as the vaccinated CANNOT go back over to the placebo group. This is the same 'covering of their tracks' that Pfizer, Moderna, etc. engaged in. And as we know, any long term results on safety and effectiveness cannot be compared to the general population because the general population has been contaminated with the other COVID vaccines. As my friend put it today, there's 'cross contamination' going on here. I find the way these studies are being done is atrocious and offends our intelligence. Because of all of this, I've communicated to them that I simply cannot trust their vaccine. With the high mutability of coronaviruses, it wouldn't even make sense to take it anyway.

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"Anyone Who Tells You Vaccines Are Safe and Effective is Lying" Dr. Vernon Coleman

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I am waiting for Valneva.I think this is the healthiest option in Europe if we get the compulsory vaccination.

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Novavax is a safer alternative (to the current mRNA experimental biological agents) but still unsafe…??? Same players (medical bureaucrats) involved. What could possibly go wrong? Is this even a remote improvement, other than a public relations ploy, in swaying those of us unwilling to trust government, or these lying bureaucrats who only desire financial gain over millions suffering death or long term health issues courtesy their “snake oil” concoctions?

Steve, the more opinions you put out in your daily newsletter, the more you confuse your subscribers as to just what side you actually stand on.

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"All of the existing vaccines basically invade your cells and them to express a spike protein; your immune system may then start attacking your own organs and kill you as explained here. This doesn’t happen with Novavax because you are injected with the antigen." REALLY? NOT WW as The Chinese vaccins stand for half of the ww doses......

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Hi Steve. Thank you once again for all your great work. Dr Richard Fleming has done a great deal of research on the safety of vaccines and has examined all available vaccines in a video. It shows a series of blood samples under magnification and diagrams to demonstrate how each vaccine attacks the human body in different ways. As you and many of your readers would be aware, the primary constituents of the FDA approved vaccines is polyethelene glycol and silicon particles. It has been questioned why these and other synthetics are present in the vaccines as they are shown to be carcinogenic and incompatible with life. Dr Fleming showed how the silicon particles attract red blood cells which in many individuals lead to blood clots, heart attacks and strokes. While it was shown Novavax worked in a different way to FDA approved vaccines, Dr Fleming demonstrated it may be equally harmful. We understand Bill Gates is a major investor in Novavax which may raise serious ethical concerns. In summary, no vaccine was considered safe. Dr Fleming's video was shown on Lightcast in September, but it has since been removed.

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I'm not sure it's much of a choice, to be honest. It's like if someone were to ask you: what would you rather have pointed at your head: a revolver or a rifle? There is an argument to be made that the rifle is preferable. Then again, some may have a distinct preference for the revolver. But whatever you choose the end result is going to be the same.

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This piece is confused. At best.

"The good news is that other parts of the world will have a safer alternative which is better than what they have now. So in that sense, this is “good news."


So it's a safer alternative but it's not safe at the same time. It's also funded by the familiar faces we have come to know and trust to take us to our funeral.

"In VAERS we trust" is that cynicism or sarcasm? I hope it is. I can't read the author's tone after the rest of what I read.

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SafER - theorey, maybe.

Safe - eh!

Spike protein in and of itself is toxic.

A bunch of people suffered from "coincidence" after sinovax (Chinese whole-virus "vaccine").

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